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  1. How about we each invent and tell 4 Fire Emblem Heroes jokes?. Here are mine What do you call A Female Citizen of Emblia with 2 Brain-Cells?. Pregnant How do you keep A Citizen of Musgel happy for hours on end?. Give them a bit of paper with please turn over written on both sides What do you call A Male Citizen of Musgel with 5 Brain-Cells?. King Stutr How do Citizens of Nifl relax?. Normally they just chill
  2. My brother claims that in his previous playthrough he was doing The Battle in Part 3 in which you have your first fight with The Daein Army Brigade his Ike was close enough to The Black Knight to get attacked by The Black Knight and his Spd was low enough for The Black Knight to double Ike and he was lucky enough that for some reason The Game had Edward attack first, Ike defeated Edward, in doing so he got enough EXP to level up and in doing so gained The 1 point of Spd that Ike needed to not get doubled The Black Knight. How lucky was my brothers Ike?
  3. My brother is at the start of Part 4 Endgame, has 1 Spare Str Booster(I've forgot its name) and he wants to know advise on who to give it to. Can you give me some to give him? and in case you are wondering why I don't give advise he knows that I'm am a big fan of Sanaki and have a huge diskile for Haar, which means that he doesn't trust me to give a honest answer The 1st option is his Sanaki whose Str is very heavily RNG-Blessed, which means that if he gives it to her then the combination of The Str Boosters +2 Str and The +5 Str that she will you get from Yune's Blessing means she can use The SS Fire Tome with no penalty to Spd The 2nd option is his Haar who is very heavily RNG-Blessed in Spd and has a Str that below average, which means that if he gets The +2 Str that The Str Booster will give him then together with The +5 Str that he will get from Yune's Blessing will mean that if he attacks The Dragon King(I forget his name) then even if none of his attacks critical he will be able to kill The Dragon King in only 4 hits and if my brother uses his Heron on him then Haar he can do in 1 turn
  4. My last post was about The Rolf in my current playthrough, in this playthrough he is the 2nd best Strongest he's ever been, here is my strongest ever Rolf and his stats include transfer bonuses that netted him +5 Hp and +2 to all other stats. So heavily RNG-Blessed was my best ever Rolf? He was A Level 18 Sniper and he was A Level 12 Marksmen, not including The Stat Boosts you get from Yune's Blessnig his stats were 60Hp, Str 36, Mag 13, Skill 40, Spd 34, Lck 30, Def 31 and Res 25 and he had A SS with Bows
  5. I'm on Chapter 3 of Part 4 of Radiant Dawn and my Rolf was A Level 17 Sniper, is A Level 11 Marksmen, I haven't used any stat boosters on him, his stats are 58Hp, Str 36, Mag 10, Skill 38, Spd 34, Lck 29, Def 28 and Res 22 and he has A SS with Bows. How heavily RNG-Blessed in my Rolf?
  6. Not with my plan its not and my plan is for her to have A Iron Lance that does less damage then normal and have her Iron Lance slow her down enough that she won't double, that means that The Priest's in Chapters 7 and Epilogue as well as The Boss of Chapter 7 and Jarod in The Epilogue will take less damage then normal, will not die as fast and can get Fiona even more experance
  7. On my next playthrough I want to try to get Fiona good enough to be worth using and want to know if a way to do it would be to give her A Forged Iron Lance with increased WT and reduced MT then let her get experance by having her do very little damage against priests, who can heal with their staffs, in Chapter 7 and The Epilogue and in The Epilogue unequip The Black Knights Sword, let Jarod waste his Short Lance against him then let Fiona do chip damage VS him. So do you think that would make Fiona worth using?
  8. Ooops sorry must have clicked the wrong game
  9. I know that their are 7 characters that you can battle on different days, that defeating them can get you 1 1-star version and 1 2-star versions of each and that Wyrs, Stalh, Donnel, Sophia and Hana are 5 of them but who are the other 2?
