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  1. Ahh no, I'm sorry, I'm new to the whole forum thing. Who should I best message about this?
  2. So many thank yous to everyone on this patch team, I wish you guys the best and look forward to the final project greatly! And I know this is a rather small thing to mention, particularly for an older part of the thread, but I couldn't help but notice that when I was looking over this thread, the first seven or so pages seemed to be half-dedicated to arguing over the issue of Naga's gender. This would be easily solved by instead of choosing either "he" or "she" (which as stated by a number of parties would or possibly would violate canon portrayals) or clunkily saying Naga over and over again, choosing to refer to Naga as "they." It's not clunky, and lines up with the concept of Naga being genderfluid, both in the localization gender retcon and the popular imagination.
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