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  1. To be honest I can't remember when or were my starter from Sapphire is, only that I no longer have it, but I do remember I traded my Ruby Starter to a friend and in return I got A Shiny Blastoise that he'd hatched
  2. Can someone please tell me how do I get A Zarude Code in The UK?
  3. What are your thoughts on The following 2 Pokemon of mine that are The 2 Pokemon that I've had the longest, that I got in Houen during Gen 3 and I have had both of them since very late July 2,002? The Groudon It is Level 100 Its Stats are 365Hp, Attack 365, Defence 327, Special Attack 327, Special Attack 231, Special Defence 253 and Speed 244 The moves it knows are Eruption, Solar Beam, Precipice Blades and Overheat Ribbons wise it has acquired are The Galar Champion, Alola Champion, Battle Tree Great, Kalos Champion, Sinnoh Champion, Gen 3 Houen Champion, Best Friends, Effort, Alert, Shock, Downcast, Relax, Snooze, Smile, Gorgeous, Royal, Gorgeous Royal and Footprint Ribbons Its ability is Drought It has A Careful Nature The Kyogre It is Level 100 Its Stats are 349Hp, Attack 268, Defence, Special Attack 217, Special Attack 313, Special Defence 347 and Speed 218 The moves it knows are Water Sprout, Blizzard, Origin Pulse Impact and Ice Beam Ribbons wise it has The Galar Champion, Gen 6 Hoenn Champion, Sinnoh Champion, Gen 3 Houen Champion, Effort Ribbon, Gorgeous and Contest Memory Ribbons Its ability is Drizzle It has A Careful Nature
  4. A friend of mine claims to working on A Custom Made RPG that combines Fire Emblem and The Traveller Roleplaying Game and she wants to know whether you think it would be better if she made A Fire Emblem RPG that has A Sci-Fii Setting or would it be better if she made it A Traveller RPG that has A Fantasy Setting. So which do you think would be the better setting?
  5. I've restarted Echoes, was on the last battle of Act 1 and wanted to get The Dracoshield, so I had Silque warp in my Yuru to try and kill the person that you think is Desaix My Yuru is A Level 9 Priestess. Level 12 Villager. Level 14 Female Mage. Level 6 Priestess, she had benefited from The Growth Rate boosting Shard that you get from DLC, I remember that her Skill and Lck were below average and the only stat of hers that I remember exactly what it was is her Atk of 40. The thing is she attacked twice, both attacks had A 15% chance to miss and they both only(?) had A 29% chance of A Attack becoming A Critical Attack, yet both attacks hits and they were both criticals. How lucky was I?
  6. In my last playthrough of Lyn Hard Mode due to Boss Abuse my Lyn gained 10 Levels and her stat increases amounted to +8Hp, +6 Str, +9 Skill, +10 Spd, +10 Lck, +4 Def and +4 Res. How heavily RNG Blessed was my Lyn?
  7. A friend of mine claims to be working on A Fire Emblem Game, has decided to add a character that combines a join time similiar to The Arran/Samson Archtype, Stats similiar to those of The Orfey Archtype, stat growths similiar to The Est Archtype and make him a General, wants to know her Average Stats as A Level 20 General are and her maximum stats are 60Hp, Str 29, Skill 25, Spd 24, Lck 30, Def 30 and Res 22. Can you tell me? She starts as A Level 8 General. Her base stats are 47Hp, Str 24, Skill 17, Spd 15, Lck 15, Def 27 and Res 12. She starts with A S with Lances and A C with Axes and her growth rates are Hp 93%, Str 58%, Skill 53%, Spd 38%, Lck 53%, Def 78% and Res 18%
  8. Earlier today I got A Munchlax in A Surprise Trade that I'm 100% certain is hacked, that's cos its only Level 5 but it has The Ribbon's for being on the winning team in The Alola League and for The Galra Tournament and that means that the only way it can't be hacked is if its player deliberately let it faint in the 1st fight of both tournaments and deliberately never revived. So why would someone make A Pokemon that's so clearly hacked
  9. Not really cos the only units I'm using that aren't nobles are those that you must use. Hence I can only use Mist in the battles that you must use her in
