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  1. Huh. Didn't think it was that difficult. The middle one never moves if that helps.
  2. I like this one so much I'm going to add it to the poll.
  3. I'd like to be a manakete. Because dragons. I'm not all egotistical so I wouldn't demand being an OP end game manakete. Plus I'd rather be in most of the game. So yeah, I guess I'd just like to be Bantu, only with more hair.
  4. Well it would have the opposite effect on Vengeance (as it would be calculating as if the Unit has more HP, thus making the attack weaker). There's also no comparison between unit and enemy. The idea is to mimic Phantom Speed (I don't think that works on the likes of Regnal Astra). Though a skill that always calculated the unit as if their HP = 1 would be useful for Vengeance as well as Brazen and Desperation set ups. I think I've suggested something like that before.
  5. Some more creative seasonal Haloween units than we might be used to. Nergal: Mad Scientist (Blue Dagger, Armoured) Limstella: Devoted Nurse (Staff, Infantry) Might do my other two later, Kishuna as a Werewolf (beast unit) and Denning Dressed as a postman.
  6. A Skill/Seal: Phantom HP: If a skill compare's unit's HP to a foe or ally's HP, treat Unit's HP as if +25. Characters like Aversa and Berserk Corrin are really great in concept, but in practice when fighting anything but another player team, the enemies HP is always too high for them to really work.
  7. Didn't say it was banned, I said they attempt to remove things that make the game too rng dependent. Although I guess the distinction is pretty irrelevant and I'm just being pedantic. The problem with that is that it would result in the early game being a complete missfest. Would work well and good when units have 10-20 skill, but when units have less than five, then they're not hitting anything. I guess Iron Weapons could have a super high hit rate in comparison to other weapons, but that would just result in nothing but Iron weapons being useable until chapter 7 or 8 (depending on the total number of chapters of course).
  8. Really? That's a big change from when I was into pokemon. When I played people preached accuracy over power almost all the time. As a single miss in Pokemon can screw over your entire battle. Reducing RNG is even more critical in competitive pokemon than Fire Emblem, that's why all the tourney rules attempt to remove things that are overly rng based like Sleep and accuracy/evasion altering set ups.
  9. I agree with the OP that reducing Crit damage *2 times damage would be really useful. It's something I've called for for awhile now. As it stands crits are so powerful that they're basically nonexistant among enemies. Crit chances should be higher with less damage so they're something you can reasonably expect without ruining you're day. If crits were something that you expect to happen rather than something that happens once in a blue moon, then a high luck unit that can avoid them is a major boon (and for those who still want to have the awesome satisfying feeling of crits for players, than a simple skill that increases the damage like the Fates Killing Edge would solve that for your dedicated criters). But to throw out an original idea, I think it'd be kind of cool if all units had innate Armsthrift (although not with luck*2, maybe even luck/2). This could encourage high luck units to use stronger weapons that players would otherwise naturally hoard. Or I guess in general I'm suggesting more good skills that use luck as a factor. As for skill, if that could play some roll in weapon rank growth it'd make a lot of sense and be a major boon. Though this might mean slower weapon rank growth over all which players might find tedious. Eh, there's probably a happy medium in there somewhere. I've considered this before for crossbows, but I don't think it really makes much sense for bows. You need a lot of strength to use a bow well. Maybe instead bows could work in reverse to other weapons. That is to say skill determines damage and strength determines accuracy. The idea that two people are going to have the exact same accuracy with a bow because it has fixed hit rates is really weird.
  10. Happy birthday!

    1. Jotari


      Thanks person I don't recognize.

  11. I've been pitty broken by Keaton twice now, but that's goes straight to fodder because Special Spiral is just too much fun.
  12. Added. No, if you genuinely want him then I'm putting him up there [added]. This is unilateral judging. I'm just slightly concerned because...[continued after the next quote] I genuinely don't know what the upper limit is. I though it was 70 but we past that a few characters ago so who knows. *shrug* We'll just have to continue as we are for now. Though I might discount Three Houses characters until the game's like a year old or something.
  13. Yeah, but you know you don't necessarily need to suggest a new character? The list does have like seventy options on it already if one of them appeals to you more than Cormag. Is Cormag honestly the character you want in the game the most that isn't there already? I refer you to my previous statement.
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