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  1. 2 hours ago, Jotari said:

    Ah yes. Though from a writing perspective I think introducing the Flame Emperor first with Kostas (a guy we know) and then introducing Arundel in Chapter 4 along with a guy we know (Flame Emperor) would be better than just introducing two random people we don't know in Chapter 4. They just need to better justify why Edelgard would go to speak with Kostas.

    Granted, leaving that scene out altogether would also solve the plot hole that is her hiring Kostas to begin with. Why risk your own life needlessly by hiring someone who is not aware of your true identity when you could have used the Death Knight for the very same purpose (whatever it is). Edelgard could have very easily been caught up in the crossfire and died, which actually almost happens. Would be the stupidest end ever to her plans for revolution. Kostas would make more sense as an opportunistic bandit rather than a pawn of the Flame Emperor. 

    I like Edelgard but Jesus Christ some of her early plans are really stupid.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Dark Holy Elf said:

    Edelgard lost her memories of much of her childhood, including Dimitri's gift of the dagger, so it wasn't important to her when she threw it.

    Yet she still has it after all these years. To my understanding she didn't remember Dimitri, or at least she didn't realise the boy she used to be friends with was Dimitri. But she had vague memories of that dagger and "cutting your own path"

  3. On 11/10/2020 at 12:37 PM, omegaxis1 said:

    How is it contradicted? The fact is, in BE and GD, the conversation is cut off when Thales says "All for a purpose..." whereas in BL, the conversation continues. 

    Also, the line of dialogue being different between BL and non-BL is a case of how much Dimitri is willing to open up and divulge because of Byleth's presence in the story for their house. 

    The same event of Dimitri being attacked by a dagger in non-BL routes can still happen, but we wouldn't know that unless we played BL. 

    I think there are many things in that scene that doesn't quite make sense, like Dimitri blaming Edelgard when he clearly heard the Flame Emperor condemn the tragedy of Duscur. He should know better, but I guess he is that desperate for a scapegoat in order to deal with his own trauma.

    It is also pretty weird Edelgard manages to drop that dagger when it is so important to her. Did she do so on purpose for whatever reason?

  4. From my experience so far, I think Nemesis is pretty good. Here is my build.


    He kind of earned himself a spot as the red unit for a enemy phase team also, consisting of brave Edelgard, brave Dimitri and Flayn. I needed someone who is capable of taking hits from both physical and magic. He has had more success than any other red tank I have used so far. Plus he is technically a free unit. I don't expect brave Edelgard level power.  I actually prefer Nemesis to the other creators sword users because he can take more punishment. His speed issue can also mostly be fixed with quick riposte

  5. 3 hours ago, omegaxis1 said:

    Oh, there is a canon explanation. According to Lorenz, the Seiros tenants states that they shouldn't make peace with outsiders. The Church's doctrine and religion itself keeps the people of Fodlan closeminded. 

    That is the implications of Edelgard's comments about it in her paralogue anyway. If true if does alot jusify Edelgard's actions. In contrast Edelgard seems really tolerant of outside cultures. Even dead set on conquering Fodlan, her plans for conquest never went further than that. 

    Almost as if her goals involves waging war on Fodlan to prevent future conflicts with the outside world

  6. 23 minutes ago, omegaxis1 said:

    And people call Ingrid the CEO of racism, for hating the people of Duscur, when she has more legitimate reason to be racist since her fiance died in the Tragedy of Duscur. 

    Hilda even makes some pretty racist remarks too, talking about Almyrans based on what she heard, which only pushes to show that she's very racist. But no one bothers to call Hilda out on her racism, either in game or out. 

    It's one thing to pledge yourself in the heat of the moment. But Dedue had several years to try and realize there's more to life. He had four years to think about things and what to do. But Dedue still insists taht there's nothing to live for but Dimitri. So he basically abandoned his people high and dry.

    If you ask me, verdant wind Dedue did nothing but double down on Dimitri's obsession with vengeance. But this need to have Edelgard's head is nothing but the same darkness that brought his liege to his doom. He completely fails to develop an identity beyond doing Dimitri's bidding even in death.

  7. 59 minutes ago, Samz707 said:

    Yeah I know.

    I think it's kinda terrible how if I didn't C support Edelgard and do her thing the game would just assume I'm okay with following the church and  then force me to fight for them for the entire rest of the game. (Same with Dimitri going psycho in the second-half and the game assuming you must be okay with him doing that because you picked him at the very start of the game.)


