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  1. I don't take anything as definitive, that's my point. Chrono is the series. Eww. Trish is Dante's mother. Isn't there a girl in the second game too? I think she's even playable. I've only played the first and third games. Disney: "Were fine with it, if you give us tonnes of money. Were fine with anything if you give us tonnes of money."
  2. And basically any character you can imagine has appeared in a video game of some form and can be the basis of an incarnation and moveset. Let me put it this way. Imagine instead of it being a one off, Mike Tyson got super close to Nintendo and there were a bunch more Punch Out games all featuring Mike Tyson as some sort of final or secret boss. Would it be entirely unreasonable then to discount Mike Tyson as being a viable candidate for Smash? The only criteria is if Sakurai thinks it's a good choice (and if it's legally feasible). If a very appropriate and popular character came along Sakurai wouldn't say "Damn. I'd love to put this character in the game, but the rule book says I can't because it was based on a book." James Bond was considered for Melee. The fact that he didn't originate from a game was a concern, along with the fact that he used realistic guns and, most definitely the biggest issue, the nightmare of licencing such a character. But those things were hurdles. If there was a rule then he wouldn't have been considered at all and the other reasons for him not being included wouldn't have even been stated. And, as I've already stated, it's already happened for an item with Golden Eye's incarnation of the Proximity Mines being in the first two games. Proximty Mine in Golden Eye the movie (actually this is a time mine but it's clearly the design the game used for all the mines) Proximity Mine in Golden Eye the game Proximty Mine in Super Smash Bros. (64) If Sakurai thinks it's a good choice, he'll do it. I don't expect he'll ever see Spongebob or Shrek as a good choice, but if he does think a character who didn't originate in a game is a good choice, Nintendo is willing to pay the licencing fee and the original creator is willing to do it, then it'll happen. Not being from a video game is like Ridley's size, it's a concern, but it doesn't make it impossible. Nothing is impossible.
  3. Part of me feels like the reason for that is because the artist needed to dedicate an entire page to this moment and found they'd undersized him and left too much empty space so they just gradually made the lance bigger and bigger until this monstrosity emerged. Do we ever see him actually trying to use it in combat? It must be scaled down because even by anime standards that's ludicrous.
  4. The Proximity mines were in the original Smash Bros. before perfect dark's release and they used the exact same design as Golden Eye. Later they were altered to the more sci-fi design of Perfect Dark's Proximity Mines. Find me a statement saying those are rules and...well it wouldn't change my mind, as all we'd have is a ten+ year old statement. Sakurai also said he didn't think they should put Ridley in Smash. Guess Medusa and Hades fans should just give up then because those characters come from mythology. Counter argument: People want the specific Kid Icarus incarnations of those characters. Counter counter argument: Basically every character one could want in has been in a video game of some sort that you could target as an incarnation. Unless one is suggesting something completely outlandish like the Dali Lama or something (who I don't know, probably has been in a video game). I'm not in favour of any "non video game characters". I just think it erroneous to attribute rules to this beyond "Sakurai thinks it will make a good game."
  5. What do you think Leif's S Drink is?
  6. Those strict rules have never been in existence. It's just logic fans have applied to roster selection without anyone input from Nintendo. There used to be other so called rules like that they needed to be a fighter of some sort before people like Villager disproved it (and obviously before Brawl people assumed "Only Nintendo characters" was a rule). Nintendo even had a pole before melee's release and James Bond was on it (Golden Eye was still ragingly popular at the time) and he obviously didn't originate in a video game. The proximity mines from Golden Eye even made it into 64 and Melee, though probably because of licensing reasons they were labelled "TOP SECRET" on the Melee trophy rather than revealing what game they came from. Does Chain of Memories count as DS family? Because that originated on Game Boy Advance. Maybe you forgot Chain of Memories and were thinking of Coded which is the other DS game (though originally it was a mobile game, because back then it seemed like Enix were going out of there way to make Kingdom Hearts the most costly franchise ever to be a fan of). Not to mention the entire Shin Megami Tensi series originated from a book.
  7. Amusing thing about Clement, is that while he's generally not that bad a guy, he shares a portrait with probably the worst person in the entire game (which is saying something). The outright rapist child hunter Morigan. He didn't need to be though.
  8. Mr Exposition guy, also known as Filat, definitely should have been the one to give Seliph the Tyrfing in the second generation. Would have made things come full circle as you encounter him in the prologue and Chapter 10 is about getting back to the prologue area. Plus it's just better to give a role to a prexisting character rather than making a new one if you can. Instead now we have two royal attendants that have nothing to do with each other and Filat just stops existing after Chapter 2.
  9. That voice acting is actually a lot better than I was expecting.
  10. A Genealogy of the Holy War remake that broke up the large maps and plays like a more conventional game would be fine with me. Not because I think that would be a superior way to play the game, but because the only thing that I care about is whether the game is good or not. Losing the spirit of the original game is irrelevant in a remake. The original game still exists and can be played (though not officially in English), and breaking it up into smaller chapters would give a different perspective on the same experience (like the endgame of Thracia). A remake that is completely true to the original (which I think is much more likely) is fine for me too. Or even remakes of other games in the large FE4 style maps (this could actually suit Shadow Dragon pretty well thinkingi about it now). Just give me good games.
  11. Ah, so the story is edited directly? That's kind of cool, but I'd also be kind of annoyed as it would mean doing another full playthrough just to see the extra stuff. Fortunately I'm doing my Crimson Flower playthrough right now so it's good for me, but if I'd already done it I'd be kind of ticked.
  12. I knew there was an update (because I coincidentally started replaying it just today and got a notification). Where can I access this extra story content.
  13. Is there a sizeable Arabic fanbase for Fire Emblem? They should try being a bit vocal if there is. People have been saying they want some more Arabic aesthetic in the series for a while now. If Nintendo knows they have fans who would appreciate it they might go ahead and do it.
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