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  1. Now that I have completed every route, I'm thinking about playing through CF on Maddening. My only problem is, if its got some annoying RNG like Awakening that can be impossible to work around, I may pass. It was already a migraine on Awakening. I will NOT stress myself out like that again. Plus ridiculous RNG like that is not really skill and I like to be able to overcome the game at its peak through some skill.

    I probably also pass on doing a CF run on Maddening with the CS students being new to me. I want to enjoy their storylines first. 

    If anybody knows if Maddening on CF has stupid RNG, let me know. I'd rather play Dark Souls with a broken sword.

    And I don't mean taking the easy route and playing casual. I'll only do that if its a migraine to do otherwise. Once I get my storyline pleasures, its classic all the way. Only real way to present a challenge I am heavily invested in.

  2. 22 minutes ago, SatsumaFSoysoy said:

    Just finished CS earlier, and I enjoyed it. However, I couldn't help but feel that there was some wasted potential by setting CS after Ch. 4 (and probably ending somewhere around 5 or 6? If not just finished in the month of 4).

    When confronted, Aelfric asked Byleth if they didn't want to see their mother, and all three choices you get indicate that Byleth doesn't really feel the need. But if CS was set between Ch. 8 and 9, or even 9 and 10 instead. I feel like this whole thing would ring differently. Byleth would have just recently lost Jeralt, a loved one and their only parental figure, and if it's post-Ch.9, Sothis wouldn't be there for Byleth either. The prospect of possibly being able to revive the dead would likely be more tempting for Byleth; even if it's to revive Sitri, whom Byleth had never even met, being able to see your dead mother again would beat being alone. But of course, it is probably morally wrong in the end, and as demonstrated the ritual doesn't work as intended, so Byleth has to accept that.

    What do you think?

    I could see Byleth potentially desiring more to bring back Sitri after Jeralt's passing. Personally, I could even see Byleth considering to use the Rite to bring Jeralt back instead. However, I was already a little peeved with how childish Byleth was acting after Jeralt's death. Sure, I believe everyone deserves time to mourn. But pouting for the whole month? No. In my opinion, making Byleth consider such actions would drop them dangerously close to the villainous level. We are talking Rhea at the end of Crimson Flower villainous. Although, I do enjoy alternate timelines. The whole Cindered Shadows sideline story is kind of a paradox itself. I even think it could potentially lead to a Golden Route like I mentioned in another post.

    Overall, though, I like the placement of CS to avoid the complications that would probably occur from the later chapters of Part 1. Imagine how weird the situation would be if it took place in Part 2. I would definitely think they working on a Revelations-like route if they made the three lords work together in part 2.

    When I first heard about the chalice, I was thinking they were going to give us something like the golden restoration fountains in Echoes, something along the lines of an item with a limited number of uses to revive fallen units in Classic. However, that would probably be too strong, considering we already have time pulse, too.

  3. 38 minutes ago, Sbuscoz said:

    Honestly, I would have liked a golden route, even if it would have been hard, them having goals that aren't that much different makes it difficult to me to think about them agreeing being something impossible, even if it would have been hard, maybe needing Byleth coming back in time after having gone through all the routes or something like that.

    What "bothers" me more than the lack of a golden route though, it's being forced to kill Edelgard/Dimitri. I understand that it might be too "idealistic", but at the state they are after being defeated it's not like there`s an actual need to kill them, imprisoning them would  enough imo.

    Lol that was exactly what I was trying to get to with my first post. Although, I do agree it would probably be smarter to make you do the other 4 routes first, then do something like time travel back and have deja vu. I think making you do the other 4 routes would also help make it so you don't "undermine" them. Maybe even just make you do 2 routes or something. Revelations would probably be better for most people if you had to experience the struggles of Nohr and Hoshido first. That's what I did personally.

