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  1. Good idea, I should add info about staff use and other resource distribution so people can compare. Square brackets denote optional / potential resource use. Promotions: Fin (ch7), Asvel (ch7), Safy (ch10), Salem (ch14), Homer (ch14), Sara (ch20), Tina (ch20), Linoan (ch21), Mareeta (ch24) Units sent to prison: Chapter 3 - Tanya; Chapter 5 - Dalsin; Chapter 7 - Hicks; Chapter 9 - Halvan, Ronan, Bryton, Makua, and Alva; Chapter 19 - Sleuf, Ralph, Glade, Safy, Eda, Kain, Fergus, Robert, and Amalda Repair staff use by chapter: 11 (warp), 12 (warp), 15 (sleep), 16a (warp), 17a (warp) Warp staff use: 10 (Asvel+Nanna), 10 (Leaf), 11 (Dagda+Othin), 11 (Leaf), 11x (Dagda+Leaf), 12 (Fin+Leaf), 12x (Lara), 12x (Fin+Leaf), 16a (Homer+Nanna), 16a (Leaf), 16a (Leaf), 17a (Dean), 17a (Homer), 17a (Leaf+Nanna), 18 (Ralph), 19 (Sleuf), 21 (Homer), 21 (Linoan), 21 (Leaf), 21x (Pahn), 21x (prisoners), 22 (capture boss), 22 (warp staff), 22 (rescue staff), 22 (Leaf), 23 (Dean), 23 (flying capture), 23 (Linoan), 23 (Leaf), 24 (Pahn), 24 (Linoan), 24x (Leaf), 24x (Lara), 24x (Linoan), 24x (Asvel), 24x (Galzus), 25 (dark mage in front of final boss), 25 (final boss), 25 (Leaf) Rewarp staff use: 21x (to inner cell), 21x (out of inner cell), [24 (to help with civilian transport)], 24x (to escape), 24x (to escape), 25 (to Eins' switch) Rescue staff use: 16a (Karin), 18 (Homer+Leaf), 21x (prisoners), 21x (prisoners), 21x (prisoners), 21x (Pahn), 24 (Cyas+Lara), 24x, 24x, 24x, 24x, 24x Thief staff use: 16a (sleep sword), [18 (BLD ring, if necessary)], 21x, 22, [25 (final boss)] Sleep staff use: 12 (by enemy salem), 12x (trude), 14 (ballista), 16a (ballista), 17a (dark mage), 17a (misha), [24 (used by amalda)], 25 (zwei), 25 (funf), 25 (drei), 25 (master axe armor), 25 (master axe armor), [25 (zwolf, poison lance armors, anyone else)] Silence staff use: [18 (dark mage)], 21x (boss), 21x (bishop), 21x (bishop), [21x (mage)], 23 (dark mage), 24 (dark mage), 24 (dark mage), 24 (dark mage) Berserk staff use: 24 (sleep sword mercenary) Unlock staff use: 12x (knight proof), 18 (door), 18 (BLD ring), 21x (unlock staff), 21x (door), 21x (door), 21x (knight proof), 25 (door), 25 (door) M up staff use: [11x (dagda)], 12x and 14 (use by salem), 17a (sleep dark mage), [17a (homer)], [18 (ralph)], 21 (homer), [21x (tina)], 22 (tina), [23 (linoan)] Holy water use: [5 (nanna)], [10 (fin)], [13 (fred)], 18 (homer), 21x (pahn), Stamina drink use: 11x (Safy), 15 (Lara), 19 (Sleuf), 22 (Tina), 22 (Linoan), 22 (Sara), 25 (Sara) Skill manual use: Elite - Safy Stat booster use: Speed ring - Leaf, Life ring - Safy, Life ring - Nanna, Skill ring - Tina, [Speed ring - Xavier] I can't say exactly how this differs from every other playthrough out there but I hope other SSS players can identify any differences between their own runs and we can discuss what is more optimal, how to combine our experiences to make an even better route, etc. Edit: added ch4x 6-turn
  2. Even if there is nothing different about my playthrough I hope to have a thread where I learn more about optimizing FE5. I do think this playthrough recording represents a slightly different type of FE5 playthrough compared to what I've seen online. All the FE5 content I have been able to find falls under either casual playthroughs or LTC runs that consider only a best case scenario no matter how unlikely to occur, and I feel like the game deserves to have some footage of different playstyles on youtube. Furthermore some chapters in my playthrough are completed in fewer turns that I have seen in other runs that don't involve movement growth or movement stars. Even chapters that are completed in the same number of turns elsewhere may have a different approach, different resource allocation, different units used, etc. Everyone plays FE a bit differently, after all. Regardless, it's entirely possible that there are other runs out there that do the same thing but better. I hope any such runs could be brought to my attention because I would enjoy watching them. I would appreciate it if any knowledgeable FE5 players from this forum would enlighten me about potential turnsaves and other improvements.
