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  1. I wouldn't count Missletainn as a legendary weapon. I'd probably go with Mercurius as well. Sucks that Gradivus and Hauteclere have a built-in Elixir function yet Mercurius doesn't.
  2. It says you can on the main site, but I still haven't found one yet. Does anyone know if the chances to get certain weapons are different? I seem to have a lot of Lunas and Sols.
  3. Some of them are more useful than forged counterparts. The Helswath still has more MT than a Tomohawk after forging and gives a Defense bonus, although it will have less Hit if the Tomohawk is forged to have more Hit. Ragnell is the only physical ranged sword that all sword classes can use, also gives a Defense boost. Gradivus outclasses the Spear in just about every way and can also be used as an Elixir. Valflame's 21 might is better than any Tome you can Forge, and the Book of Naga gives Defense Boosts you can't get from any other tome. Yewfelle's speed boost is nice, and Double Bow's 3 range could be useful in certain situations. In most cases I'll agree that Forges end up being a bit better (especially with Braves). Gradivus and Ragnell are probably the best of the bunch, since Brave Weapons only give you 1-range. There might be a few others that I missed.
  4. I noticed a very small one today when I was playing LB2 for the second time. I had Chrom as a Dread Fighter (with Avatar paired up) and was fighting with Animations off. When Luna or Aether would proc, the skill icon that appears above his head was kinda messed up.
  5. Did you connect to the internet and update?
  6. Got Luna, Gradivus, and Nidhogg my first time through. Not a bad haul so far, but I'm hoping to stockpile some more Wolf Bergs for my Walhart Rampage.
  7. Makes sense to introduce Gaiden's spotpass the same week as Alm's DLC comes out.
  8. Manfroy in book 2. He starts out looking like a genius for most of the game, carefully ensuring that Lopto is reborn within Julius. Then in the Final Chapter, he spares Julia's life (AKA the last person with full Narga blood), sends her out to meet the one person who could get through to her, and keeps the one spell that can put a beat down on his reincarnated dark dragon god in the castle right next to where said demon-spawn is residing.
  9. I feel like the Pair Up feature would help to make FE4 less... horse-y, since your lower move units could be ferried along to keep up. That and it would make gaining love points a heck of a lot easier between certain characters that it is in the original.
  10. Walhart to anything that isn't Conqueror. He loses his red armor and doesn't look like a giant lobster anymore.
  11. Overhyped: FE7 Under Appreciated: FE2. It's wonky but a lot of features were introduced there.
  12. I'd like to see Thracia remade. I love Thracia but it really seems like certain aspects were rushed, a new coat of paint would do wonders. Of course that would probably mean that they would end up doing Seisen first unless they combined them into one giant Jugdral game
  13. I think I'm gonna keep it as a trophy since you can get so much money in the Golden Gaffe anyway.
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