    I also agree with you about killing Dimitri/Edelgard. It's for a somewhat honorable reason she wants you to kill her in SS/VW but besides the ending in AM, Dimitri is probably at his best in CF which is why I thought it was unnecessary for her to kill him. I was already feeling bad about having to kill the students I didn't recruit on my first playthrough. I got most of them but Sylvain and Dedue were kinda tough to kill, although you can't recruit Dedue anyways. Glad I didn't have to kill Mercedes, too. All except for Rhea in CF and Edelgard in AM, it would have been easy to imprison and reconcile with the critical enemies. Forget TWSITD though. They get what's coming to them, those Illuminati wannabes.

  4. On 2/10/2020 at 12:16 AM, eclipse said:

    Hmmm. . .how it ends. . .

    Fodlan's borders are more-or-less intact.  The church's function is changed to that of a mediator between the various countries.  Meanwhile, everyone goes home.  I'll elaborate on this a bit later, since I need to do something.


    On 2/10/2020 at 1:18 AM, eclipse said:

    I had something written up in another thread, but alas, I can't find it.  So, I'm going to fully elaborate on it here.  But for it to work, there'd need to be some significant changes to the story in part 1.

      Reveal hidden contents

    Edelgard and Dimitri's families were on decent terms with each other - so much so that Edelgard's family would visit every winter.  One winter, a plague breaks out in Enbarr.  Because of that, Edelgard is forced to stay longer than normal with Dimitri.  On her return, she finds that all of her siblings have died of the plague, and her father's once-proud figure has been broken - his body survived, but his heart didn't.  After that, she no longer visits Dimitri.  Since no one tells the young prince why she stopped visiting, he slowly blames her for things as life takes a downward spiral (including the tragedy at Duscur).

    Claude is blissfully unaware of his own heritage, as most of his childhood is spent in Almyra.  Once he's recognized as the heir to the Alliance, he's forced to take a VERY front-row seat to its politics, including far too many visits with DImitri and Edelgard.  He naturally doesn't get along with either at first, but eventually sympathizes with both.

    School begins, and it turns into a bit of a dick-waving contest.  Everything more-or-less looks the same, until Remire.  The villagers are going nuts, and Edelgard is paralyzed with fear - so much so that Hubert takes over for her during that mission.  Dimitri blames Edelgard for the deaths in Remire, while Claude slowly gets the truth out of Hubert (how the hell this happens is anyone's guess).

    Because of the disaster at Remire, Edelgard is temporarily stripped of her duties as house leader.  This is the push she needs to ally with the Slithers, as they've promised her a cure to the plague.  They tell her that she needs to steal the stones in the tomb, which she does.  Hubert reveals that he knew of the plan, and supports Edelgard, because someone needs to do so.  This causes a rift between the three leaders - Claude saw this coming, but no one believed him, and Dimitri's mind is more-or-less made up.  A fight breaks out, and the three leaders are kicked out of the monastery, on Rhea's orders.

    Five years later, and things look grim in the various lands.  The Kingdom's crown jewel, Arianhod, has been reduced to rubble, and a threatening letter was sent to Dimitri, promising the rest of his country would face a similar fate if he didn't cooperate.  Signs of the plague at Remire break out in border towns of the Empire, and Almyra's set for a full-scale invasion of the Alliance.  The three leaders remember a promise they made to Byleth - if ever they truly need assistance, go back to the monastery, and ask.  To their surprise, it's Byleth that greets them as the head of the church.  The three spill their stories, and Rhea steps out from the shadows, and explains the true past.  Edelgard is disgusted by the turn of events, but the rage in Dimitri's eyes is replaced by tears.  Claude is the one that snaps everyone back to reality.  He explains that the plague they're seeing is native to Almyra - and they have the cure, BUT they're threatening to invade.  The three leaders hatch a desperate plan, each to save their countries.  Claude will take what Almyrans he's managed to sway to his side to Arianhod, and try to figure out how it was destroyed.  Their specialty is aerial patrol, so they'd have a better view of what happened.  Dimitri's side will go to Enbarr - they're familiar with the first plague, and know how to handle the victims.  Edelgard's army will fortify the Almyran border, because all will be for naught if the Alliance falls.

