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  1. This is kinda dumb but there's this like types of gamers alignment chart that someone edited over with the Archanea characters, but for the life of me I can't find the Archanea version for some reason. If anyone knows what I'm talking about would you be able to help me find it?
  2. Thank you so much for your input, this helps a lot! We're heading into a discussion based on this and I think it'll help us decide what we want to do 🙂
  3. Ohhh okay, that makes much more sense that Crimson Flower is the secret ending! There's a lot of good info in here I didn't know, thanks so much!
  4. So my brother and I are playing Three Houses together, and we've already played Verdant Wind and Azure Moon, but we're debating over whether to go for Crimson Flower or Silver Snow next. We'd like to finish on the most canonical ending, which I think is Crimson Flower based on the promotional material and Edelgard being the featured Lord of the game and stuff, but my brother thinks Silver Snow is the more canon ending since it's sort of a "secret ending." Any input from those of you who have played both CF and SS? Which one seemed more final?
  5. Bismix!! He's hilarious! I also love Faerghast's Support Science series, and his commentaries on the games. I haven't watched him play though, but I think he does that sometimes 😕
  6. My name has both my favorite Fire Emblem lords: Marth and Claude. For both of them, I love their idealism and the way they're willing to fight for what's right. I also love their approach to war. They're not like Edelgard, who always planned to use war to conquer the continent and force her ideals on people. But they're also not like Celica, who is constantly talking about how peaceful solutions are always better and always tries to find ways out of fighting. Both Marth and Claude would rather not fight in a war, but they both understand that it can be necessary, and in their respective situations, it is. But even then, they try to keep battles and casualties limited, and keep civilians out of it entirely. Claude is a very unique lord. He's a fairly unique character overall. I love the air of secrets and mystery around him, and his passion for rooting out the core of all the corruption on Fodlan. His vision for a world without prejudice is of course something everyone would like to see, and the game actually manages to handle it in a way that isn't super preachy, which is nice. And he's very funny, and just a nice, likable guy. His support conversations are always some of my favorites to watch. If playing with a female Byleth, S-supporting with Claude is the only option. And their relationship and ending together are fantastic. (Warning: Marth Appreciation Novel incoming) (Also small spoiler warning for New Mystery of the Emblem, very small though) Marth, of course, is the original lord, that all the other lords are based off of. His morals and ideals set the tone for the morals and ideals of the entire Fire Emblem franchise. I also love his personal story, too. Rather than just the average "my dad died and now I'm sad and want revenge" that most lords get, Marth watches his whole world crumble around him. First he finds out his father and more than half of the Altean army has been killed. Then he has to flee his kingdom and abandon his people, and he doesn't get any say in the matter. Then he loses his sister, and can't go back to get her. He doesn't even know where his mother is, or if she's alive. He has to sacrifice one of his own personal guards so that he can escape, and as he leaves he watches his castle fall and his people are then forced into slavery. In my opinion, that's a much more compelling backstory and motivation than most other lords get. And I love that vengeance is never his goal, either. Vengeance stories really bore me (sorry Ike, I like you as a character, though). What Marth is fighting for is the good of all people, it's truly a good vs evil story, which are a lost art nowadays. His love story with Caeda is my favorite one in the series. One of my absolute favorite things about Marth, though, is how his sister describes him. She calls him "a weak, vulnerable child," and "an idealistic child who firmly clings on to his beliefs." He does, in fact, hold on to his beliefs so tightly that he allows himself to be betrayed by one of his closest allies. Elice goes on to say that Marth truly believes he can save the life of every single one of his subjects, even those who die of natural causes. "In war, losing just one companion is unbearable for him...He suppresses his feelings with all his willpower, but I know that inside, his heart breaks and bleeds..." I know every lord has the "I don't want to lose a single ally" thing, but none of them truly believe it like Marth does. It's very intriguing to me that he could shut himself out of reality that way, and yet still remain grounded enough to be a general in a war. Even that doesn't come easily to him, though. He's constantly asking the advice of his close friends and allies, and after making a decision, he continues to ask all of them if they think he made the right decision. He's very much a perfectionist in that way, which I personally relate to. And he's also just a sweet and awkward little boi, which I love. I could go on even more about Marth, but I'm embarrassed enough as it is. I think it's clear to see which of my two favorite lords takes the cake in my book, lol. Sorry for the monstrous paragraph, but Marth is my favorite character in the whole series and I just love him so so much. I hope you play more Fire Emblem games in the future - it's a really great series!
  7. That my favorite games are the Archanean games Oh also that Awakening and Fates are disgraces to Fire Emblem's good name
  8. I was really interested in the game when I saw the first trailers, I was SUPER excited for it. But the trailer that showed off the classroom mechanics just made all my hopes for the game crash and burn. I already have a distaste for both Awakening and Fates for "anime-fying" the FE series, and seeing the classroom stuff just made me think that Intelligent Systems had finally lost all sense of Fire Emblem and just made a high school anime as a video game. I ignored anything Three Houses related for a LONG time after that, until my little brother finally convinced me to buy it (I have no idea how because I am very stubborn lol). From the first moments of the game I was already intrigued all over again, though. The world-building in Three Houses is truly fantastic, it's the best world-building of any Fire Emblem game to date, and the mystery of Sothis and the Red Canyon just really drew me in. Now I've played Verdant Wind and I'm a little more than halfway through Azure Moon, and Three Houses has actually become one of my favorite Fire Emblem games! And it's not actually very much like a high school anime, which was a relief to me While watching the trailers I always thought Claude would be my favorite, and that was one thing that stayed constant throughout my whole Three Houses journey. It's hard for me to play Azure Moon because I miss Claude lol
  9. Oh wow hi, thank you so much for responding! I've been looking at your Tumblr page and I really enjoy your work! Thank you for the schedule, I'll definitely keep up with that. Currently I'm reading a translation of the FE1 manga, and when I finish that I'm planning to read all that you have translated so far! I think your goal to translate all the novels is amazing, btw, keep up the great work!!
  10. Oh, that's amazing! Thank you so much for the link, I'll definitely check it out!
  11. Hi, I've never posted on a forum before so sorry if this is weird but I just have a question On Fire Emblem wikis I hear a lot about Takayashiki Hideo's novel adaptation of Mystery of the Emblem. Archanea Series is my favorite FE universe, so I was wondering if it's ever been translated into English, and if so, is it any good?
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