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  1. Well she is the second place. So close enough. If Byleth wasn't the early winner I would be very surprised.
  2. Team Lute! It's the character I like the most of the ones I have
  3. Well; we can't deny that indeed happened. I think this is part of the reason why Edelgard's Reddit is like the only character-specific FE Reddit that has activity beyond fan art, (some people ended up abandoning Main Reddit during these times). This where I believe this whole "Edelgard paranoia" (for the lack of a better term) started. In the end, it had a big effect in how discussions about her are started and done until the present day (from both sides. I'm not taking one right now).
  4. Each time people talk about Three Houses here is sadness. It makes me want to reconsider what I actually like and what should be liked.
  5. Now that you're talking about Byleth as Mythic/Legend, which do you think will be his/her element?
  6. So... That would make sense, Wind is the most similar thing to a Heaven affinity. I think Eliwood was a wild card element wise, because his affinity (Anima) made him viable for... everything really xD (and to be fair, Wind is the element that has the least amount of characters that clearly fit it as "their element", and that would be Lyn and Claude; Water could have a similar problem if wasn't by the fact Fates has a ton of characters that have potential as Water Themed, and they haven't even used the most obvious choice of Water yet). I think the elements will be distribute in this way for the next characters. Fire: (Sanaki?) Water: Corrin (potentially Xander), Dimitri Wind: Claude, (Elincia?) Earth: Micaiah, Byleth, (Potentially Sigurd?)
  7. l like the idea of an epilogue chapter, though I'm not sure how I'd write it; I'm sure Ike's sudden leaving of Tellius would be expanded in some capacity here,.
  8. Well, I can see the comparison, after all both of them are sheltered naive idealists, which reality ends up punching them in the face, specially Ike (he got punched like three times in the beginning of the story I believe). Oh yeah, in Sacred Stones you can actually choose if you want to "shaft" or not Eirika; and she still had the first third of Sacred Stones even if you decided to go for Ephraim for the rest of the game. The other female lords suffer "overshadow" problems to various degrees. BTW, you are the Severa icon? Why are you now a Kyubi?
  9. I believe the mode released in the time when our second Pair Up Legend (Alm). I need to check it xD
  10. I personally believe that Gacha Games should have an special label in ratings, and the games that include them should be (at the very least) Mature rated (+17), I don't believe they'll be ban, but we need something to avoid... problems. Like how some children "accidentally" drained their parents Bank Account using money for FIFA, in order to get their desired soccer player (and other similar stories with games that are supposed to be for CHILDREN).
  11. They actually pulled of this with Basilio and Walhart, and I found it kind of exciting how he only really survived the first encounter thanks to technically game mechanics, he was left almost dead after that battle.
  12. As far as I'm aware, the only person that had previously knowledge of the Archanea games lore among the writers was Maeda himself (because he was the one that wrote the Scenario of the remakes)... I personally believe consistency with old lore was very low in their priorities considering this game suffer from being a very last game; this game didn't want to be subject to a particular lore; the game biggest priority was being and homage to everything Fire Emblem, and I think the only reason why Plegia and Ylisse are Archanea because of these homages, that just happens to be the continent with the most amount of iconic stuff in the franchise, specially from the perspective of japanese... They compromised many things of the world (and probably also a good reason why they decided to make such a big jump in time) for the sake of well... to put it bluntly... fanservice, but isn't just the sexual one that one only really applies to Tiki in this case considering what was previously mentioned; many things are... weird, for the sake of fanservice. Though, something particularly funny about it, while it's clear Ylisse ended up being a mess overall, Valm actually looks like something that Valentia could eventually turn up after two thousand years; considering how few empires actually managed to stay for that long, and how we have some hints of some asian-like elements in Valentia since the original Gaiden.
  13. Alm only really needed to don't be a coward and he would accomplish destiny because he was fated to do so, it was inevitable, unavoidable. just like a Requiem.
  14. I think it's okay if some options are better than others; after all we don't know it, other players will get them anyway... we just need to avoid making options without any kind of niche.
  15. I actually like the term Mary Sue, it's way to subjective, but I believe there is one very important factor that should be taken in consideration when labeling someone as a Mary Sue. How they work in the narrative? You can have a "perfect" character, but if that perfection actually works in the context of the world, then people won't mind it (like say... Superman, he's a perfect character in a way, which it makes a bit boring more than anything, but isn't something that will actively annoy the readers/viewers). If a character bends the narrative in ways that doesn't make any sense, and only does so for the sake of making that character look better (I like my nonsense when is done for the sake of comedy or to do some over the top stuff) In that case we have a potential Mary Sue, now we need to check how prevalent these "anomalities" are.
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