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  1. Please tell me this parody and you're not trying to hand wave away the sexualization of children.
  2. There is nothing wrong with a company modifying content to fit in with the standards and practices of their target market.
  3. They already tried that with Code Name STEAM. As we all know it didn't end well for them.
  4. With the exception of Valbar, all those characters were in the banner last year. I wouldn't look too deeply into it.
  5. Every character has their fans, it's incredibly disrespectful to say that.
  6. I think moving forward, most people would love to have greater gender balance in FE games, I personally would like to see a greater group of standard female bosses to along with that. The problem however, is that doesn't help fans of the games that already exist. Shadow Dragon has less than 25% of its roster being female, it's impossible to strike gender balance in that game without jettisoning a lot of characters.
  7. This is a huge problem for Heroes, especially for the older games. I honestly believe that they need to have banners release with 2 males and 1 female as the standard, and they should add in a new batch of 3 star characters like Bord and Cord.
  8. I agree about seasonal banners, however I considered them to be a necessary evil to generate revenue to subsidize the release of less popular units. However if they are going to continue having both seasonal units AND variants of standard units, then the game needs to seriously reevaluate how characters are selected.
  9. The issue is that time is a real problem for this game. FE Switch is going to release this year, and it will assuredly have 50+ characters, many of which will bump to the top of the queue. For fans of supporting characters it is incredibly frustrating to have their favourites pushed to the back of the line to accommodate characters already present in the game.
  10. Ephraim with Garm? Watch them release Axe Cavalry Amelia instead.
  11. I would encourage you to take a few minutes and write your thoughts down in the feedback section of the app. Letting the developers know our thoughts on their decisions can make a difference.
  12. Honestly, I find this decision to reissue Eirika so disappointing, I actually left feedback in the app about this. This is a trend I want to see brought to a swift end.
  13. This is ridiculous, there are so many great Magvel characters waiting in the wings, a second Eirika is way too soon.
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