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  1. If you don't want to discuss it then just respond. I'm not putting a gun to your head and forcing you to argue. However I don't think your point has merit and I do think you're ignoring my argument. My argument takes into account the lore you're talking about. That's why Eliwood (between games) is higher than Hector (between games). But lower than both of them with their legendary weapon. So your only course of action is to either directly respond to that point, or ignore me entirely. Responding while simultaneously ignoring the point achieves nothing
  2. Agree to disagree is certainly something people aught do more of, but it shouldn't be done to just completely ignore an argument. Are you honestly not seeing the logic being presented to you here? Because it looks pretty objective. How about a tier list. Hector (FE7) with Armads Eliwood (FE7) with Durandal Eliwood (between games) Hector (between games) Hector (FE7) without Armads Eliwood (FE7) without Durandal Hector (FE6) (able to take on several war dragons, possibly stronger than his FE7 self without Armads) Eliwood (FE6) bedridden Lyn What part of that ranking do you dispute?
  3. And before he surpassed Hector, Hector was stronger while both of them had legendary weapons enhancing their strength beyond what we can reasonably expect a normal human to achieve. Eliwood even loses WTA after Binding Blade when he starts to focus on lances instead.
  4. Funny name. Pneuma is basically soul, so it's like Spirit Wind or something. But pneuma comes from Greek where it means blowing (think Breath of Life for its modern meaning). So one could call this attack blowing wind XD
  5. He's said to be the best in Elibe at a time when he can barely get out of bed. He did have a brother before he took control of Ostia himself. So it's possible. Can't recall if he was ever identified as a Knight in Blazing Blade though.
  6. Well Sword of Seals does say several times that Hector is a warrior too. Zealot calls him a true warrior and Lillina says she has to be strong as a warrior's daughter. For the context of Eliwood's claim, in isolation would could say knight doesn't necessarily mean fighter, as it could mean chivalry, but it seems in this case it is referring to martial prowess as it's said in the first chapter derisively by a bandit saying the best knight in Lycia can't even fight off an illness. But even taking that claim to be true, Camus is said to be the most able bodied man alive period and Marth managed to beat him. So if we have a title of "best knight ever" that Eliwood and Camus both belong to, and Marth could beat Camus, then Marth could probably beat Eliwood. So I don't really put much stock in such a claim. This would still be in a post Durandal setting though, right?
  7. Even if we take it as truth that post Blazing Blade (and before he grew sick) Eliwood managed to become a better fighter than Hector, post Blazing Blade he no longer has access to Durandal. So that would put him below most other lords even with his inexplicable improvement. Also looking at the text of Sword of Seals, Eliwood is called the greatest knight in Lycia and Hector one of the greatest battle tacticians. That seems amusingly inverse to their surface depiction in the prequel.
  8. Robin is also the only character with a reasonable recognition of the title of Lord that has absolutely no personal or legendary weapon at all. The closest post Awakening stuff have managed to come up with is Thoron. The Elibe legendary weapons were so powerful their existence fucked up the seasons of the world. That sounds like it's more potent than even Jugdral's Holy Weapons. And the Sword of Seals is the best of them all. I think a decent case could be made saying the Sword of Seals is on par with the Naga tome (though there is probably some degradation at work in the years since they were created and Roy's army uses them). Yahn's boast is exactly what gives credence to the idea that war dragons aren't as strong as natural dragons.
  9. I'd love to help you guys, but Serenes is telling me I can't add anyone else to the poll. Seems 75 is the max...I'm kind of baffled how this result happened as I've just taken Shannan and Altenna off the poll... I think it might have something to do with number of current options (as I've just counted and it's fifty two) versus number of options that have ever been added to the poll. The poll has a numbered list ending in 75 but some of the numbers are missing. I don't think I can ever add any more to this poll even if I take units away. So our choices seem to be either leave the poll as it is now with these options, or remake the thread without all the characters that were originally on the poll that got into the game. The latter would allow for more options to be added, but it also mean losing all the data that has been collected thus far. I suppose we could make the new thread "Serenes's most wanted characters for Heroes 2020" and update it yearly to show shifting opinion of people, but I'm not sure it would get the same response. Any chance the mods have some kind of work around for this? Some way to clear the cache of the removed options on the poll or something?