    Yeah, but as someone who has played that path. I will just say this, the game always depicts Dimitri during his psycho phase to be in the wrong, his obsession is never depicted as the right thing to do, quite the opposite. 

    But I don't know why the game offers you another choice if you are not feeling up for siding with Edelgard, but don't offer the same courtesy. If you don't feel right supporting Dimitri's crusade of vengeance. 

  8. 21 minutes ago, Samz707 said:

    Yeah I know.

    I know I'd probably not like Dimitri, considering I got spoiled how he tries to torture a prisoner later one but Byleth, the paragon of justice!....kills the prisoner instead of actually stopping Dimitri because that's better!...somehow...somehow...

    Yeah I know it's "Better" but merely executing a prisoner instead of torturing them is still a terrible thing to do and I'd probably immediately want  Dimitri to die in that situation no matter how much the game wants Byleth to be on his side, I'd pretty much stop caring about the plot and just want Dimitri and Byleth to die at that point since that's a pretty irredeemable act by my eyes.


    Said prisoner is an imperial general, not that it really changes much. I would still reccomend playing that path. That Dimitri isn't some goodie two shoes heroic prince is actually what makes him a compelling character to me, his inner darkness just makes him more intresting.

    Watching certain scenes will be difficult, but I still reccomend following that path to the end after you complete your current one. 

  9. 3 hours ago, Samz707 said:

    You can have a protagonist who at least somewhat picks up on or just have Rhea not be as overtly suspicious.

    So far I know literally nothing about her as a person except that the Church of Serios comes across as border-line cult-ish, she's only been a suspicious Cult person, even trying to talk to her in the monestary is just about her religion. 

    Yeah I don't like Byleth either, at all, I swear modern FE avatars are written to tick every box about video game protagnists that I hate. (Ignoring choices, lacking obvious choices, being idolized for merely breathing and people who should be suspicious of them or just merely uncomfortable around them like Berndetta opening up way too fast to be remotely believable.)

    It's pretty hard to care for a story when I hate both my Main Lord and the Avatar. (It's why I hated Awakening since Chrom is basically as bad as Rhea IMO just for different reasons.)

    One reason I had no trouble siding against the church was that I really felt that Jeralt was pretty much forced to take up his old position, but didn't really want to be there. Same with Byleth, the church takes their allegiance for granted, but neither were really given any other choice. Yet Rhea still expects you to die for her, even expects you to kill your own students when they step out of line from the perspective of the church. She expects Byleth to be the chosen saviour of the faith, but they themselves were never given a choice in the matter. 

    I also remember what Jeralt said early in the game. "Don't trust Rhea". Seems to me that Jeralt isn't there willingly. 

    I will say that Rhea is a complicated character and isn't exclusively evil, but there are many things I am bothered by. Like her, stating before you take down the Lonato rebellion that you should make an example of what happens if you oppose the church.  

    By the way, I think you will love Edelgard as your main Lord, especially if you hate Rhea. Just remember, it is absolutely imperative that you must have done Edelgard's C+ support before chapter 11 and you need to accompany her to her coronation during this same chapter. You will be locked into siding with Rhea otherwise and given what I hear from you here, it is the last you would want. 

  10. 42 minutes ago, Samz707 said:

    Still mid-playthrough and early game but I hate how Rhea is handled.

    She's pretty much obviously evil but Byleth apparently doesn't see anything wrong with her considering the dialogue options always give the impression they don't think she's a religious nut-case. (Which I did, very early on.)

    I feel like I'm working for an obviously evil cult leader but the game's acting like she's just a religous leader who totally doesn't come off as creepy/evil in anyway. (And all of the dialogue options don't give me an option to tell her to stop attributing everything I've done to her dumb god's protection.)

    Good ol' Innsmouth in Call of Cthulhu were less overtly cultish than the Monestary.

    There's nothing more frustrating for me than being rail-roaded into following/working for an obnoxiously clearly awful person and Rhea is pretty much one of the worst examples.

    What house are you playing? Given what you said I hope it is Black Eagles. If so you have an opportunity you will greately enjoy.

  11. 5 hours ago, SRPG Tryhard said:


    Her source is Wilhelm who describes events that he witnessed and everything that she says is confirmed by others. He is not aware of what transpired before the war begun for the simple reason that Wilhelm was not alive to witness it. This is why neither of them know Nemesis's initial motivation.

    There is no reason not to believe what Wilhem says for the events that he witnessed, just like Rhea, Macuil, Indech, or even Maurice. All of them may have been biased for participating in those events, but things such as what the origin of relics and crests is, should be an objective fact and Edelgard states the truth. So Rhea lied and this is good enough reason to doubt her Church's dogma.

