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  1. If the idea is not to make the month too dense, then the rather novel solution in my eyes would be to just put the main chapter battle in the middle of the month sometimes. Would help solve the issue of things only happening in the last five days of the month. Ferdinand is also in the position wherein he can only get his paralogue by being recruited away from Crimson Flower 😕 That's really the whole issue. All of them turning on Edelgard in Silver Snow makes them look like they're all doing it because they're hot for Teacher and not because they have any personal political or philosophical opinions on the conflict.
  2. No, I don't think it was. Etrutrian Emperor never used the word inherently or automatically. In fact the point was a very clear set of examples where things do and don't work well. You were the one to turn that argument into a strawman about how if a writer wants to put something in their story then it's inherently bad writing. If that were the definition of contrived you'd be right. But it's not. The word you're describing there is 'constructed'.
  3. I can't say I knew from the very first appearance of the Flame Emperor, but I played Black Eagles first and my oh my is it hilariously telegraphed in that route. They're sure to include a scene before or after the Flame Emperor shows up in which a character says "Oh my, I wonder where Edelgard is. She's just mysteriously vanished the same time this armoured emperor fellow showed up *wink* *wink*". Largely though I thought the reveal probably came right out of nowhere for people who played the other routes, especially Golden Deer first. Because who the hell even is Edelgard anyway? Post choice she has zero presence in the story as a character until reveal. I think this hurts the Black Eagles the most. Particularly with the whole existence of Silver Snow. It makes their loyalty to Edelgard and their empire seem entirely false when there's a route in which they all unanimously side against her. It'd have been a very bold move in terms of gameplay, but I actually would have had all the Black Eagles, except maybe Petra, side against you should you go down the route of Silver Snow. Riding, flying and armour do have the stables and stuff you can assign students too for additional wexp.
  4. I'd really like to see Pig Beast Ganon. We already have three Links and two Zeldas. It'd also help quiet the small vocal group that still wants to have all of Ganondorf's moves changed to things he does as Ganon.
  5. I haven't been following this conversation super closely, but I think I can be reasonably certain no one has made any claim suggesting a writer wanting something makes it inherently bad. Writers (or probably more likely a marketing team) wanting kids in Fates and finding a really sloppy way to implement them that makes all the characters in the game horrible parents, is bad. Not because the writer wants it, but because the way it's done is bad. it's not inherently bad, the example is mechanically bad in how it treats the characters.
  6. Yes...because the creator needed them to tell that story. I mean what are you actually saying there. "That writers write things" Well yeah, obviously writers write things. But they write things for a given reason. And generally speaking the reason of "I require this because it develops and explores the central theme of the story I wish to craft" is a better one than "because Awakening did it".
  7. I was finally getting around to playing the Investigations 2 fan translation before hitting up these games (maybe some day there'll be a remaster of those two games that can bring Investigations 2 to the west). Now I plan on starting the Great Ace Attorney tonight. So I really can't comment yet. Hope they match the typical standard I expect from the series. Unlike Investigations 2 I've never really heard anyone rave about them despite them having been out for so long (in fact, I don't think I was even aware there was a second game until the release of this remaster).
  8. Well I wouldn't say they had nothing to gain by ousting her. If she fought them on that issue they could assume she'd fight them on future issues. So I'd say it's less petty and more just...generally corrupt.
  9. Yeah, that really wasn't good foreshadowing at all. Which is kind of weird they went so piss poor on that, as Xenoblade as a whole has some pretty decent foreshadowing in a lot of parts. The whole desire for the High Entea to incorporate Homs DNA into their genetics to avoid being turned into Telethia I thought was excellent foreshadowing. Child units were needed for Genealogy though. I mean it's literally right there in the name of the game. The generational aspect of it needed to happen for the story they wanted to tell to function. The child units in Fates did not need to exist for the story they wanted to tell and in fact they make the story of Fates harder to function.
  10. Further reason Veld should have been colourless.
  11. I could get behind the idea of Ryoma being a liar who is just as bad as the Nohrians as a story beat, if only it were ever treated as an actual plot point by the game itself. But the reality is that it isn't. Corrin never finds out he's not actually Hoshidan in Birthright and even in Revelation Ryoma says absolutely nothing when it's revealed by Sumeragi. Ryoma knowing is never treated as an element of his character nor is his lying ever treated as a flaw or even acknowledged by the story. Him knowing is treated purely as him being a postman to deliver the news of it not being incest in optional supports and never as an aspect of him as a character or as the narrative itself. Simply put, yeah, Ryoma is kind of shitty for knowing this really important information and not divulging it at the right time, but the story never actually depicts him or his behavior as shitty in that context.
  12. Oisan's name is mispronunced in Heroes. It should actually be closer to "Uh-sheen" in pronunciation. In the same vein Caellach's name is mispronunced. Though it's way more understandable there as the original pronunciation doesn't use standard English phonetics. Still the "Kellik" sound they went with is not accurate.
  13. They probably could actually. It's a bit of a...major issue with the global system of economics. Most countries can't just print as much wealth as they want due to inflation, but because the USD is the global currency of international trade that has loads of currencies that peg their value to it, the US can just print a tonne of money without any serious inflation, because they don't just inflate the dollars in the USA, they inflate basically all wealth on the planet, which doesn't counteract the amount of new USD printed. In a way it means they're basically stealing the wealth of the other nations of the world. Just last year the US printed 3 trillion dollars to combat COVID with no ill effects, though a recession might still be on the way for other COVID related reasons, but yeah, the main point is that being the economic powerhouse of the world that other nations must bend to, the US is free to create more dollars when they want. Because they can share that inflation with everyone else (while still keeping the free money). That all being said considering the USA just finished printing 3 trillion last year, it's probably not a great idea to go and do it again this year, but they probably could next year. Really COVID has thrown a major spanner in the works of everything. Like I said, real chance there's a looming recession coming (though again, maybe not, no one knows how the hell this thing is going to effect the world because it's never happened before).
  14. Given that the setting is feudalism with nobles or people who have proven themselves through great deeds, what would be more strictly realistic would be a tonne of Game of Thrones style arranged marriages with these people to foster alliances. But really I don't demand the story be actually accurate to feudalism in this way. Let the characters have their modern perception of romance, I just ask that it be implemented in a way that works for the story being told, not bloating so much as to eclipse the actual narrative, and not being included last minute as an obligatory that gets in the way of relationships that are written to be meaningful as platonic connections. I wouldn't say I care all that much that Fire Emblem has decided to be more like a dating sim, but I can personally say for me that I feel more invested with the relationship of Quan and Ethlyn or Louise and Pent way more than anyone I pair Linhardt or Hilda up with in Three Houses.
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