  10. My brother is playing this game for the 1st time, he's just beat The Linus Version of Four Fanged Assault and has a problem. The problem is that his Raven and his Erk are both very high leveled, they are RNG-Blessed in every stat other then Hp, between them they are making the game too easy and in order to make the game more challenging without wasting all his effort he wants to permanently bench and by sheer coincidence both of them and the unit that each of them have as their main support partner are very similiar. Here's more info on them. Which 1 should he use? His Raven is A Level 20 Mercenary/Level 7 Hero. Has A S Rank with Swords and A C with Axes. His Hp is 3 points below Average, his other 6 stats are all between 2 and 4 points above Average and has A A-Support with Lucius who is A Level 19 Monk/Level 5 Bishop, has A S with Light and A C with Staffs, all of his stats are between 1 point below Average and 1 point above Average and my brother hopes to be able to use him for most of the game His Erk is A Level 20 Mage/Level 7 Sage. Has A S Rank with Anima and A C with Staffs. His Hp is 3 points below Average, his other 6 stats are all between 2 and 4 points above Average and has A A-Support Priscilia who is A Level 20 Troubadour/Level 4 Valkyrie, she has as A A with Staffs and A C with Anima, all of her stats are between 1 point below Average and 2 points above Average and my brother hopes to be able to use her for most of the game
  11. My brother has hacked his very old copy of Radiant Dawn, he has hacked his Fiona, Meg, Illayna and Brom so that they will have higher stats, stat growths and weapon ranks and has done so in the hope of making his Fiona, Meg, Illayna and Brom worth using. Here are their new stats and stat growths. Do you think they will be worth using? His Fiona is A Level 9 Lance Knight. 29Hp, Str 11, Mag 9, Skill 12, Spd 12, Lck 10, Def 11 and Res 9. Her Weapon Rank is A A with Lances. Her growth rates are 65%, Str 57%, Mag 30%, Skill 53%, Spd 70%, Lck 74%, Def 71% and Res 66%. His Illayna is A Level 12 Thunder Mage. Her stats are 26Hp, Str 9, Mag 16, Skill 15, Spd 15, Lck 10, Def 6 and Res 13, Her Weapon Rank is A A Thunder. Her growth rates are 75%, Str 60%, Mag 70%, Skill 77%, Spd 56%, Lck 50%, Def 59% and Res 72%. His Meg is A Level 3 Armour Knight. Her stats are 25Hp, Str 13, Mag 5, Skill 11, Spd 11, Lck 12, Def 13 and Res 8. His Weapon Rank is A B with Swords. Her growth rates are 80%, Str 52%, Mag 30%, Skill 57%, Spd 80%, Lck 95%, Def 54% and Res 70%. His Brom is A Level 16 Armour Axe. Level 2 Axe General. His stats are 40Hp, Str 22, Mag 7, Skill 20, Spd 19, Lck 16, Def 24 and Res 13. His Weapon Rank is A A with Axes and A D with Swords. Her growth rates are 101%, Str 55%, Mag 24%, Skill 57%, Spd 50%, Lck 90%, Def 77% and Res 41%.
  12. In my 2nd Blue Lions Playthrough I'm almost certain that my Ignatz's Def very heavily RNG-Screwed, but I'm not 100% certain. What do you think?. Here is more info on my Ignatz's Levels and Def When he was A Level 18 Commoner he became A Level 18 Archer. When he was A Level 22 Archer he became A Level 22 Sniper and he is now A Level 35 Sniper but his Def is only 16. So what do you think?. Is my Ignatz's Def very heavily RNG-Screwed?
  13. Is The Latias I got in A Surprise Trade Hacked?. Here's loads of info on it? It A Shiny Latias that was caught in A Masterball that came to me holding A Masterball and it has 27 Ribbons It came to me at Level 40. It has A Dynamax Level of 10, it has The Levitate Ability, its stats are 126Hp, Attack 72, Defence 89, Special Attack 105, Special Defence 121 and Speed 115 and when it came to me its moves were Role Play, Roost, Confide and Dual Wingbeat Its 27 Ribbons are The Galar Champion, Tower Master, Alola Champion, Battle Royal Master, Battle Tree Great, Battle Tree Master, Hoenn Champion, Kalos Champion, Coolness Master, Beauty Master, Cuteness Master, Cleverness Master, Best Friends, Training, Skillful Battler, Expert Battler, Effort, Alert, Shock, Downcast, Careless, Relax, Snooze, Smile, Gorgeous, Royal and Gorgeous Royal Ribbons
  14. I've recently dug up the notes I made that show how strong The Characters of Path of Radiance were at the strongest they were across my 8 playthroughs. Shall I post them?
  15. I've just started The 3rd week of Chapter 13, I have used all my Stat Boosters and all my Renown to make Gilbert A Super-Powerful Soldier. But I'm worried. I'm only on Easy Mode. Have I made Gilbert too strong? He is A Level 26 Warrior, His stats are 68Hp, Str 36, Mag 9, Dex 27, Spd 21, Lck 19, Def 25, Res 9 and Ch 21 and his Weapon Skills are E with Swords, A with Lances, A with Axes, E with Bows, E with Brawl, E with Reason, E with Faith, C with Authority, B+ with Heavy Armour, B with Riding and E with Flying.
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