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  1. Don't have Shura. Isn't he a neutral character?
  2. I played Verdant Wind before Azure Moon which shows Dimitri at his most insane, but what even more interesting is that his allies are also fighting absolutely anyone who gets in there way. So naturally I thought Azure Moon was going to be a heavy condemnation of monarchy where for half the route you have the characters forced to do immoral things just because their king ordered it. But instead in Azure Moon they basically just...ignore Dimitri. He's consistently saying "Storm the capital! Kill Edelgard!" while Gilbert and Rodrigue just don't and order everyone to do what you do anyway in Verdant Wind and Silver Snow. Until Dimitri gets better. So instead of critiquing hereditary monarchy it instead gives it the bizarre support of "It's the best system to have, because if we have a good king everything's great and if we have a bad king we can just let him rave to himself in the corner to no consequence."
  3. In most cases an Atk and Spd boost of +6 is not really going to justify the unit not transforming that turn. Making it a skill that allows beast units to transform even adjacent to a non beast unit would make for far more interesting gameplay as we could mix beast and non beast teams together at the cost of a C skill.
  4. The best suggestion I heard was that for the early game missions you use a different house for different chapters. So the Lonato and Tower chapters would be blue lions for example while the eastern church stuff would be Black Eagles. Then around when Flayn get's kidnapped and Jeritza flees you get to choose which house to be associated with (because there's an opening for house leader). This would have been far better for White Clouds as it would have allowed a Fates esque prologue skip to get through it quicker on later playthroughs, and it would have been far better for letting you get to know the characters who basically stop existing when you choose a house. Three Houses is meant to be a tragedy where your forced to fight against people who are good on the inside but following a different path to you, but unless a first time player incessantly talks to people in the Monastery, you're likely to have no clue as to who these people are. It really fails to involve the other lords or classmates in White Clouds in such a way that makes their later deaths (or other fates) matter. It's basically just depending on you playing the game from each side to care, which unfortunately also involves playing White Clouds four times -_- Managing three separate armies and then choosing which one to follow would also be a pretty novel thing for Fire Emblem. It'd make the early game really interesting as you'd be making decisions based on how much you like units for their gameplay and stuff as well, rather than the completely meaningless choice now which is...basically who's character are you like the best.
  5. You know if Ashen Wolves is an option I think I'd actually vote that. It's smaller in scope (and it's weird as hell that Jearlt isn't around when it's basically about him) and a bit predictable, but it does work better as a complete story.
  6. Interesting, but one needs to consider why they decided to make that change. The obvious answer I think would be the issues they had localizing Tokyo Mirage Sessions over seas, did they also change her age in the Japanese version Tokyo Mirage Sessions remake that was released alongside the characters in Heroes? Because it would be a strange incongruity for a Japanese fan playing both games.
  7. Lachesis is beating Ike? Colour me surprised. Jugdral fans coming out of the woodwork? Or has Ike's long standing popularity caused a reactionary movement?
  8. Even if we do have people form the overseas regions working on the game, I don't know if that's even a guarantee they would know about these weapons. It all depends on how the development process of selecting a new character is. And honestly I reckon the vast majority of work when it comes to Heroes is people specialized in marketing, which wouldn't necessary mean the people who worked on the Radiant Dawn localization at all. I think when they did deep for references they're digging deep into their own source material. Does Tsubasa say she's 18 in the Japanese version of Heroes? Or is that just something the localized to be in keeping with the already made localization of TMS? Either way as a much newer game with a more, shall we say, publicized localization job, I could see that being a different situation to Radiant Dawn. I do hope we get their Radiant Dawn prfs, and I no joke would love if Shanty Pete was acknowledged in the Japanese canon and fully implemented in as a character. The prfs are somewhat likely, but that is significantly less likely, still if they do get the prfs I'd remain somewhat hopeful.
  9. You mean worked on the current game, Heroes, or the source material, Radiant Dawn? Because yeah, I'm sure some part of collaboration is existent for both, but Radiant Dawn is still a game that's over ten years old, just because they knew back then that the localisation added some prf weapons doesn't mean any one from the Japanese side remembers now. And as far as the collaboration goes now, are there people from the non Japanese division working on selecting who gets in and the creation of characters. It's not really about people knowing, it's about the right people knowing. Maybe the localizers do know, and we'll get a made up prf for Nolan that they'll ignore the Japanese name and translate as Tarvos. That's another possibility too. I'm not saying the Dawn Brigade definitely won't get their prfs, but them not getting it because the developers simply don't know about them does seem possible to me.
  10. So uh, what happens if no opinion wins a poll?
  11. Speaking of Jill, I'm slightly disappointed Mist didn't come with the Laguz Guard. B!Ike got the Beorc Guard, or Beorc Blessing as they called it. And sure it in no way resembled what the Beorc Guard actually does in Path of Radiance (mainly I say because it debuted before beasts were a thing), but still, it did give me a bit of an expectations that Jill would have gotten the Laguz Guard. And just in addition I'd kind of like more unique skills focused than unique weapons.
  12. I had a bit of a subversive idea for this, with waking up on another planet involving space travel instead of isakai, the procrastinator within didn't allow me to make use of it though.
  13. Really I consider using it on common units a bit of a waste. It might not happen soon but chances are I will eventually pull a unit with the right boon. Grail units however I can't ever get a boon on without this new update, so it seems far more worth it to invest in them. I think the next one I might change is the Black Knight.
  14. Hmm. I think I might have liked Blazing Blade the best. We got a nice does of complaints in that one, but at the same time there was genuine nostalgic passion from you fighting for control. Seeing you realize the game you idolized just plain isn't as good as you want it to be was such sweet suffering to behold.
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