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  1. I was actually thinking of bringing up Syrene. I mean her bases are worse than Seth's >.> And while anyone who hasn't played Sacred Stones would probably think "Worse than Seth? That's hardly a failing, I've heard Seth is basically the best unit in the series", and that's true, only the thing that makes Seth one of the best units in the series is that you get him before Chapter 1, and you get Syrene at Chapter 17, which is practically end game. And by then, Seth's bases are no longer carrying him. The final character of the game should not be worse than the first character in the game, at base! But then she can fly and that's worth fielding her on her own. She can be useful in the chapter you get her for helping to ferry the civilians around. And as pointed out, I guess you can put her on Gorgon Hunting duty. But still, she doesn't really have much beyond flying utility, and the game has already given you three fliers by this point (well four with Myrrh I guess). I'd only ever really consider Syrene if they were dead. It's not like she's awful, it's just she comes so late and just won't compare to units you've been training all game. So basically Radiant Dawn Tormod. Only she can fly. So yeah, basically Radiant Dawn's Vika.
  2. It's not though. It exists, but it's more a parry than any kind of counter attack and it's not all that integral to the combat of the games. Like I said, the most accurate representation would be giving Sora good out of shield options. But if a counter attack is an absolute must, there are far flashier and interesting counter attacks from Kingdom Hearts that could have been used. Link can perform a block and counter in most 3D Zelda games too, but I equally would be disappointed if Link got a generic counter too. Especially if it's as bad as Sora's is.
  3. Yeah, I've been thinking that for a while now. Make it some kind of shield special ability for the whole case (and maybe move Inkling and Steve's shield specials to taunts). Though some counters that are designed to be more interesting like Witch Time or Revenge could be preserved. I don't mind counters, they just need to be unique and interesting. Which a large majority of them just aren't.
  4. I don't think I've mentioned it, but I actually really, really like Glenn as a character. Well, I guess it's inaccurate to say he's a character, but as a plot device. He looms so large as a shadow and connects several characters together in the same way, but they all pretty very different perspectives on him and what it all means. I don't think we get any solid info about Glenn as an actual person, but just as a postmortem plot device I think he works really well, especially in a game that doesn't exactly entice me to care about supports.
  5. I you're that stoked on the first season, you might be the handful of people who actually enjoy the second season (personally I thought both the first two seasons were pretty bad, the third and fourth seasons were pretty good though).
  6. So Sora's out now and I can say that he feels really good to play as. They have replicated the feeling of how he controls in Kingdom Hearts rather well (at least Kingdom Hearts when it's not indulging in mashing the same button to zip all over the place winning a fight...though actually that does sound like his side special). I stand by what I said about how his Up special is a bit generic and that his side special should have been in that slot, but more than anything I just hate the fact that they gave him a counter. Not only is it, by the point, the least inspired Down Special you can give someone, not only is it an aspect completely lacking in distinction in Kingdom Hearts (really an accurate rendition of Kingdom Hearts counter mechanic would just be good out of shield options), not only is it the 67th character with a counter down special in the game, but it doesn't even have the decency to be a good counter. I've found it really unforgiving to pull off and completely not worth it when the attack actually does activate. I think I'd like literally anything else in his down special slot.
  7. It's just Poe's Law. It's been around a long time.
  8. Take the fun out of it? Nonsense. It is immenesely fun to fly Sylvain into the middle of a map witht he Chalice of Beginnings and turn skip until everything is dead (and I mean that most sincerely). The one thing a super avoid build does need to watch out for is Gambits though. As they use a different hit rate formula (or at least they've been able to hit my 100% evade Sylvain) and that will leave the unit with lower stats that give other enemies a chance of getting a hit. Personally I forgo Defiant Avoid in favor of Renewal so that Sylvain can keep his personal skill active. But training him in Bishop in addition to everything is else is probably impossible without new game+. A wyvern build with a focus on swords (and a Sword Evade+20) should be completely possibly by end game though. Especially for Fernand who has strengths in Swords, Lances, Axes and Flying. Stick him in the flight training weekly task and flying and swords as his weekly goal. Then use tutoring on axes to get him to the promotion ranks necessary. Don't need to pay any attention to lances since he starts at D there and only needs to get to C.
  9. Pig Beast Ganon. Not only would it do the job of silencing the last vestige of people who complain about Ganondorf, but it would give us a rep in series that hasn't gotten anything new since Melee (yeah I don't really think of Toon Link as new, even now I think they should have just kept the name Young Link in Brawl). If were talking about operation rainfall protagonists than Aeron would be well above Zael for me. He has way better moveset potential and just comes from a much better and even more under appreciated game.