    Edelgard doesn't seem to trust what the Slithers have to say:


    Edelgard doubts Thales calling Nemesis just a "thief/bandit". She understands there may have been more to his motivation to explain Seiros's hate, but does not know what it was. 


    I note the proper JP translation is important here because "simple dispute" implies it was something petty. She recognizes they must have had their reasons, but it was definitely something more important than just him being "corrupted by his power".

    This is the extent of the things she *needs* to know to see that the Church is manipulating humanity. I don't see how any of this can be held against her, when she is the only person in Fodlan who is aware of the truth of the Church's lies. 

    True and a very smart observation. They have no reason to say the truth about Nemesis and how they used him as a proxy against Nabateans. They won't say what his actual motivation for "stealing" was and what was the true reason Seiros fought against him, because they were in fact behind this. That would only give her more reasons to turn against them.

    So I recognize that Haar was actually correct in saying the Slithers withheld information. Still my point that Edelgard didn't trust them stands. Saying she got her information from them or that she believes them is completely wrong.

    Me too, I never got the impression or remember anything that would suggest this. But the reasons Agarthans and Nabateans had to kill each other are irrelevant thousands of years later when they both have put the people of Fodlan in the middle of their vendetta. 

    After all, you could say the "genociding" was a reciprocated endeavor if you consider Sothis's flooding the world, but that is an even more difficult subject to discuss here when people doubt the validity of in-game texts.


    I agree like Haar said. I'll filter the kid having an insulting tantrum in the background. It doesn't have anything constructive to say anyway.

    I agree with most of what you are saying, Edelgard is only human and sometimes operate out of incomplete information, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have some genuine insight. Some see Edelgard as a villain, I see a good-natured girl who only does what she thinks is right. Even if she is willing to work with the Agarthans, she was never truly part them, it is simply a matter of convenience because they share the same enemy. 

    We know very little about Nemesis, but it is not especially hard to imagine why Seiros would hold a grudge against him, considering that he killed his mother. 

    In any case, I am actually a close friend of silver-haired maiden. This despite my fanatical devotion to Edelgard, if you are civil with her you will notice that she can be a lot more reasonable than you are probably assuming. 

    On the other hand, I do understand why fans of Edelgard are tired of seeing people streaking this flawed, yet good-natured Emperor like she was the devil and that you have to be a psychopath to genuinely agree with her. It is harder to respect other people's opinions and it doesn't feel like our own is being respected. But I have found this forum to be less toxic than other places. I would just not debate anyone who resorts to personal attacks. It isn't worth it and nothing you could say could change such a person's mind. 

    If we who like Edelgard can sometimes be harsh towards our opposition, I think it is because we are sick of of having our opinions not being seen as valid. But that goes two ways, being overly harsh in return will only fuel the hatred of her more fanatical detractors.

  12. 2 hours ago, SRPG Tryhard said:

    I can't imagine someone would be so naive to say that what we read in the game is false even when proof is cited. At this point I don't consider that you are talking about the game at all. You said it yourself, you're making your own interpretations to believe instead. That's probably why so many people are fed up with it.

    I made a mistake to argue in the first place.

    The thing is that there really isn't an objective source on the history of Fodlan in game, the history in the monastery library we know is severely sanitised and biased towards the church of Seiros. The books from the shadow library go against the church narrative, but still are from dubious sources. 

    Edelgard has uncovered some secrets of Fodlan not known by most people, but even the reliability of her sources are hard to prove objectively. What is more important, however, is that she believes in what she is saying. But I doubt she knows the full history of the Agarthans and the Nabateans. In fact, it is very unlikely she would know that is very few people do. The very reason the church coverup up the real origin of the crests and relics makes it very unlikely. Edelgard would fully know what they are. Unless the Agarthans told her, which they wouldn't as it is information that might turn her against them.

    I don't think Edelgard even knows that Rhea's people were subject to a genocide by the Agarthans. 

    Not that we are not even on opposite sides, I am also an avid supporter of Edelgard. I think everyone should try to be more civil in the future, it is okay that others have different opinions.

  13. On 9/9/2020 at 1:22 AM, Kiran_ said:

    I didn't say Islam, now did I? I said "Muslims", which is indeed ... a race. The point where people conflate Islam the religion and Muslims is a whole other issue. But Islamphobia quickly turned to racism against Muslims, so my point is actually perfectly valid.

