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  1. But are they really the same people as they would be if they had remained dragons and not gone mad? If you become a dog, and had to live like a dog, don't you think that would change who you are on some level. This would have been before the racism. Humans couldn't do shit to dragons during the dragon golden age. Aside from Khaden (which the dragons destroyed with extreme prejudice), humans were basically living in the stone age.
  2. Jedah says he sends Celica's friends "below". Which I would assume means "below our current location" rather than "below and on the other side of the continent." Unless it's a more metaphorical below. As in hell. Still weird he'd send them directly to where he intends to take Celica anyway, if warping people half way across the continent is something he can do. Alm also walks due east along a long corridor in Gaiden before reaching any part of the area proper.
  3. Have you played Genealogy? Pretty noticeable there, especially when NPC armies fight each other. Sounds good. I should make an effort to play TearRing some time. Sounds like it does a lot right.
  4. Quote aint working for me either. I want to point out that she does use crest beasts in the fight before the time skip. So she went to them as soon as war broke out. Way we're meant to understand it she marched right on the capital. Either they're really easy to obtain and train, or the empire already had them prepared.
  5. Ah, empire. I guess that makes more sense as you're fighting against them. I've only played Church and Alliance so far, which back to back has left me rather inundated (unfortunate I played the copy and pasted routes back to back). Waiting for the DLC to come out now before I go back to it.
  6. I haven't played the Kingdom route, so I don't know the context there, but I would suggest that perhaps most people who transform into crest monsters do retain a certain level of sentience, as displayed in Lysithea's paralogue (while the other crest monster legendary heroes seem to have full sentience). It just so happens that most crest monsters you fight want to kill you anyway because of their allegiances as humans. The only thing I've encountered so far where that wouldn't remain true is the ending of Church route. But that's just kind of random over all.
  7. So one of the plot points in Marth's games is that the dragons face a civilization ending event in the form of the degradation. Dragons are going berserk and no one knows why. To avoid this, dragons need to seal their powers within a stone. It might seem odd at first, but most dragons seems to have refused this option. Of the (currently) seven dragon tribes, only the fire, mage and divine dragons chose to become manaketes. With all the ice, wyvren, dagon and earth dragons (excluding Medeus) choosing to go literally insane than to become manaketes. It got me thinking about the decision. Xane says the dragons had no choice but to live as humans. Not humanoids, but humans. It seems, at least from his perspective, the process of being a manakete literally means changing species. We know dragons could take human form before becoming manaketes (as the flashback of Duma and Mila taking place before the degredation suggests, unless they chose to become manaketes centuries before hand for some other reason). But taking their actions and view points into account, I guess dragons spent most of the time in their dragon form, or their true form, before becoming manaketes. With human form just being an idle pastime of shape shifting. So in trying to understand why so many dragons chose not to save their sanity, let's view the question from their perspective. As far as the dragons were concerned, they were a superior species rightfully viewed as gods. And they were being asked to become something more lowly. As humans, proud of being human, we might see this as a pretty arrogant approach. But imagine if the only way to save your life was becoming a herd animal permanently. Well not quite permanently. You still have the chance to very briefly return to human form, but doing so would actively put you nearer to death (exhausting Dragonstones is said to cause death even if that obviously isn't a gameplay mechanic). Would you do it? Would you literally give up your humanity to save your sanity? I think most people would immediately answer "hell yeah, if it's to save my life." But then consider how much focus we put on racial/cultural/sexual/ect identity as a society. If our very human identity was put into question, forcibly taken from us, how would that makes us feel? Being denied your culture is seeing as something horrible, something people have fought and died to prevent, where does being denied one's species fit into that? One might think that the intellect and quality of life between a human and a dragon are roughly the same, but that's a very human perspective. We don't know how much of themselves the dragons lost by becoming manaketes, as we don't have any examples of sane dragons that aren't manaketes in the series (except possibly Grima, for a given definition of sane). Based on the reaction of the majority of the dragon population, it was a very big thing to ask. Then again, maybe most dragons were just racist and there's basically no difference to living as a dragon and living as a manakete. When you have such shining examples of morality as loptyr, that possibly can't be discounted. This is obviously a fantasy issue that couldn't really affect us in real life (at least not until our reality gets significantly more sci fi and body swapping becomes a thing), but still, I think it could be interesting to consider the transition the dragons had go through and what that choice meant to them.
