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  1. And her fallen incarnation is Book 1 exclusive while using the Book 2 sprite. X[
  2. And also weapon weights are horrendously lobsidded.
  3. Not necessarily. It would just need to reformat how the laguz classes work. Instead of having Cat, Tiger and Lion all as different classes, it could instead just be Laguz Biter and Laguz Clawer as generic classes shared between all of them. Though you would still need different classes for the super species since flight is something that is tied to class. I think a handy list could be something like- Laguz Biter (heavy attacks used by beast laguz) Laguz Clawer (lighter attacks used by beasts) Laguz Roarer (long range attacks used by beasts) Laguz WeaponMaster (beasts who can use weapons untransformed) Laguz Taloner (lighter physical attackers used by birds) Laguz Divebomber (heavier physical attacks use by birds) Laguz Windmaster (birds that can also use magic attacks, maybe something like Tempest transformed and tomes while not transformed) Laguz Bard (basically Herons) Laguz Dragon (dragons who use physical attacks) Laguz Mage Dragon (dragons who use magical attacks) Laguz Flying Dragon (dragons who can also fly) There could be more separate ones and stuff that makes things more interesting, and Rafiel would probably need a unique class but if the classes are shared by laguz of the same species then there wouldn't be much class bloat at all. That's just ten examples of classes I've come up with, there easily could be more (and they could be made more distinct, movement differences between the classes would certainly be a thing). A more interesting question might be if something like this were implemented, what existing laguz characters would be fit into what new class ideas? Classic tsundere Shinon. He doesn't want anyone to know he cares. It's not like he like Rolf or anything! Baka.
  4. That would actually be really cool, if only for gameplay reasons. It's not even like there's a single way these animals could fight. You could have bite specialist laguz versus claw specualist laguz. Or even shifting specilaist laguz, make Volug's half shift a class instead of a skill. Hell make the roaring based counter skills that suck their own class and associated weapon type to fix the whole laguz are 1 range locked complaint. And of course give me my knife wielding laguz! Not as uncommon as you might think. A lot of people can understand a second language without being confident enough to speak it (Miyamoto is actually a pretty nice example). Although rather than slow stilted speak Leanne should by more rights have very accented speech for this to case. Though maybe she's speaking slowly and carefully to ensure she is saying things properly.
  5. I thought young Tiki was a Fire Dragon While this is true, one must wonder why they decided to give young and old Tiki the same refine. They have different base weapons, there was really no need to.So while it might have been designed for young Tiki first, they thought it suitable enough either in gameplay or lore for both Tikis available at the time to have it. Tiki does have Wyrmslayer in Awakening, no doubt as originally a reference to Divine Stone, but it does mean she's suitable for Breath of Fog. You make Bantu feel ignored and unloved.
  6. I've been hankering for a dragon unit that can give combat boosts, so that's what I'd be after on her. Wouldn't necessarily make her any better, but would determine what teams she runs with.
  7. Funnily enough I've always run Galeforce on her, not sure why, I think I accidentally promoted a Cordelia once and felt it better to toss it on a character I liked rather than let it hang around (up until now letting it hang around would have been a better decision). She is still missing something to get Galeforce on one turn though. Maybe the Flashing Blade seal could help. Though I have that pretty dedicated to her Brave self.
  8. Hmm. If the enemy attacks would probably be better as that's full enemy phase activation and she might just end up being an enemy phase unit. Though this does put her in good company with Duma which I sort of love for the lore reasoning. I wonder if that was done purposefully. She could also see some good performance on Kronya teams too. Maybe she should start running Savage Blow on her C slot to make better use of this effect. That depends on how easily she stands up to the first enemy attack when she starts the match with full HP. If it were enemy phase purely then she could tank the enemy phase and still activate the skill. Though also if were that, then combined with how she's always ending combat without full HP which would basically mean her effect is always activated, so it's probably for the best.
