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  1. A year or two ago, I played [Fire Memeblem 0, by SD9k. It's a meme edit of FE7 where every player unit has 0 in all of their bases, barring HP, which was set to 1. It's obviously and intentionally unfair, as FE7 was never designed to be played with such incompetent player units. But recently I thought to myself, what if it was? This hack is designed around the restrictions of extremely weak player units. Each of the 8 playable units in this hack has 1 base HP and 0 base everything else. To compensate for this, additional restrictions are in place. Everything is locked at 100% hit, and growths are fixed. Weapons have had to be slightly altered to fit in with this style. New stuff! - Ring System FE4's ring system is present in this hack, but the rings present all have explicit downsides, giving them more strategic use. All or Nothing could be exactly what you need to secure a kill, but it also renders the few existing methods of taking hits unviable. Ring bonuses also stack. - Refined Dancer Rings (note: no longer rings to avoid confusion) Thanks to the hack's short nature, you can use weaker versions of Filia's Might and Nini's Grace wherever they may help you, without fear of needing them later. These two mechanics work together to create statstacking in a form very similar to Fates. - Maps This hack consists of 5 relatively short maps, each with a unique look and song. Enjoy the game's gradual shift from puzzle to traditional FE as your options expand. Download here (apply the patch to a clean FE8U rom): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lz6jef1cr6pfqjp/AAAYTdfD6u0P3f-6hi1qonqCa?dl=0
  2. I personally believe that every character has genuine purpose in FE6. Most of these lists I've seen end up resulting in serious consequences as to how some events unfold. Saul isn't as interesting without Dorothy, and both made Yoder more relevant. Barth is probably the most important in his starting trio, but that doesn't mean that you can expect everything to be okay if he's the only guy there. Wade and Lot have relatives on the Western Isle, Hugh is Canas's son and Niime's grandson, everyone has a place in the world of FE6. The gameplay consequences of a roster cut would also be important to consider. Saul is the strongest of the three early healers. Dorothy joins with a Steel Bow to shoot down C7 Wyverns. Even the armor knight triangle attack, a largely irrelevant feature, is absolutely hilarious and a blast to use.
  3. I noticed that hacks like Sacred Echoes make it so that you can’t trade certain basic weapons around while still keeping the trading system itself untouched. How is this done? I’d really like to have that in my project.
  4. Can anyone link to a My Castle with 0 base stats units, or add one to their team? Even if you can't save edit, can you please recruit one from 07723-21451-62771-49049 and add it to your team? It would take an extremely long time for me to recruit these otherwise, and I could use the help. Edit: the underlined section does not apply, as you cannot recruit einhajar from others.
  5. Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, my computer crashes when it even looks at 3D emulation, so that’s why I was asking for a My Castle. I’ll check out GBATemp.
  6. Does anyone here have the tools to hack a generic Kitsune or Wolfskin into their My Castle so that I can recruit them? I really like the designs, and it’s a shame they aren’t capturable in the games.
  7. You forget that Marcus has a high enough weapon rank to use the Brave Lance, allowing him to avoid taking a counter at all!
  8. Ooh, tough call. Marcus is dominant for most of the game, but Marcus has amazing weapon ranks at base. Marcus's speed is a bit low though. I guess I'll go with Marcus.
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