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  1. I'm pretty sure that's Path of Radiance. I've done an ironman run of Sacred Stones and remember nothing of the sort (and you'd think if they had it in this game they'd continue it to Sacred Stones, though I suppose they didn't continue it after Path of Radiance, which they should have, but the series has moved away from expecting players to play and catering to iron man modes in recent titles).
  2. Australia's population centers are so isolated from each other, if they could shut down domestic air travel then a number of cities could be confidently deemed virus free.
  3. We had so little info on Falchion in Gaiden, that's what I thought it was originally. A newly made weapon forged by Duma specifically to destroy Mila. Still think it's a bit of a shame they attributed it's creation to Naga.
  4. Really value potential future customers more like it I'd say.
  5. Who do you think would dump on you for that? Like, it's basically self evident. And you even covered yourself by mentioning that other games touch on it. Speaking of said other games, I absolutely love this imagery they use in Shadows of Valentia but do basically nothing with. It's one of those pictures tell a thousand words moment. This is the result of war. An endless field of death stretching beyond view dwarfing the actual sought after goal. Quite a shame Shadows of Valentia accidentally becomes, probably, the most pro war story with it's muddled theming. Half of Path Radiance involves the characters being on the other side of the continent to the war. Hell it even has a scene in the first act depicting how little the war is affecting people in that part of the country (this is not a bad thing, but it is a thing).
  6. I was at three different airports last week (which are going to be some of the most infectious places outside of hospitals). Wearing masks on the flight was mandatory. A random stranger gave me two of them because he saw I wasn't wearing one (that was in Australia). For the next week at the very least I'm going to damn well make sure I'm going to wear a mask whenever I'm out in public (it being hay fever season means that's doubly so). Anyone who's been through a hospital or airport recently absolutely should imo. Doesn't mean hoarding a hundred of them, we shouldn't even be going out in public enough to even need that many. Those of us who aren't healthcare professionals also stand risk of contracting the disease.
  7. Don't even have to go as far as South Korea. There's a whole other China that responded really well in the form of Taiwan.
  8. Well she's known for having Bolting in her own game, so maybe they'll give her some splash damage like the Venin Sword. Ever since Kronya got added, I'm finding splash damage builds are becoming more and more useful.
  9. Of course the real answer is that they wanted to provide a boss that has plot relevance to close out the end of the first act while also not fighting the hyped up generals among the bad guys just yet. Ephidel seems more the obvious choice for that, but for some reason they went with Darin. I recall getting no closure on this plot too and have long held it against the game's plot, so keep an eye out to see if we're wrong. Personally I like to believe Elbert did conspire to cause a coup as it stains him somewhat and subverts the whole noble father archtype while still not making him an outward villain (to Eliwood at least).
  10. I think on t he global politics thread, not this one, someone said "want to bet the US will have a higher number of cases than China" back when it was almost a china exclusive problem. We dismissed as laughably improbable...It's baffling how quickly something can turn from impossible the probable. Super embarrassing is definitely the term for it. The fallacy there is that you don't know if you have the virus or not for two weeks.
  11. Simply having a rupee system that grants access to potions that you can buy would reduce Zelda II's difficulty by a tonne.
  12. Ah, yes. That would make a lot of sense. Seems down right obvious in fact. If he could hit ever stat and then add them all onto his attack it would turn him into a beast! All though hitting every stat isn't strictly necessary as he can already do that with ploys on his C and S slots. It'd just free them up for him. Speaking of which, can we get some Lv4 Ploy skills? 5 stat reduction seems a little weak with the power creep now. I think they could go up to 7, or at least 6.
  13. I've +10nd my Alvis, so I'd very much like to see a refine there too. Maybe expanding the Ploy effect to hit all stats and increase it's stat deduction. And then for the effect on top of that (some times they boost basic effects and give an added effect on top of it, right?) maybe give him Fury to synergies with his health recovery.
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