  10. And I'd hazard a guess as that's precisely why it underperformed more than TMS. It was clearly a much bigger project with much more investment in it that didn't live up to its potential. While TMS, I doubt anyone thought that was going to make waves and they were probably satisfied, if not impressed, with its sales. If it really did all that badly then they wouldn't waste any money porting it to Switch.
  11. If you're going to throw in the likes of Xander and Ryoma, you might as well include Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.
  12. Rewarping Asbel will be very useful in the final chapter. Though as good as you've made him, he'll still be inferior to the juggernaut that is Sety. After the prison break chapter you'll be faced with the infamous Reinhardt bridge chapter and it's million enemy leadership stars. Have fun with that one! Don't forget, cheesing things is part of Thracia's DNA.
  13. I doubt it would. And even if it did it wouldn't really confirm anything as it's impossible to do in gameplay (though that being said, Amiti can be used by Renning even though it's impossible to do so in game which I take as canon just because I love the game had that unnecessary attention to detail). Regardless for the purpose of this conversation, given that we're taking characters at the height of their power, I think it's safe to assume Ike is using a twice blessed Ragnell which he retains after the end of the game (I think? Or does he give it back to Sanaki again? Either way if we're talking relative lord power, he has it).
  14. Not a plot hole, because it is theoretically possible. But just really inane writing. Further exasperated when you play a Paralogue in that level that shows Rhea had access to some random spirit soldiers and golems. If I were to take that scene, it would go down with Edelgard showing up with her soldiers, Rhea activating the tombs protection mechanisms. The golems being able to momentarily subdue Edelgard, then Byleth being given the choice to save or execute her. Regardless what he chooses, Edelgard's demonic beasts appear on the scene to counter the golems and the chapter battle begins, with Byleth and the black eagles joining either Rhea or Edelgard depending on the choice. This would have the added effect of actually acknowledging that Edelgard is using demonic beasts and can lead to a scene before the next chapter where Byleth can express disapproval of them that causes Edelgard to stop their production. Instead of the way it is now where Edelgard just casually pretends her usage of people who underwent the same type of horrific experiments she suffered just never happened (maybe there is some random exploration dialogue that attests to this, but it needs to be an actual present plot point in the story, especially given how the very presence of the demonic beasts is what lets her capture Rhea in all the other routes). Metoedy is either the best tool for the current job, as he's a fantastic actor and had no intention of killing anyone (and then dies for his art), or he's the absolute worst tool for the job as Edelgard doesn't want anyone to die and he's clearly murder happy and Edelgard really needs to recheck the CVs. I actually thought Metoedy and Randolph were the same character for a while and was thrilled when he acted like a jackass to me as an enemy but was then super respectful and polite as an ally. I thought it was brilliant deconstruction of the random asshole general, showing that when you're not fighting to the death, these characters are real people. But then it turns out Metoedy and Randolph aren't the same guy, Randolph does have the same polite characterisation when fought as an enemy and Metoedy is just a random asshole general. Aside from being a rather racist way of looking at it, the exact intentions of the Almyrans are rather irrelevant for the purpose of this conversation, as Edelgard and Hubert had no idea that Claude was collaborating with them. If we're talking about whether the attack was justified, we need only examine the actions at the time the attack began. It would be like me committing premeditated murder on my neighbor, and then after my neighbors dead it turns out they're a serial killer. Them being a serial killer in no way makes my murder justified because I had no idea they were at the time. (for any shady government officials reading this, I will officially state I have absolutely no plans to kill any of my neighbors, and they're probably not serial killers)
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