  10. How about we each list our favorite thing about The main villain of each of The 4 parts of Fire Emblem Heroes?. Here's mine My favorite thing about Freyja is that despite her brother being her enemy she still loved him My favorite thing about Hel is the fact that she is 1 of the most Beautiful Villains in the series My favorite thing about Stutr is that he is completely insane and I'm a big fan of villains that are completely insane My favorite thing about Veronica is her willingness to help her enemies fight those that are a threat to both sides
  11. That the series should have a main villain that combines Freyja's God like powers, Hels Beauty, Stutrs completely Insanity and Veronica's willingness to help her enemies fight those that are a threat to both sides
  12. My little brother claims to be testing A Fire Emblem Game made by a friend of his and has a question. Can you answer? What are the odds of his Fighter Class Character gaining +1 each in Skill, Spd and Def 4 levels up in a row despite all 3 stats only having A Growth Rate of 40%
  13. A friend of mine claims to have never had much luck in playing Immortal Sword and wants to see more of its brilliant story so much that he plans to use a hack that he made to make it easy enough for him to win but I fear that he's going to make it too easy. What do you think?. Here are his planned changes and the boosted starting levels and stats of the character he knows he'll get Here are the extra customized Features Regardless of when they normally join and the stats and levels they normally join at all characters start at the best that he ever had them at This can make several of the easy early battles impossible to lose but it also means that units get very low experance For example in The 1st Battle were you use Uther he’s normally level 1, but here he’s Level 11 and therefore every time he fights gains the same experance that A Level 11 unit would Even worse is that Marcus who in the official game joins you at a decent level in a trainee class would start out as A Paladin Even worse is that his stats that for the first battle and likely most if not all the first half of the game are god-like and for at least the 1st 6 Battles will fell any foe that isn’t a boss in 1 hit and will even fell most bosses in 1 hit and always fell them In 2 hits Just a shame that even when first recruited although their boosted levels and stats make them several times more powerful then they are in the main game most units can’t solo entire maps for more then the first 3 or 4 maps That means very little if any experance for most if not all of my units, but at least those units will now be well worth using whereas normally they would too weak for more then 1 or 2 battles Even if they can’t be recruited Green Units and Yellow Units that get you benefits or A Side-Quest if some or all of them survive can’t die For example Bret and his 3 Sons in The Battle were you defend their village and if all 4 survive you get A Side-Quest No matter what damage they take your units will survive with at least 1Hp left and this even applies when playing on Classic Mode on Hardest Setting Units As well as which in The Battle were you defend their village in order to make sure that they aren’t completely worthless I want Bret and his 3 Sons boosted big-time and have listed what I want their stats boosted too As well as which in cases were certain units have to talk to each other and/or do something else it happens automatically Saying that though if they have to talk to each other more then once each of them can only do it once per turn, which means that it their can be no more then 2 talks per turn For example in The Battle were you defend The village of Bret and his 3 Sons if Eagler learns the enemy slipping through their Defence’s isn’t Marcus’s fault, which requires getting the truth out of 2 other units that you have to use during the fight, then you get A Knights Crest Despite the fact that due to the hacks I want done to the game in the Chapter were you defend their village Bret and his 3 sons can’t die in order that they can be of some use I want their stats boosted to the values listed later Here are The Characters of The Fan-Made Immortal Sword at the highest levels and with the best stats they ever had, which like I said earlier is what I want the levels and stats that they start with changed to He has since decided that all as well as the boosts they have to their initial stats and levels that all characters are to gain +5Hp, +2 to all others stats and +20% to all their growth rates and that even applies to characters that are recruited later in the game then my friend has got, which is why they aren't listed here And That +5Hp and +2 to all others stats also goes to all Green Units and all Yellow Units that help you but don’t join you, for example Brat and his 3 sons that are all called Junior that aide you in 1 of the missions 1st part The 1st and only group Harmut. He is A Level 10 Hero. 75Hp, Str 26+2, Skill 22, Spd 18, Lck 17, Def 24+2 and Res 24. S with Swords. B with Axes. C with Bows. C with Lances Melios. He is A Level 5 Berserker. 