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  1. Why is Bowser ever referred to as prince then? Unless the Koopa Kingdom was previously a principality and they swapped over to a Kingdom to give power a more grandiose title.
  2. The thing about that is that they actually reference the HP drain in several effects. Huh. I have Legendary Celica but I didn't notice. I don't use her much given I have regular Celica. The fact that they've done it for more high profile characters just makes it more grating it's not standard.
  3. I think anyone who's played the games would realize why. And any Heroes only players would be more confused than upset as it's only some specific units it happens for. Plus it's not like the characters waving their arms would need to look bad. And not like anyone complains that the dragons aren't all holding stones. Granted they have the big honking transformations so it's less an aspect of their visuals, but still, it would be such a minor point to complain about I wouldn't really consider the people that would complain about it worth the consideration (uh, let's just ignore that I'm also complaining about what is essentially the complete inverse).
  4. Why would you ever count Fates as two games? It has to be either one or three. Unless you bizarrely have the criteria that games need to be something you can buy in a physical store and Revalation is just a really long DLC mission.
  5. Alright. The "Boo! Avatars suck" option has been added to the poll.
  6. All of these would just be on top of their already present effects. *Give Fallen Celica a Wings of Mercy effect, because I demand her status as Witch be reflected with the Witch's standard ability in gameplay. *Zephiel really needs some kind of distant counter. His ability to shoot lighting with his bad ass sprite is probably the most memorable thing about him. I'd also like his armour weakness removed as a reference to him just not having hammer weakness in Blinding Blade. *Infantry Leif. Also needs distant counter. Can make it's condition be the same as his pseudo Res targeting condition. Or just give him Distant Counter outright as he's really not that decent a unit and could do with it.
  7. I really feel the Isaach campaign deserves some exploration in particular. It could even have a catchy name of Generation 0.
  8. So Kamek is king? Seems highly unlikely given his subservient role even to baby "the prince" Bowoser.
  9. So seeing Solon's big old tome (*cough* should have been a stave *cough*) on his Grand Hero Battle banner has reminded me of something that I've felt since basically day one. That units that have a prf tome and come from Shadows of Valentia or Three Houses just shouldn't have a sprite depicting their weapon in Heroes. Because magic users in those games don't use tomes. This isn't without precedent, as the prf weapons for a lot of dragons like Duma and Sothis don't have any associated sprite already (though I say without precedent, but Shadows of Valentia magic users were in the game before Grima, who I think was the first one to do this). And being more faithful to the game in this instance would actually save money as you don't have to come up with a new sprite design (course I doubt book sprites are the most expensive thing in the budget). And to preempt anyone who says it'd be weird when the weapon type is called tome to have a unit without a tome, it's actually called Blue/Red/Green/Grey(?) magic in Japanese, so no contradiction there at all. The only thing that'd be a bit strange is that back when not every single unit got a prf, Boey and Mae debuted with Celica and they had inhertiable weapons. But idk, I would have been totally fine with them getting sprites for their weapons but Celica using her own Ragnarok coming without a sprite. Or just special coding the game so that the units who use these weapons just never have that sprite display. They already make special variations of sprite display for units who dual wield. It's never going to happen now, and I don't think there's much that could be discussed on the matter, but it just sort of bugs me given how being faithful here would actually be easier than the alternative. I remember when the first trailer for Shadows Valentia came out and people immediately picked up on and liked how the magic users weren't holding tomes, which was a first for the 3D games.
  10. Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Fire Emblem Warriors to be a pro player. Heroes too if you want to find yourself enslaved to daily logins. Also you might want to be aware someone's doing a day by day playthrough of the entire series on the forum already. He's reached 2/3s of the way through Fates after about a year and a half.
  11. No matter what recent retcons say, the Koopalings were all designed as Bowser's children. What no one seems to realize is that one of the Koopalings is Morton Koopa Jr. This mean's Bowser's name is actually Morton. Bowser must just be an alias or the name he took upon ascending to the throne. Speaking of all that, who are Bowser's parents? Kamek refers to Baby Bowser as Prince Bowser as far as I can recall. So he wasn't born king.
  12. I wonder should an "I hate Avatars" option be added just to separate the people who genuinely like the practically non existent Mark and those who vote for him because...well because he is practically non existent.
  13. All seems like they'd make fine DLC or post game maps set on a standard Genealogy sized map.
  14. Everyone's Bias insofar as everyone's opinion is based on their own experiences? Unless you personally had a hand in Kris's creation in some way there's no real way you could be any more bias than anyone else here. Kiran being playable is literally the only reason I added them to the poll. I was on the verge of posting and saying something like "Kiran isn't an option because Mark exists", but Kiran at least being playable seemed different enough to justify it. You know the opposite will definitely occur. Mark will instead be given a customizable appearance and a class with OP stats and will be able to S support everyone in the game. Even Pent and Louise (at the same time, they'll have to try and pander to the polyamorus base at some point).
  15. That does make me think, why was Garon even a slime when Anankos can perfectly control the souls of dead people? Was it just so he doesn't do that whole invisible purple blinking the whole time? Or are Sumeragi and crew slimes too and the same thing would have happened if they sat on the throne? Unlike them Garon doesn't get a "moment of clarity" when he dies wherein the controlled spirit gains their own mind just long enough to have a heartfelt goodbye.
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