    Excuse me? A Muslim by definition is someone who follows the religion of Islam, like a Christian is follows Christianity. What you said, would make more sense if you said arabs, but they are just one of many ethnic groups that makes up most Middle Eastern countries. Islam has people of many different backgrounds following it and they would be all considered Muslims regardless of their country of origin. 

    In any case, I am not sure who my least favourite character in the game would be, because I don't really harbour any real resentment towards anyone. Yes, I do really hate Thales or the despicable things he had done, but he is kind of supposed to be hatable. The one who would be my least favourite is probably someone I constantly forget exists because they are so insignificant. 

  14. 1 hour ago, RainbowMoon said:

    Oh, I hadn't even seen the Linhardt support. I didn't use Lin enough on my first CF to get many of his supports (Got Byleth C and Petra C for some strange reason). I'll definitely go give it a look, though. Felix I assumed was just pissing about Dorothea talking to him at all, not so much her intentions.

    She's a lot more popular in the west, I think. You still see a few people here and there make sexist comments about her, but overall she's a very well-liked character in the western fanbase.

    I mean, characters have flaws. If Sylvain was perfect, you wouldn't like him. Nobody would, really. Flaws are what make characters human. I could go back to my list and name something flawed about every one of them, even Lysithea here sipping tea in my profile pic. But that doesn't make them bad people, just people. It's the kind of people they are, flaws and all, that makes us enjoy them as characters. I wouldn't throw Sylvain away just yet if I were you. Especially after all the positive things you've said about him, which are still a part of his character too. Even with Felix, I didn't bench him the moment I thought he treated someone unfairly. I saw his supports through to A before deciding whether I liked him or not. But in the end, it's totally your call. These are just my thoughts.

    I would second that, Edelgard and Dimitri sure aren't my favourites for being perfect. 

    Ironically, flaws is a major part of what makes a character likeable, there aren't anything more unlikable than someone perfect, which is why Mary Sue's and Gary Stue's are usually so hated. But it also kind of connects to another observation I have made, having character flaws might actually be a necessary ingredient in even having empathy. If we didn't have flaws ourselves, how can we understand and sympathise with the shortcomings of others? 

    Take my favourite, Edelgard. She has made her fair share of mistakes, but I do understand where she's coming from due to her past. I wouldn't love her nearly as much as I do if she weren't fallible

  15. 2 hours ago, RainbowMoon said:

    Tbh, I thought Seteth was just being a stereotypical overprotective dad who can't stand to see his daughter with anyone, not neccisarily anything to do with slut-shaming.

    Wait... when does Dorothea actually get slut-shamed in-story? All the Dorothea-bashing I've heard has come from the fanbase (Apparently, Japan hates her for not being housewife material.), not from the game. That's why I've got such little tolerance for it. Especially since most of it isn't even true.

    Fortunatly Dorothea is rather popular with western audiences. 

  16. 2 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

    Of course he doesn't cheat on them, he'd grown up and changed his ways at that point. I'm talking about during the school phase where he was taking girls to his room or whatever else. He IS cheating there.

    And indeed. I don't approve of such methods myself if I believe there are safer alternatives. But if I have no choice, I have no choice, I will support more drastic measures if that's the only way to end a war before it gets worse.

    It depends on if he promises those girls a monogamous relationship or not, if he is honest about his intentions ,that wouldn't be cheating. I am not certain which one is the case, as I don't remember all the details. 

  17. 4 minutes ago, Anacybele said:


    Firstly, double posting isn't allowed.

    Second, I said that I didn't think Felix had enough reasons, not that assholery is his whole character. I used that latter point as an example of why I would dislike an asshole character, not that it was why I dislike Felix.

    Third, thing is, Felix isn't considering the reason a lord could have for ordering the destruction of a town or killing of children (I think it was children in the case of the conversation with Dedue). If they were bad reasons, then of course, I feel like Ingrid especially would object to it. Dedue...I don't know, and I admit that is an issue I have with him.

    Now, what if the scenario was more like, say, World War II? The US dropped atomic bombs on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I'm pretty sure a ton of innocent people and even children were killed there. And much of the towns were decimated in some way. But it was done to end the war before tons more lives were lost. Lives were lost anyway, but a lot more would have been had the war continued since Japan refused to surrender.

    Who's to say a lord wouldn't do something similar in order to save more lives than he/she would have otherwise?

    It's confirmed that Sylvain does cheat though. His solo ending even references it with the last part where cheaters become known as "Sons of Gautier."

    That is a thing though, this is his solo ending. So it is only true if he doesn't end up with anyone. 