    Further investigation into Arianhod reveals a collapsed hall that wasn't on any plans.  The Slithers reveal themselves here, and Claude fights them off.  Meanwhile, investigations into the plague reveal a third Slither behind it all - someone who managed to modify the native Almyran sickness such that it creates a fighting zombie, instead of a delirious patient.  Edelgard's army manages to hold out against the Almyrans, who have some suspicious technology among their midst - and troops from other countries.  Once Claude and Dimitri finish their missions, they hurry to the Almyran border.  Dimitri identifies some of the foreign troops as Sreng, and states that they have no business being this far south.  A bit of fighting reveals that all the troops are just as brainwashed as the plague victims.  It's then that Nader leads a small force towards Edelgard and co., with a promise of talks.

    Nader tells them that the majority of his kingdom's troops have been infected, and are not under his control.  The troops he leads are those that he managed to rescue, and they're far outnumbered by the zombies.  He points out the weeds surrounding them, saying that the cure is there, but it takes a long time to render out the appropriate antidote.  With time NOT on their side, Claude leads a small force to go pick herbs, Dimitir prepares the necessary equipment to distill the antidote, and Edelgard makes sure their position isn't overrun.

    From within the army, the Silther agents attempt to cause mayhem.  One of them signals Hubert, who promptly sets him on fire.  Hubert explains that he became a double agent, on Edelgard's request.  The Slithers want to destroy Sothis, Rhea, and anyone that supported them, and have no qualms about using the other countries as pawns in their schemes.  Rhea realized this, and figured the shared hatred of the Slithers would unite the countries of Fodlan - hence why she stepped down.  With the truth of the conflict revealed, she transforms into her true form, which throws the other side into chaos.  While this is happening, Edelgard''s troops desperately administer the antidote to as many enemies as possible.  Many are saved, but at the price of many more lives.

    Brigid shows up to help - Petra sent a message to her homeland as soon as she saw the situation on the Almyran border.  Ferdinand, Caspar, Linhardt, Bernadetta, Lorenz, and Lysithea each share whatever their families knew - though the knowledge is fragmented, it's enough to pinpoint the lair of the Slithers.  Both Dedue and Sylvain are nowhere to be found, and are assumed to be dead.  Dimitri seems unfazed.  They march on the entrance to the Slithers - Arianhod.

    The Slither's trap is set into motion.  With no support from above, the army is caught between troops from within the city and those raining hell from behind.  That is, until another army breaks through.  The remnants of Duscur, led by Dedue, and a company of Sreng, led by Sylvain, break through the rear army.  With defeat certain, the Slithers set their city to self-destruct.  Knowing her time is short, Rhea blasts a hole in the walls, and uses herself to shield the army from the worst of the blast.  Despite being a bitter enemy, Edelgard requests that the army takes some time off to properly bury Rhea at Garrag Mach.

    Shortly after the funeral rites, the final experiment of the Slithers is released - Nemesis, in an artificial body.  Lysithea's family was chosen to be experiments for crest power, and unbeknowst to her, one of her older brothers survived.  The three armies take on Nemesis.  When all is said and done, Almyra's forces are almost completely wiped out, and the other country's armies aren't in much better shape.  With a lot of rebuilding to do, both Dimitri and Edelgard go back to their respective places, this time with a peace treaty.  Claude leaves the alliance in Lorenz's hands, because Almyra needs a king.  Byleth takes over the church, and uses its power both to run the academy, and to peacefully resolve conflicts among countries.  A small army is assigned to the church, mostly to keep the countryside safe from monsters and the like.  Though with the sheer amount of life lost, it will be a while before any of the countries are a threat.


    Trust me, I've got a pretty wild part 1 alternative. So, to me, Tiki x Robin is my canonical relationship (Obviously, if you look at my profile picture). Now, stay with me here, but what if Sothis was potentially the daughter, or even sister, of the Morgan birthed by Tiki. One reason I believe it would make sense is that Grima, Robin's dragonic ancestor, was able to manipulate time as well as Sothis.

    Now imagine this. What if Robin, being part dragon, was still alive due to the long lifetime of dragons and manketes, despite losing Grima's mark. I believe that could be possible as well, since Nah, despite being substantially younger, looks just as old as her mother, who is over a 1000 years old. That would mean that Robin, as Seiros' (Rhea's) grandfather  or great grandfather, could potentially discipline Seiros, Cichol, and Cethlenn into cooperating more with the Empire, Kingdom, and Alliance, and maybe even get to admit her wrongdoings. Robin, being their ancestor in this case, may even be able to convince Indech and Macuil to ally themselves with this. 

