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  1. What about having it so Nemisis aggros from the start and chases down your units. With the Twelve Elites alive his stats are basically impossible to contend with meaning youre forced to deal with them while also trying to slow Nemesis down using stuff like Gambits and encloser.
  2. Are you talking about the Anna's paralogue boss? I think you are, but the way you phrased it is kind of weird, especially when that would be a much easier way of saying it. Though coming to think of it, there aren't actually that many monster enemies that are legitimate bosses. There's Miklan, and 3/4 of the end game bosses and then the optional Saints bosses and that's sort of it. They throw giant monster enemies at you throughout the game, but they tend to be more tanky enemies than chapter goals. Even when it's a character we see transform into the boss like Dedue or Monica's Father, the subsequent enemy is pretty much just a regular giant boss (they don't even retain the name). Aside from Miklan who brings introduces the concept. But even with him introducing the concept, his threat level, or at the very least how he's positioned in the level, does make him feel more like a boss. I guess in Sothis's paralogue the big chameleon looking monster would quality pretty easily as a boss given killing it ends the level and it is (I think?) a unique enemy. But by and large the game doesn't really use many of it's giant enemies as bosses. Now, that's not actually necessarily a bad thing tbf. If they were kept exclusively as bosses and no normal enemies then that would definitely suck more. And I get how in game given how they're mindless monsters it's a bit hard to unify it with the plot to have a boss like that. I guess I would have liked if the Wind Caller and the Immovable weren't optional and were worked into the plot more naturally and if Thales hopped in a mech or something (and if Dedue got a sick ass monster design instead of being a generic).
  3. I know, like I said I knew what you were trying to do. I just don't think it worked.
  4. I've said before in the past that it's hard to really judge the absurdist entries you tend to produce. It depends on how much the humor lands which I think is more subjective than most other criticisms I could give when it comes to writing. Here, it's depending mostly on the ridiculousness of the premise. But you know what? I actually really like this premise in an unironic way. Some kind of multi dimensional organization of the same people intending to control the multiverse and transcend physical existence. I think that could make legit serious pulp thriller. So on one hand, I am entertained by the antics. On the other, I don't think it's really for the reasons that are intended which leaves the tone of the story getting in the way of what I actually find interesting. Make of that what you will. I get what you're trying to go for here, but I don't feel it works. This doesn't feel like an actual journal a person would write. Most people don't write down bios for people they met randomly and those that do would format it very differently. It doesn't feel like it's Byleth expressing himself or giving earnest impressions; it feels like you've ripped the descriptions from the game and pasted them here. And the romance angle with Edelgard is not built up at all. It's just there. Saying she's beautiful one chapter and then suddenly madly in love the next does not flow well. This is a journal, Byleth's inner most private feelings. It could get way soppier and easily be built up over much longer period of time, but it's just there.
  5. Is having two piles of steaming shit really preferable to one?
  6. Oh wow. No way. That's how you ensure the system is removed completely. Saying you did heinous shit first is not a way to resolve the heinous shit being a thing.
  7. I didn't consider it, but yeah. That kind of sucks. They should have had it in his inventory in Part 1 as an enemy too so he's harder to cheese. Damn he can never get it as it's a non Crimson Flower paralogue you get it in and it makes no sense. Even if Mercedes is with him it just goes poof. Well, if Mercedes is an enemy it somehow mangiclaly ends up in her possession. But enemy Mercedes also has Abraxes and White Magic Avoid+20 too, so she's obviously hacking the game.
  8. Fire Emblem bosses have always had a bit of an issue I think. Basically they either stationary targets with 1-2 range that you can hack at at your leisure with little chance of death, or they are moving bosses that can't be too strong otherwise they'd destroy you're weakest units. Occasionally a moving final boss is precisely that strong and takes a long time to take down, but can also easily be fenced in and then hacked at at your leisure with little fear of death. But Three Houses has added in a lot of elements that change that up. Distant Counter on a lot of important bosses for one lets bosses actually carry powerful 1 range weapons without being complete chumps who can be picked off from afar. Gambits are another thing they can use to stop you enemy phasing them quickly. And even baiting a moving boss who uses gambits can be very dangerous. And then they just plain have giant bosses with multiple health bars you need to take out with your entire party. So with all these developments added, does Three Houses have the best bosses in the series? I honestly don't know. I feel it should, yet I honestly struggle to think of any bosses that made a big impression on me, outside of the final bosses of each route. And I'm not sure why. Honestly it could be down to something as simple as Three Houses' lacking in the presentation department when it comes to combat animations. And also if you ask me which game, if not Three Houses, does in fact have the best bosses, I'm not sure I could give a confident answer (my gut is going to Thracia of Binding Blade, but that might just be because I like those games over all. Genealogy of Holy War manages to have a lot of memorable bosses due to them using Holy Weapons too). IDK. What do you think about how Three Houses bosses measure up against the rest of the series. And if you don't think it has the best bosses, which game do you think manages to pull that off.
  9. That all makes a lot of sense, yet for some reason the Chapter 3 boss is far more infamous than the Chapter 2 one. At least in my experience.
  10. Yeah I'm going to echo the sentiment that thinking Lilina is good is the true hot take. She's generally regarded as pretty bad. Yet she is stilla pretty popular unit. I've talked about this somewhere before recently but I can't remember where. Basically my opinion is that casual players are likely to enjoy using her a lot more than serious (ie LTC/Draft) players. That's because she can become good with some minor investment. And investment that isn't all that highly contested (no one is really going to be wanting Secret Books as much as her, unless you really want to train up a mono axe user, and the units she contests with Roy aren't anything to write home about aside from the cavaliers who will be out pacing his movement anyway). As a filthy casual I have used Lilina and she has contributed decently to my army. Probably not as good as Lugh, but that still leaves her better than pretty much every other mage in the game who joins way later than her (Hugh), uses awful dark magic (Sophia, Raigh) or is basically a staff bot that got light magic on promotion.
  11. Murozaki! The ninja Goku literally buggered! Yes, Goku is guilty of sexual assault.
  12. The Fire Emblem Awakening class changing page appears to be broken. https://serenesforest.net/awakening/classes/class-changing/ It's not working for me and another user despite Java script being installed. I've tried it on both chrome and Mozilla.
  13. I find Birthright is a bit like Binding Blade. It tries so little it's difficult to feel passionate about it at all. Though I do enjoy dissecting Binding Blade a bit more, which is probably down to nostalgia.
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