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  1. Thanks man! I updated my engine and it fixed perfectly. As for the colors, its only after I posted it that I noticed characters had their own separate sprite sheets ^_^;. I was using FEXP before moving to this so I assumed it was handled the same way. But with that I have no issues, other than just spelling errors in my coding. I might post a playable demo of my game sometime in the future. I have most of the story for the beginning done, from when I was working in FEXP. Now its just porting everything over.
  2. So I been working with the engine for some time. I like it and I am impressed. However I have 2 issues. First is that when I try to have reinforcements enter on turn 2 the game crashes. I added a snap shot of the debug report. I followed the Wiki on Gitlab, but it still crashes. I would really appreciate some help if possible. My second Issue is just that I can't figure out how to give my units custom color palettes for battle animations. turnChangeScript.txt
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