    There is no mention of him cheating in his ending with Ingrid, Dorothea, or Mercedes.

    Also, very Edelgard-like logic with the nuclear bombs, can't say I disapprove. While I would say that killing civilians is never good, it can be argued it was necessary in that case. 

  18. 47 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

    It makes Sylvain worse to me though. Because he's a cheater/player/whatever already. Even if he changes later on, it still makes him worse than I thought he was at that time if he does sleep around.

    Dorothea I'm pretty sure doesn't cheat on people.

    I guess Sylvain's no longer my favorite character now. Oh well. I still like how he grows as a character, but that's about it.

    Sleeping around isn't cheating If you aren't actually in a relationship. which Sylvain isn't for most of the story. I am sure he wouldn't keep doing this after he marries Ingrid or whoever he ends up with. 

    About Felix, one of the major reasons I like him as a character is because he is one of the only people in the Blue Lions able to see the inherent hyocrisy of the Faerghus Knights, especially the idea of an honourable death. As well as being one of the only people who are able to see the darkness within Dimitri for what it really is. Honestly, what is best to Dimitri about the nature of vengeance is something I would tell him as well. Stop using vengeance for the dead as an excuse to commit atrocities, it's nowhere near as righteous as he thinks it is.

    If you should fight for anything. It should be your loved ones who are still alive, I think Felix represents this viewpoint.

  19. 13 hours ago, Anacybele said:

    Sure, but there's always going to be the chance that a baby is made anyway, even with birth control. It isn't 100% effective. And simply due to that studhorse line, I can't imagine Sylvain wanting to risk it.

    In my case Sylvain sleeping around wouldn't change my opinion about him at all, same with Dorothea actually. Just because someone sleeps around doesn't make them terrible people or prevent them from being respectful to the wishes of their partners. Not saying that it necessarily does but even if it does, it doesn't really matter to me. 

    I should have put both Sylvain and Dorothea on my top 10 list. But this game have so many great characters that there will be a lot of characters I like that will be left off the list.

  20. 13 minutes ago, vanguard333 said:

    I agree with you all that this idea would not really work. The reason I brought it up was that I wanted to see ideas for how the story would have to change and stuff like that; that's the reason I titled this thread "What If: The Flame Emperor".

    Does that make sense?

    One reason I could see for Ionius wanting to wear a mask would be to hide his involvement from Duke Aegir and the other insurrectionists.

    Like his daughter. He would ultimately want to screw over the Agarthans and free his empire from their grasp. So he could try to infiltrate their ranks as the Flame Emperor. 

  21. Uncertain about the actual order after the first three. But here goes:

    1: Edelgard (I absolutely adore the Adrestian Emperor)

    2: Dimitri (extremely complex character who is inner darkness makes him all the more interesting)

    3: Rhea (highly flawed individual whose past trauma shapes her actions, a lot like the previous two entries on the list who I like for similar reasons)

    4: Lysithea (shares the same background as Edelgard, which means I sympathize with her for similar reasons, I see her as Edelgard's honorary little sister)

    5: Felix (while harsh, he is frequently the voice of reason pointing out the hypocrisy with the knights of Faerghus and the destructive nature of Dimitri's vengeance crusade)

    6: Ingrid (I love girls in full plate, Ingrid is a model knight, a badass warrior and have a tragic background with her dead fiance. It's somewhat bigoted towards the people of Duscur, but for understandable reasons.)

    7: Ferdinand (he is an absolutely necessary counterpoint to Edelgard in Crimson Flower and the origin of a lot of the best policies for the new Empire)

    8 Petra (frequently being the last line of defence outside of Edelgard's from room, despite being technically a political hostage, her developing such genuine loyalty to the Emperor really shows her great character.)

    9: Claude (I adore his cunning tactics and wit, though his position in this list is hurt due to being mostly irrelevant in most routes , despite being a Lord. But it is admirable, but he nearly always comes out on top, regardless of route)

    10: Kronya (could have used a lot more development, but I feel really sorry for her. Given how she was betrayed by her own kind.)

  22. Interesting idea, though I am not sure it would really work. Granted, there are plenty of strange things with Edelgard being the Flame Emperor, especially in relation to the situation with Kostas in the prologue making very little sense with this reveal in mind.

    But I have come to realise that a lot of this is because Edelgard is just as green as the other students at the beginning of the game, having not actually seen actual combat. Considering her inexperience. It would make sense for her to make numerous tactical errors, and the Flame Emperor did commit quite a number of tactical errors. Edelgard might have set up the situation, but I don't think things went according to plan.

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