  3. I recorded an SSS rank playthrough of FE5. I took 163 turns, played on normal mode, and did not use movement growth or movement stars. I prioritized safety over turncount, but recorded best-case-scenarios. I know most people here just care about getting the lowest turncount so I have some notes on that as well. Here are the videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjiK2hBPwZdHKtH-kd8TQegZrA8GsElEr Here are my turncounts: ch1 - 4 ch2 - 4 ch2x - 8 ch3 - 6 ch4 - 13 ch4x - 8 ch5 - 15 ch6 - 7 ch7 - 7 ch8 - 4 ch8x - 0 ch9 - 2 ch10 - 6 ch11 - 4 ch11x - 2 ch12 - 2 ch12x - 5 ch13 - 5 ch14 - 10 ch14x - 0 ch15 - 2 ch16a - 2 ch17a - 2 ch18 - 9 ch19 - 1 ch20 - 15 ch21 - 1 ch21x - 5 ch22 - 1 ch23 - 1 ch24 - 6 ch24x - 3 ch25 - 3 total - 163 As for an SSS route that prioritizes turns over reliability here are the turncounts I would expect: ch1 - 4 ch2 - 4 ch2x - 8 ch3 - 6 ch4 - 11 (recorded example) ch4x - 6 (recorded example) ch5 - 15 ch6 - 6 (not recorded) ch7 - 6 (recorded example) ch8 - 2 (not recorded) ch8x - 0 ch9 - 2 ch10 - 3 (not recorded) ch11 - 4 ch11x - 2 ch12 - 2 ch12x - 5 ch13 - 3 (recorded example) ch14 - 10 ch14x - 0 ch15 - 2 ch16a - 2 ch17a - 2 ch18 - 8 (in theory, not fully planned) ch19 - 1 ch20 - 15 ch21 - 1 ch21x - 5 (in theory, not fully planned) ch22 - 1 ch23 - 1 ch24 - 6 ch24x - 3 ch25 - 3 total - 149 Chapters 6, 8, and 10 should be pretty straightforward. In ch6 you rush through the main city and leave by the left escape point, in ch8 you warpskip (need to rig repair misses to get warp that soon), and in ch10 you warpskip again. For chapter 18 I figure you would lure the first few armor knights towards your starting position and then pull some of them upwards on turn 5 so they don't clog the narrow corridor and you're free to drop the remaining civillians on turn 6. You should still be able to 5-turn chapter 21x despite extra prisoners because you'll be able to repair rescue (instead of repairing sleep). A turnsave on 2x might theoretically be possible on 2x if playing elite mode but it would be incredibly unlikely, involving eyvel build growths and probably some crits. I am looking for information on potential improvements to this run, either to increase reliability or to decrease turncount. Please let me know what I've missed. I'm planning to eventually do a (re)warpless full recruitment run next, likely with 0% growths, so info related to that would also be appreciated. Edit: added turncounts for unreliable route
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