  10. I was positive when they rebranded clones as Echo fighters, but it really seems like they just weren't trying when it comes to Echo fighters. Like that difference is so ridiculously small and doesn't even make much canonical sense. Richter absolutely could have been an alternate portrait like the Koopalings. Is it really so hard to tweak some running speed or knockback angles to make them something of a different character? They managed to do so just fine back in Melee.
  11. Length of their Whip actually seems like a decent justification for an echo, I wasn't aware of that. That's a bit like Lucina and Marth, a slight difference, but one that could make a big difference. Better than Daisy and Peach at any rate, who I think they patched out the one difference people could actually notice (ie that one of their turnips bounced ant the other didn't). While we're on the subject of Belmonts, why oh why is there no redhead alt for Simon? The Hercules looking dude they have in Smash isn't my Simon. All the games I've played in the Castlevannia series Simon has been a redhead, or at least a dark brunette. Now I know I'm not a Castlevannia expert, so I'm sure he looks like that in some games, and he does look like that in artwork and stuff, but would it kill them to have an alt where he has proper red hair?
  12. Well we actually have a pretty decent metric by which to figure out the size of Sothis's body. Namely that we know the Sword of the Creator is made from her spinal column, which seems...maybe a little bigger than a standard human but not by a huge amount. Yeah, that's so stupid I legit thought I'd done something wrong first time I tried to go Crimson Flowers. It's a really bad look for Edelgard just in general, yet her fans will still defend the decision to literally try and murder her friends (because of course she didn't really mean it when she told her soldiers to "kill anyone who stands in are way", she had counter manned that order with another order before hand making sure every soldier was aware they were only going to pretend they were willing to kill the classmates, even if the soldiers end up dying as a result, and all of the soldiers agreed to this, even the sociopathic Metody and the freaking Black Beasts that are so wild they can damage units on the same side of them). Why no Rewarp Hubert 😞 I think they can use them to make people into demonic beasts. But given that no matter how many Edelgard ends up stealing or failing to steal, absolutely nothing actually changes about it and the desire to get them is never mentioned again (even on Crimson Flower where she's pretty muc guaranteed to have all of the Crest Stones by the end of the battle), yeah, it's pretty much a non plot element. Edelgard's desire to get the crest stones exists purely so we have a reason for her to reveal herself. Manuela and Hanneman actually act as enemies if you don't recruit them in Blue Lions, and only Blue Lions. It stands out as a bit strange to me that, as I expect they'd stand by Rhea, but you can bullshit a justification for them just like you can any character in the game. Maybe they wanted to even out the number of units that join Edelgard by default, as she's on the low side given she only has one house versus the two that go against her and that the other faculty units are pretty locked into being on Rhea's side given their positions. The really weird thing is that they're Blue Lions exclusive as enemies in Part 2, if you play any other route and don't recruit them they just up and vanish without any mention. Even in Crimson Flower, if they're canonically meant to be Edelgard supporters, they don't appear (also Manuela's final default class is Assassin, which is actually one of her most useful paths as a playable unit). You should have one more chance before the actual battle starts, I think.
  13. Personally I think Richter would have been better off as a costume and I've long since thought they should have done a Koopalings job on Simon. I think the only reason Richter is his own fighter is because a tonne of Simon's moves come from Richter due to Richeter being one of the Belmonts with the most physical moves to work with (I think, I haven't played all the games). In fact, I really don't think there was much reason to even wait until SSB6 in that regard, I think they should have been selling us alternate costumes in SSBU. They've released a tonne of Mii Costumes that I just have 0% interest in. And I'm the kind of guy who buys all the DLC packs in a game right up front with no compunctions. Yet Mii Costumes just don't do it for me. But if you give me a second Belmont or Naked Snake as a costume for twice the price they charge the Miis, hell yeah I'd be buying that. Hell I'd buy "real fighter" alt costumes (sorry Mii fighter fans) of characters I'm not even interested in like Villager. There's just so much untapped potential in just making models as alts for the existing fighters.
  14. I'd toss ignoring the "Null counter attack" (or whatever it's called status effect) onto his weapon and maybe protection against out of combat damage, so he has something that can have that's specifically designed to counter Gharnef's Imhullu. He's already doing pretty great in that department just by being a blue unit, but that's more because Gharnef and Imullu are rather rubbish more than Starlight actually being designed to get around Gharnef in any way.
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