    I even thought a little about the climactic final battle, which I believe could involve another potential revival of Grima (which sounds a little corny even to me), alongside Nemesis and the Ten Elites, and at the end, there could even be an epic clash of dragons (Robin, Seiros, Cichol, Cethlenn, Macuil, and Indech V.S. Grima).

    Its obviously very out there and the fact that it would obviously upset many fans, as it would basically say their head canon is wrong, this ending would never happen, although I would totally make a FE3H fanmade route like this if I could. Although, as Grima was also in Echoes, maybe it wouldn't be the most farfetched thing.

    I can make it even more crazy if you throw in the link to the outrealms, meaning Fates could tie in as well. That would ironic and pretty funny to watch all the responses from those who hate Revelations. Morgan could also play the same role in place or even alongside with Robin. Same with Tiki.

  5. 18 minutes ago, Robertos said:

    I am conflicted on the idea of a golden ending. On one hand, the strongest aspects of Three Houses’ story is that most of the tragedy that occurs over the course of the game would have been avoidable if certain people were able to reach out to each-other. A golden ending removes that tragedy, but it would also vindicate that theme also by showing us how that communication would solve things.

    Obviously in this discussion we have to talk about Revelations. The writing there was bad. But then, that was a Fates-wide issue, so it could be different here.

    The primary issue with a Golden Ending is that it automatically becomes the “canon” and “best” ending of the bunch. As soon as a Golden Ending happens, everything else feels lesser because we know there’s a situation where it all worked out optimally. I think there’s a way to get around the issue though.

    If I was writing a Golden Route, first of all I would make Rhea the main enemy of it and have her die at the end. It fits her character that she would be completely unable to trust Edelgard, and having her die means that it’s not a truly perfect ending either.

    The second thing I would do is limit what students actually become playable, and have some die over the course of the story. Perhaps some of the Blue Lions disagree and turn on Dimitri for working with the Church, stuff like that.

    On conclusion I think I would like a “golden” Route, but in writing it a great deal of care has to be taken so it doesn’t make the other routes lesser.

    See, I can agree with these ideas. It's a much better approach than Revelations "suck it up" attitude towards the other two routes in terms of undermining them. It was poorly executed in release especially, as people can ignore the other routes entirely since it came almost immediately after them. Even if the developers did do it again, it probably won't hit as hard since everyone has had time to play through all routes unlike Revelations.

    As for the idea of not everyone surviving to the end of a "golden route", while, to me, it kind of defeats the purpose of the potential forgiveness, it would satisfy a lot of people worrying it would undermine the efforts of the other routes. Plus, I am totally on board with Rhea dying after all she did, especially CF's ending. Maybe she could end up sacrificing herself like in other routes. 

    It would be extremely bittersweet and maybe even too much, but maybe in a struggle with Those Who Slither in the Dark, all of the main lords die, again making Byleth a supreme leader of Fodlan.

  6. 6 hours ago, Sid Starkiller said:

    The absolute best way is to not.

    There shouldn't be some golden ending where everything is all sunshine and rainbows and everyone has a big harem wedding after the credits. The whole point is to decide what side of the conflict you want to support. Why are people so afraid of making hard decisions?

    I disagree. What's wrong wanting to see everyone get a redemption arc? I'm not afraid of making hard decisions, I pick Edelgard indefinitely, as I have played her route multiple times through. If you think a redemption arc undermines the other routes, you wouldn't even have to buy it, as many people are now aware of potential endings, like Revelations.  Radiant Dawn, too, although it is not as well known. I was merely wanting to discuss a good way to execute such a route. I personally prefer at least a potential way to get a golden ending. It seems very potential in CF if Edelgard wasn't so hasty to kill off Dimitri. It even seemed to me, he was more stable in CF than most of AM until Rodrigue dies. I feel that could be rectified entirely if Cornelia is somehow convinced to let the information she let out in AM slip. Rodrigue was already theorizing that there had to be more to the Tragedy of Duscur.

