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  1. Fire Emblem My Castle Swaps (reddit.com) This is another place to try and find the skills you're looking for, its not very active but since My Castles are rarely updated you might be able to find what you want by searching the sub and visiting peoples castles that way. Hopefully this helps, there's also a EU version if applicable
  2. Hey everybody, I just wanted to update my Sell/Trade List and my Want List 🙂 I'm based in the U.S and would like to keep my sales and trades within the U.S sorry HAVE: LOOKING FOR: Thanks for looking and DM me for anything you're interested in trading or selling! 😄
  3. +1 Kirbysonicboom Very smooth trade, would trade again 🙂
  4. My most wanted are: Frederick (Askr or Nifl I think suits him best, but a dark armored Embla design would be sick) Saizo (Embla I think is the best option for him) Odin (Dark Fairy as long as he doesn't get Lucina'd. I really don't like the jelly versions of Takumi and Robin so anything but that) Lissa (Fairy or Nifl I think would suit her best) Clair Katarina Elise Selena Boey Mae (anything to get rid of her current art omg) Gray (I like his art but I wouldn't mind the stats at all he uses all of them well) Soren (From here on out its just units I like that I wouldn't mind an art upgrade besides Mist) Mist Elincia Lon'qu Palla Canas Navarre Raven Jaffar Athena Sully Arthur Lucius Niles, Sanaki, and Linde would have made the list but thankfully they got Resplendent Art and look great!
  5. 1. Yoshi - My main and my fav Mario Character 2. Wii Fit Trainer - Really fun and floaty character, weird moves and hitboxes sometimes but that's part of the fun. The soccer ball is very versatile 3. Villager - My Smash Wii U main along with Yoshi 4. Bayonetta - I voted for her and I still love her despite the controversy surrounding her 5. Pikachu - Lucha Libre Pikachu is top tier 6. Ice Climbers - My Melee mains and I swear I didn't know about the pro scene at the time and the controversy I just thought they were fun lmao 7. Incineroar - My fav Fire Starter pokemon (Torterra and Samurott are my grass and water favs) 8. Lucina - She has a Lissa alt costume so I love it 9. Pokemon Trainer - Squirtle is so fun 10. Jigglypuff - I play Jiggly for fun sometimes but she can put in some work
  6. There's definitely someone in the middle, a small child it looks like Idk I'm just gonna take a shot in the dark and say our Harmonized/Duo is Adult Tiki/Young Tiki lol but like cosplaying as Naga bc the ribbon in the back reminds me of her FEH art and the other silhouette has sharp nails like a laguz, but we already got alts for Lethe, Selkie, and Nailah this year so idk who it would be since they look like they're happy and celebrating? My gut says Selkie but god I hope not. So maybe Lyre? She was the more upbeat laguz counterpart to Lethe's seriousness.
  7. My favorite SR or SR+ card has got to be the Set 21 Claude SR+ I love Claude, but this card is stunning irl, the way that the card was made has rays of light shining from his hand that is holding the arrow and its beautiful. I like how he has his NG+ headwrap and how his white wyvern is in the back. I love all the hues of yellow and brown throughout the card and the intenseness of his stare is both strong and attractive ngl lol. Second place is Set 5 Sanaki SR+ Yes she is dropping the sun on you, yes you will die, yes she's better than you. I wish I had this one 😞
  8. Hi everyone, I just got my 2 Boxes of B22 today and I finally made an excel sheet with the cards I have and want. I'm down for trading or just outright selling the cards, and if you don't see any cards I have that you want, but have cards I want, feel free to shoot me a price. I am located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States if that matters to you! Thanks 🙂 Cipher Buy/Trade List I have lots of N/HN from B20,21, and 22. I also have a B20 Ryoma SR, B22 Marth SR and B22Chrom/Lucina SR that I wouldn't mind parting with if the deal was juicy enough! +1 Gigz - Super friendly and quick to respond 🙂 Would trade with again!
  9. I changed my Sanaki's +Atk IV to +Spd bc she can actually hit some decent speed depending on the skills. It's been really fun running Raourfox and Steady Impact.
  10. +1 helloard3n - Super sweet and everything arrived nicely +1 AllStarKnight - Friendly and would trade with again
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the designs for most of the female blades and Pyra were so bad I couldn't bring myself to finish the game. Just unabashedly horny, I couldn't get into it. Another game was Monster Hunter World, my younger brother loves the series and I got it to play with him and neither of us play it anymore. Just didn't vibe with it I guess.
  12. Hmm I wonder if it's like Sylvain, Ingrid, and the three house leaders or just a Blue Lions summer banner? They would tempt us right before CYL with a TH seasonal banner...part of me hopes it's just Blue Lions so its an easier skip, but another part of me wants Summer Claude real bad
  13. Hey everyone, I've been lurker/buyer for a minute, but I just finished going through my Series 21 Box and I'm looking to trade/sell some cards. I'm based in the U.S if that matters 🙂 I have: I'm looking for: Thanks for checking out my stuff and message me if you're interested in anything, even if it's just some N/HN cards 🙂
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