  8. My body is ready for a high def Genealogy of the Holy War with an orchestral sound track. If we're talking remakes, I've long wanted to see them adapt Anri's story as a kind of Legend of Zelda clone (an RPG could work either, they say he went Anri's way alone, but retconing that to mean five or six people would be within the realm of acceptability). It'd be something really different, while also being set in a familiar world. I'd be into it at any rate. I'd like to see Nintendo be a bit more experimental with it's IPs outside of just Mario. Keep the main series as they are, but provide other games in the same universe. Most people don't seem to agree though, judging by how downright vitriolic everyone was to Metroid Prime Federation Force (I was personally hyped for it, too bad it turned out to be a really mediocre game). Star Fox Adventures being another example of them trying something like this and turning out shitty is another reason it probably won't happen. Of course the solution to that is just to...not make really bad games. Star Fox Adventures wasn't a bad game because it was a Star Fox game, it was just generally a bad game (as far as I've been told, I do have a copy, but I've yet to get around to playing it yet). At least they're doing it with Warriors quite a bit, shame the Warriors series is kind of boring and samey once you've played a few allegedly different games. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem had really fun gameplay blending both games, but everything else about it was very blarg. More Fire Emblem RPGs would be cool though. That's not really taking into account that Three Houses was a low key reimagining of Genealogy of the Holy War.
  9. Here's a crazy idea, instead of unilaterally giving it to all mounted units, make it a mounted exclusive skill that's treated like a normal skill. That is to say, either limited availability or walled off by a level/weapon rank etc. Make canto the equivalent of packing astra and suddenly it's much more balanced. Should I give my Dragon Lord canto, or immunity to bows? It'd still be really good, but not "if you don't have a horse, then why are you even here" good.
  10. We get no indication of it, but maybe Jedah did release Alm from the volcano, just because he is a man of his word...but he doesn't want anyone to know that? How else can we explain Alm escaping? That he just did so naturally coincidentally around the same time Celica met Jedah? Of course to permit that, we also have to believe Celica fought off Duma and Jedah throughout the entire time Alm finished the last three or four maps and ended the war. Which if so, pretty bahdass, but completely unbelievable. The most logical explanation is that Alm did manage to fight off the dragons and leave himself, and Jedah simply had a recording of the past that he showed Celica, meaning the game's pulling a perspective trick and the war was already just about over when she entered Duma tower. Of course neither explanation (in Gaiden or Shadows of Valentia) reveal how Alm managed to get to Duma tower from the royal palace simply by walking through an underground passage. *cough* *cough* Gaiden was a remote island *cough* *cough*
  11. Yeah, and that's super vague. As I've said already, perfect being could refer to something like Limstella, or it could be an apocalyptic dragon. The slabs don't give any indication at all of which. All Gharnef knows is "perfect being" and "army of the dead". The first is something that could be anything, and the second is something he'd definitely want to take control of. Not only is this a man who would jump at the chance for a zombie army, but he's actively researching a way to live beyond his own death. Yes, because he's confident and daring. Unless someone has put divine dragons under mind control before and significantly documented it, then how easy or difficult it should be, even with a child, is a complete unknown. Yet Gharnef did it anyway, and even went so far as to hide her from Medeus, because his desire to control her power was worth the risk. Possible, but doubtful. He's had Elice for several years by the end of the game. Plenty of time to have her raped and produce an heir (unless one wants to speculate a fanfic where he did just that off screen). The reason he keeps Elice around is directly stated to be because of the Aum staff which, unlike Falchion, she can use. Falchion he keeps on his person directly. If I were to hazard a guess, I would imagine he was working on a way to convert it into a tome. Tomes are made from orbs in Archeania, which seem like they could be dragon stones, or at the very least, they're powerful artifacts of the dragon tribe. Falchion, similarly being a powerful artifact of the dragon tribe, a part of a divine dragon even, could potentially be used the same way to make a powerful tome. That is speculation though. What we do know for sure is that Gotoh says that even Medeus would be weary of attacking Gharnef with both Imhullu and Falchion in his possession. That suggests Gharnef can make use of Falchion in some way, even if he can't swing it around to slay earth dragons like a decedent of Anri.
  12. Okay then, well pretend that instead of Luna, Astra and Sol, those things in the op are Luna Lance, Astra Bow, Astra Lance, Astra Sword, Sol Lance and Sol Sword or some other variation of Celestial Term + Weapon. Because I was never claiming any of them would get in with the exact name. That's why I mentioned Luna Arc scenario in the OP.
  13. They already have. Bow Alm wields a weapon called Luna Arc. So we could definitely get something like Sol Sword or Astra Lance. Baselard Bastian is thinking outside the box. I like it.
  14. I think you mean Jarod. Levail is the guy who actually uses Wishblade, but he's basically just a mostly irrelevant Zelguis fanboy.
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