  9. Fortunately I already have Distant Counter on her as I long wanted a Celica that I can envision using a sword and magic at the same time, but I still think I'd prefer if her conditional effect gave her Distant Counter in addition to the healing and stat boosts. That might seem crazy on paper but in practise I think it'd make her serviceable instead of underwhelming when compared to some other units. And as I said already, it's clearly Nosferateau based and that's 1-2 range anyway so there's lore precedent for doing so.
  10. Hmm. I was all for Celica getting a recovery skill as I stated previously, but they've went and done an odd way about it. As people cried for, the HP requirement on her inital effect has been removed, which will probably make the majority happy, but now she's shifted roles so to speak, as she's not a unit you need to keep at full HP, but instead one you want at less than full HP, which means the healing effect is actually detrimental. She's getting a hefty +8 in combat boosts per turn, which is nothing to sneeze at, but I'm still not sure how useful she'd be in practice as you're not going to put Brazen Atk Spd/Desperation on her with that healing effect putting her out of that range. Atk/Spd push maybe? Even Water/Wind sweep wouldn't do as that would keep her at full health. Yeah Atk/Spd push seems the most likely. The healing will offset the damage it provides while not putting her at full health and also maintaining the length of time Atk/Spd push is active. Also it seems they're basing the skill less of Recovery and more Nosferateau, which if they're going to go that route they could have at least given her a conditional Distant Counter.
  11. Well that's why I honed in on Deirdre getting kidnapped as one of the worse examples. That actually could have been a battlefield loss if done in a different way (difficult due to Genealogy's open map layout). If they can integrate the gameplay with the defeat then it changes the feeling of it entirely. Such as Cuan and Ethlyn's death, an example I forgot to mention before. That even involves a kidnapping too. If they'd made the chapter in such a way that Deirdre and some NPC guards appear on the battle field at a certain point, only for a mob of Manfroy's mages to intercept them after a few turns while simultaneously making it impossible for Sigurd's army to get to her (preferably utilizing geography and not the yellow tiles of arbitrary impassibility) then I think it would resonate much better (as compared to now where most people just say Deirdre is stupid for wandering away on her own and Manfroy's teleportation powers are outright broken). Once again I point to Ethlyn's stoning as a great example of this. As far as pure military defeats go (in terms of plot, not visible gameplay), of the 24 examples I listed above, a good deal over half are military defeats (I say over half because some are rather vague as to what you'd call a military defeat, such as the Battle of Barhara or Roy getting outmatched by Bern which is a military defeat without an actual accompanying battle, and is narratively framed as Roy's success in the face of adversity, though Hector still dies with that early game conflict which is treated as a major loss). I guess where's you're issue is that you wish player defeats happened more in Fire Emblem, I'd say they happen frequently enough, I just want them to happen better.
  12. Of the losses in the series we see so far that I can recall. Marth being force to retreat to Pyrathi: Treated in story as an ambush and in gameplay functions something like an escape map before escape maps were a thing (even though you don't have enemies attacking your rear). Alm being overwhelmed by dragons: Not necessarily a loss, but a "pointless victory" sort of deal until other parts of the story catch up. Alm will keep having to fight an unending battle against dragons in a volcano until you reach the end of Celica's story. Marth forcing to run from Hardin on the Soulful Bridge: Another proto escape map before escape maps existed. Deirdre getting kidnapped by Manfroy: Done in a cutscene (despite being on the actual map). Sigurd being force to retreat to Silesa: Done with a cutscene at the end of the chapter showing reinforcements that the player couldn't deal with appearing on the map and canonically a betrayal Sigurd wasn't expecting. Grannvale helping Silesian rebel faction: Done in gameplay where an army of NPCs are wiped out. Though the player still wins that war eventually it does provide a loss for them and motivates Sigurd to go on the offensive in the next chapter. Belhalla Barbecue: Kills fucking everyone (almost). Leif getting captured: Reptor shows up in a cutscene at the end of the map and captures Leif (and Lifis and no one else somehow). Evyel getting turned to stone: Done in full gameplay as the player rushes in vain to