    2 hours ago, Flere210 said:

    There is just not a way for it to work. Edelgard want to destroy Rhea far more than she want to destroy the slithers, so there is no way she can cooperate whit Rhea, wich would be necessary for a golden route. Unless you mean it as a "3 lords unite, fuck the church" route. 

    I wouldn't say that necessarily. Edelgard means to undo the system Rhea basically established, not simply because she just hates her. Sure, they may not be friends, but I could see it being possible Rhea could see the error of her ways through a mix of intervention from Byleth, Those Who Slither in the Dark, and maybe even Sothis. Honestly, why can't Byleth just say "Sothis said this". Of course, that's a simpleton fix but even it is plausible. That's why I asked for other theories. Maybe even Flayn and Seteth could aid Byleth in convincing her.

    As for Edelgard, especially if she can see the alternate timelines, I think she can learn to let it go. Forgiveness is a thing and Edelgard has proven to be mostly reasonable.

    2 hours ago, omegaxis1 said:

    It is impossible to have a Golden route. 

    Because as Sylvain states in CF, everyone is fighting for their own ideals/desires. 


    However, say that we go about the benefit of giving merit to your idea of both Edelgard and Byleth time traveling back to their school state.

    Basically, the point is that the three main people need to be dealt with.

    • Dimitri has to be able to let go of his desire for vengeance. 
    • Claude needs to learn to trust others. 
    • Rhea needs to be willing to step down and let go of trying to revive Sothis.

    The MOST I can consider is Claude really. Edelgard knowing that Claude is Almyran might talk to him and try to win his trust or something along those lines, in that she also believes that the xenophobia is a problem. 

    I'm pretty sure Claude could easily be convinced by Edelgard through negotiations with the Almyrans. That seems like a simple fix, and with connections to the newest DLC, his trust issues could be somewhat rectified there. Probably the best way to rectify that is through Byleth, as I said, in Claude's own route, Edelgard is significantly and uncannily trusting of Byleth, again almost as if she has the ability to know the alternative, but even if she doesn't, why can't Byleth not win Claude's heart if he can win that stubborn girl's heart. He even talks about friendship and the ability to scale the walls between each other in the fight against Nemesis. Dimitri would probably be the main challenge but I listed a potential solution or at least a start to one.

    If everyone who has played every route or at least knows of what happens would stop and think for a moment, is there not a way everything ties together?

    Also, why does everyone seem to think Sothis is the only one with the power to time travel? Even if she were some almighty being like Rhea preaches, would that not mean she could assist Edelgard, too? I mean, come on, Those Who Slither in the Dark made basically robots and nuclear weaponry.


    So, hear me out. I know it is a bit late, but I was finishing the last route for myself (Blue Lions) and listened to Lady of Hresvelg and realized a great way to execute a "Revelations" type route.

    Everyone should know by now that Byleth, as well as Edelgard, both have the Crest of Flames. But what if they both had the ability to Time Pulse, unbeknownst to the player? Maybe they are even both aware of each possible timeline? It seems very plausible to me considering how she acts in Claude's route, how she says she wished you were her teacher instead, despite not really interacting with you on friendly terms. To me, its almost as if she knew about what could have potentially been. Another thing that leads me to this possible belief is that, of course, Lady of Hresvelg is Edelgard's perspective, which leaves little tidbits of every route in the song.

    Being one of the main instigators of the central conflict, whether you believe she is good or bad, would Edelgard, along with Byleth's support, not be the perfect person to help clear up the misconceptions in each route? With that in mind, she would probably be able to bring all sides together, most likely against Those Who Slither in the Dark, as well as wipe away the false history of Fodlan created by Rhea.

    Not only that, but with the final DLC on the rise, maybe the secret 4th house could help everyone come to this conclusion. Afterall, all 3 original houses work together to assist them. Its almost set up perfectly together and it wouldn't shock me for an additional DLC to get released that would have such an ending.

    That's just my personal theory. I would like to hear others' personal theories as well as maybe improvements on my own.

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