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  1. I would agree with you if it weren't for the existence of Mask of the Phantasm, which is so ridiculously better than it ever had any right to be.
  2. I actually find A New Hope to be significantly better than The Empire Strikes back. A lot of Empire is just kind of waiting around for the finale to happen, while a New Hope manages to stay comparatively action packed throughout (aside from an understandable blip in the beginning when things are still being set up). And for all the cliche that gets thrown at it, the Death Star is still a pretty great set piece. Was there anything like that in prior Scifi? I know Ming from Flash Gordon has something quite like earth destroying powers and *checks quickly* Ego the Living Planet predates Star Wars which is somewhat similar on scale, but I can't (in my meagre knowledge of early pop scifi) think of anything quite like the Death Star that works in the same way as both a setpiece and a focused narrative threat that must be eliminated (though I would be in no way surprised if it was ripped off something earlier as I've heard a lot of Starwars was).
  3. Restoring 5 durability points would be a good compromise between "being useful" and "destroying game balance". Three Houses had those random glowing tiles if you're connected to wifi, and some of them restore weapon durability on all your weapons, but aren't considered monstrously broken. Though granted the random aspect makes them hard to abuse (though, pro tip, the effect doesn't change if you rewind time, so it's absolutely worth spending a time pulse if you step on one of them to better organise what exactly they repair. They work on relics too).
  4. I would say it was briefly more interesting during the prequel years, but even Revenge of the Sith only reaches heights of okay. Best thing by far to come out of Star Wars is Robot Chicken.
  5. Well that's cheating. Everything is great when converted into Lego.
  6. I wouldn't put it solely on Lucas. Had he been more restrictive of his copy right and not allowed like a million different people to publish Star Wars fan fiction under the expanded universe label, then the series probably would have died. Or went the way of Terminator in which they manage to make a new movie every few years but there's nowhere near enough hype around it to secure super block buster status.
  7. Tori was never a psychopath. She has obviously been depicted as a troubled, overburdened teen right from the very start. Psychopaths aren't the only people that commit assault. If she were a psychopath it would have been a planned murder and not a fight in a public place. Frankly she's far too emotional to be a psychopath.
  8. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
  9. Well sure, but you can skip Nuibaba too and i wouldn't call her minor.
  10. That would be a fun one to rally for next year, just to break the system.
  11. Jamil isn't on the list and he's actually a minor boss I'd genuinely want to see in the game as he would be a second Upheavel user you can pair with Duma. Preferably as a staff unit. I could actually see them doing that eventually. Doubt they'll ever put it in the game though, at least nont without attaching it to another character like Nergal or Ephidel.
  12. I'm done. If anyone cares, my votes were *Arvis (Late Game) *Bloom *Reptor *Medeus *Yashiro & Navarre *Touma & Cain *Nergal Pretty weird that amongst those Touma stands the best chance at winning (he won't, obviously, but seeing him on the top 20 was certainly a surprise).
  13. Brigand Boss isn't even that minor. Like, he is a pretty minor character, but he actually does do something in the plot that influences the recruitment of a character. There literally are named characters in the same game as him that are less noteworthy. It's actually a shame (and irrational accuracy to Gaiden) left him unnamed.
  14. It didn't really. Gen II was like old school Fire Emblem, but Gen 1 actually did manage to make it's ancillary cast somewhat important to the plot. Lewyn, Claude and Quan all are significant characters. Even Deirdre feels like she's playing a large role than Julia does in Gen II. Of course even Gen 1 could stand to do it more, Quan never speaking to Eldigan is a bit weird in particular. And Gen II at least does have some Leif stuff, so it's not devoid of non lord characters, but overall Gen 1 seems like it's telling a story with more roles to play when compared to Gen II.
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