help. Thracia 776: A bunch of escape and defend maps with the fall of Tara being most notable. There's also an off-screen battle in which a character is killed and the following chapter involves doing what's possible to rescue the units fleeing from that battle. Roy being outmatched by Bern and having to wait for Erturia's help: All done in cutscenes unfortunately. Thwarting Nergal at the dragon's gate but also sort of failing to defeat him and Elbert dying: Sort of a win, sort of a loss. Though it all happens in cutscenes. Ephraim's first counter attack on Grado not succeeding: All but the tail end of it (where he succeeds) being off screen. Innes getting betrayed in Carcino: Also all off screen aside from the tail end, unfortunately. Greil dying? He's a protagonist, basically at that point, even if never playable. Ludveck's decoy army, a trap Elincia falls right into: Done as a chapter where the characters discover their error at the end. I guess while we're at it here Lucia getting captured in a cutscene. The Laguz Alliance getting pushed back by Begnion: Skimir's fault instead of Ike's. Featured somewhat in a cutscene but one that has a gameplay chapter where you're climbing a mountain to get there in time. Micaiah failing to fend off Ike: Done using two different playable armies against each other along with defend chapters. Everyone in the world that you can't control being turned to stone: Sort of done in a cutscene but also with a unique chapter condition where it ends when a certain number of units die. Emmeryn (and that pegasus knight) dying: Done in a cutscene after a chapter. Though while a loss for the character's personally it does end up being an overall military gain due to moral. Some stuff in the Valm arc with betrayals or something: Mostly happens offscreen though with some gameplay integration in the form of reinforcements we're told were perviously on outside. Jearlt dying: Cutscene after a chapter. Everything being a mess when Byleth's away: All off screen of course. So actually examining things the players do lose somewhat frequently in the series. The only game where I can't think of any examples is Fates, though maybe I'm just not racking my brain hard enough. All in all though it seems to happen more than once even every game. Maybe it just doesn't feel like it a lot of the time because the plot usually frames it as small victories in light of a bad situation. The series rarely ever goes full Belhalla on it's characters. But if you want examples of how to do it well, I think (as Icelerate said beore) Thracia 776 and Radiant Dawn plus Genealogy of the Holy War provide the best examples by far. Usually it's in the form of *Defense/Escape maps *A larger context in the story where there are forces the player is allied with that lose even if the player wins (like the failure of the Laguz alliance or Ludveck pulling one over on Elincia with his decoy mercenary army). *Integrated gameplay and story (Evyel's death probably being the best example of this) *All happening in a cutscene, usually the worst way to do these things, but if you go high enough on the holy shit scale then it works (such as Belhalla or Greil's death) The worst thing to do would be to just have the players randomly lose after they win in gameplay (Deirdre/Leif getting captured are probably the worst examples) or having it all happen offscreen (sometimes a necessiaty, but damnit if I wouldn't enjoy Sacred Stones more is I got to play Ephraim and Innes's failure campaigns). I think probably the worst overall is the Valm arc where we keep getting told we're suffering all these losses and are being pushed back between chapters yet it never effects any gameplay at all except for a "BTW those generics that look like every other generics used to be on our side", with the counter upswing where the players start winning being just as showey without telly (yet for some reason I still rather like the Valm arc, and I'm not sure why).
  13. I don't recall them being any weaker than other generic enemies. Especially in Mystery and Thracia where enemy quality is generally pretty low.
  14. I think ballisticians are great in Shadow Dragon and would love to see them return in that incarnation. Though I don't think they need that significant a rebalancing since Shadow Dragon hitb pretty nice sweet spot for them between useful and useless, if we are talking about rebalancing then one obvious way for me would be to make ballistas a much more expensive weapon type to buy or obtain. They can be super powerful to use but if you're eradicating your armies funds by using them you'll probably think twice about abusing them. SNES games? There were no (playable) ballisticians in the SNES games.
  15. That's the way it works in Radiant Dawn already. Bane will never activate on a killing blow.
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