80Hp, Str 24, Skill 21, Spd 16, Lck 14, Def 16 and Res 14. S with Axes 2nd part 1st group Uther. He is A Level 11 Lord. 47Hp, Str 14, Skill 12, Spd 13, Lck 12, Def 14 and Res 8 when sober. 47Hp, Str 14, Skill 6, Spd 6, Lck 12, Def 14 and Res 8 when drunk. A with Swords Madelyn. She is A Level 11 Medic. Level 5 Troubadour. 41Hp, Mag 16, Skill 10, Spd 14, Lck 15, Def 8 and Res 15. A with Staffs Hassar. He is A Level 11 Nomad. 39Hp, Str 13, Skill 14, Spd 16, Lck 12, Def 10 and Res 8. B with Bows Marcus. He is A Level 11 Recruit. Level 12 Vanguard. Level 2 Paladin. 49Hp, Str 16+2, Skill 18, Spd 18, Lck 12, Def 14 and Res 9. A with Lances. C with Swords Harken. He is A Level 10 Drifter. 38Hp, Str 13, Skill 10, Spd 10, Lck 8, Def 7 and Res 3. C with Swords Isadora. She is A Level 8 Squire. 33Hp, Str 10, Skill 10, Spd 12, Lck 8, Def 7 and Res 3. C with Swords Eagler. He is A Level 5 Paladin. 51Hp, Str 14+2, Skill 14, Spd 13, Lck 11, Def 14 and Res 6. A with Lances. A with Swords Cybil. She is A Level 10 Skywatcher. 32Hp, Str 9, Skill 12, Spd 14, Lck 8, Def 9 and Res 10. C with Lances Toni. She is A Level 8 Scout. 32Hp, Str 9, Skill 11, Spd 119, Lck9, Def 7 and Res 4. C with Bows Eiry. She is A Level 9 Pupil. 33Hp, Mag 14, Skill 9, Spd 13, Lck 16, Def 6 and Res 12. C with Dark Magnus. He is A Level 11 Page. Level 3 Mage. 46Hp, Mag 10, Skill 9, Spd 8, Lck 8, Def 8 and Res 14. C with Thunder Magic. D with Fire Magic Leonard. He is A Level 10 Thief. 39Hp, Str 14+1, Skill 13, Spd 16, Lck 9, Def 8 and Res 6. C with Swords Augustus. He is A Level 6 none-mobile Transporter. 34Hp, Str 2, Skill 2, Spd 15, Lck 17, Def 11 and Res 8. No specialty, but he lets me store things and his Provision Skill heals up to 10Hp to each adjacent unit per turn Fargus. He is A Level 11 Corsair. 44Hp, Str 15, Skill 11, Spd 12, Lck 7, Def 12 and Res 11 when sober. 44Hp, Str 15, Skill 5, Spd 6, Lck 7, Def 12 and Res 11 when drunk. B with Axes Bennet. He is A Level 10 Soldier. 43Hp, Str 12, Skill 14, Spd 14, Lck 9, Def 14 and Res 7. C with Lances Allied units. Not including those that can’t fight or that join you From Chapter 7 Brat. He is A Level 12 Fighter. Level 1 Warrior. 56Hp, Str 20+2, Skill 15, Spd 17, Lck 13, Def 17+2 and Res 12. C with Axes. C with Bows The Oldest of Brats sons who is called Junior. He is A Level 18 Fighter. 52Hp, Str 17+2, Skill 14, Spd 15, Lck 11, Def 17+2 and Res 11. E with Axes The 2nd Oldest of Brats sons who is also called Junior. He is A Level 18 Fighter, 54Hp, Level Str 20+2, Skill 17, Spd 18, Lck 18, Def 20+2 and Res 11. E with Axes The Youngest Oldest of Brats sons who is also called Junior. He is A Level 18 Fighter. 56Hp, Str 17+2, Skill 16, Spd 18, Lck 17, Def 16+2 and Res 12. E with Axes 2nd group Tristan. He is A Level 11 Lord. 37Hp, Str 17, Skill 14, Spd 16, Lck 13, Def 10 and Res 6. B with Axes Reno. She is A Level 8 Ascetic. 33Hp, Mag 10, Skill 13, Spd 12, Lck 11, Def 4 and Res 9. C with Light Celeste. She is A Level 11 Zweihander. 47Hp, Str 15, Skill 12, Spd 10, Lck 10, Def 15 and Res 10+2. B with Swords Gado. He is A Level 8 Ruffian. 39Hp, Str 11, Skill 12, Spd 10, Lck 8, Def 7 and Res 3. C with Axes Shen. He is A Level 7 Journeymen. 35Hp, Str 10, Skill 7, Spd 11, Lck 9, Def 10 and Res 3. C with Axes 3rd group Eliza She is A Level 11 Lord. 45Hp, Str 12, Skill 12, Spd 13, Lck 10, Def 13 and Res 8. C with Lances Brendan. He is A Level 5 Warrior. 54Hp, Str 20+2, Skill 12, Spd 12, Lck 11, Def 16+2 and Res 6. S with Axes. B with Bows Zephyr. She is A Level 9 Pegasus Knight. 37Hp, Str 11, Skill 14, Spd 15, Lck 9, Def 6 and Res 8. C with Lances Melanie. She is A Level 10 Thief. 35Hp, Str 8+4, Skill 14, Spd 17, Lck 7, Def 8 and Res 3. C with Swords William. He is A Level 13 Cleric. 44Hp, Mag 13, Skill 10, Spd 12, Lck 16, Def 8 and Res 16. A with Staffs Elle. She is A Level 3 Bishop. 40Hp, Mag 14, Skill 16, Spd 17, Lck 13, Def 10 and Res 12. C with Light. E with Staffs Vadia. She is A Level 11 Dracoknight. 48Hp, Str 15, Skill 9, Spd 11, Lck 10, Def 16 and Res 5. B with Lances Saka. She is A Level 15 Mercenary. 42Hp, Str 15+3, Skill 16, Spd 14, Lck 11, Def 9+2 and Res 14. B with Swords
  14. Should I convince my Brother to reclass Dedue from Fortress Knight to Warrior when doing so will lose Dedue 12 points of his very heavily RNG-Blessed Def but it will also triple his RNG-Screwed Spd and Res, double his RNG-Screwed Dex and give him +2 to his Str
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