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  1. 16 minutes ago, rainlash said:

    What version of the Engine are you using? Because if you are using a very old version of the Engine, I could see you running into an issue like this.

    Assuming you're running a new-ish version though, then the issue with "triggers" is that they are just not very well implemented right now. I would recommend not using them -- just use the "add_unit" and "move_unit" commands. I know its a more work on your end, but it's not buggy and gives you a bit more fine-tuned control over reinforcement placement. "Triggers" are kind of relic of an older method and really shouldn't be used any more. I need to hurry up and remove them, honestly...

    Just turn your units into reinforcements and, in your turn change script, call "add_unit;reinforcement_event_id;starting_position" and "move_unit;reinforcement_event_id;position_i_want_to_move_to". The italicized sections get replaced of course. This is what I did for every reinforcement in the Lion Throne, so I know it works well. It is explained somewhat in https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lex-talionis/-/wikis/15.-Reinforcements "Using the Reinforcement Menu without Triggers" section of the wiki. You can also take a look at how I implemented reinforcement events scripts in many of the chapters of the Lion Throne.

    PM me if you have any issues with this.


    For the custom color palettes in battle animations, I would hope that its pretty straightforward. If you still have the animation files that came with the Lion Throne, you can look at (for instance), the /Data/Animations/Knight folder to see how custom color palettes are added. For each animation: "Lance", "RangedLance", and "Unarmed", there are four image files, one for each of the color palettes I use. There's always "GenericBlue" and "GenericRed" images, which are the fallback color palette options for player characters and enemy characters if there is no custom color palette defined. But then there's the "Harold" and "Theo" images, which are how I have custom palettes for those two characters. Instead of using the normal image in engine, any Knight with the unit id of "Harold" will use the "Harold" image. Does that make sense? To make your own, just (1) open, for instance, "Knight0-Lance-GenericBlue.png" in Paint or GIMP or Photoshop, (2) swap the colors, (3) and rename it "Knight0-Lance-Winston.png" (if your character were named Winston). Now, as long as your character Winston is a Knight, is using a Lance in melee range, and has the unit id "Winston", they will use that color animation.

    Thanks man! I updated my engine and it fixed perfectly. As for the colors, its only after I posted it that I noticed characters had their own separate sprite sheets ^_^;. I was using FEXP before moving to this so I assumed it was handled the same way. But with that I have no issues, other than just spelling errors in my coding. I might post a playable demo of my game sometime in the future. I have most of the story for the beginning done, from when I was working in FEXP. Now its just porting everything over.

  2. So I been working with the engine for some time. I like it and I am impressed. However I have 2 issues. First is that when I try to have reinforcements enter on turn 2 the game crashes. I added a snap shot of the debug report. I followed the Wiki on Gitlab, but it still crashes. I would really appreciate some help if possible. My second Issue is just that I can't figure out how to give my units custom color palettes for battle animations. 



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