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  1. Sacred Stones 5x is known for being tedious. This patch adds a single breakable wall at the start of the chapter that gives the player the possibility of skipping part of the map. Disclaimer: This is not my idea, I'm not sure who came up with it but I've come across this suggestion a few times and was surprised to find there was no patch for it. Due to the miniscule size of the changes this should be compatible with other commonly used FE8 patches. I did some testing with the Self Randomizing Rom Patch and everything went smoothly. Download the patch here
  2. I think you are missing some early game fun. Have a Wade!
  3. Hey there, I've recently decided to start playing older Fire Emblem that I haven't tried yet, starting the FE6. Even more recently I've decided to stream these playthroughs. Over the years I've managed to stay mostly spoiler free when it comes to all the games I'll be playing. I stream at 6PM UTC every week day.
  4. I also think this is a very interesting and under explored ideas. If a unit asks you to give them a large amount of resources then they should be able to do things no one else can. I'll also add that high stats are not the only way to do this, it could be interesting to see a unit with poor bases but an absurd personal skill. This is a very interesting idea that I don't think is well explored in most FE games, your post makes me want to give Conquest a try.
  5. I definitely agree that maps that force you to make meaningful decisions are the most engaging. I also think that maps that some objectives are susceptible to being abused. It is fun when the game demands that you comprise and objectives like "Seize" give the player too much control in my opinion.
  6. I've been playing a lot of fire emblem lately and it's gotten me thinking about what makes certain maps more enjoyable than others. This seems like a subjective topic to me and yet I find a lot of things that most people can agree on (e.g. revelations map design is inferior to conquest, fe8 is too easy ). What do you think makes a good map? What maps do you think are representative of good map design?
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