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  1. Yuri…? Like Cindered Shadows' Yuri ? How could it be ? That's true, I can consider it that way ! Thanks ^^ (nice Kaito pic by the way)
  2. This is super good to know ! Although I don't know if using Atrocity and Falling Star is okay since Ruptured Sky is Byleth's Final Smash, making it technically THE legit Combat Art... But even if it's the case, I still wouldn't use the Crest of Blaiddyd, since it has a chance of doubling the durability cost and having to deal with low-durability/hard-to-repair weapons is going to be one of the major difficulties of this challenge. However, the Crest of Riegan would be nice, especially Falling Star that would be a life savior when surrounded by enemies combined with Close Counter since it prevents all incoming moves on the next turn to touch you (if I understood it well).
  3. I wonder if this is due to them being special or rather because they are equipped to their users.
  4. Does that mean I can have the Crest of Blaidyyd (...yeah, I got lucky for Areadbhar, but this time I definitely not know the spelling ^^") and Riegan on Byleth to use Atrocity and Falling Star ? I don't know what a "Crest Stone" is, so...
  5. Hi, I have a YouTube video project based on the following challenge : trying to finish Three Houses with Byleth from Smash Bros Ultimate. In other words, I can only use Byleth and he can only use the weapons he uses in Smash. Namely, the Sword of the Creator, Amyr, Areadbhar and Failnaught. It doesn't appear there's a normal way to get those Four Relics at once in any playthrough (the DLC gave me hope since the Three Houseleaders are playable, but it's pre-timeskip, so no luck here), so I'd like to know if it's possible to crack the game or something like that to do it. By the way, I may have found a way to have Three Relics at once. You see, when you fight Edelgard in the late chapters, she possesses another weapon named "Sword of Seiros" (or something around those lines). So if I manage to get her use Amyr 20 times to the point it breaks, maybe I can use the ability "Thief" to steal it, assuming a broken weapon doesn't count as a weapon anymore (since you can only steal non-weapons objects with this ability). I know it doesn't sound likely, but maybe it's possible ?
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