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  1. Maybe, we'll know in December then. Though, banners that are desperate for unit slots to get representation then are gonna appreciate having Eir or whoever other OC gets to be an Ascendent Hero, because they're gonna make the OC Slot (which exists independent of the rest of the update) of a banner also take the Ascendent Slot. It already happened with Fjorm and Laegjarn.
  2. I feel like the reason why Ash's banner did got an Ascendent Unit is because Ash wasn't just a Normal Hero OC, she was a Mythic Hero.
  3. I guess they decide to just ignore their alternative personalities thing, and it just reminds there as a leftover text. About Devdan/Danved, they're indeed separated, probably the same clause that applies with Eyvel, Renning and Zelgius is going into effect
  4. I imagine that clausule mostly exists for the cases of Robin/Grima, Tiki and Camus, which are very iconic characters in the franchises that well, they're most clear examples of the respective provisions. Funny enough, it seems IS originally intented to count Hardin like Grima too, considering it was in CYL3 when the consolidation of votes happened; nowadays the only cases where the provision is in effect is with FE6/FE7's shared cast, Camus, Robin/Grima and Tiki. And cases of characters sharing the same name but not being the same character like Anna and Anna.
  5. Well, he's kinda here, as far as I'm aware, Hardin's votes (vote Cav and Emperor) are combined since CYL4. So it's a bit awkward to count him xD
  6. I think people feel motivated to vote for Matthis after seeing the rest of the early-game cavs join the game, the only ones we're missing are the pre-promotes and Matthis.
  7. Dedue is one of the safest choices for a playable character, being one of the only characters that always gets unique roles in 3H (with the other non-MC like this being, of course, Hubert). I'm extremely sure he's gonna appear one way or another, the only reason I hesitate to give him a proper 10/10 is because... well... he's unpopular xDU. Dedue gets a 9/10, he's likely gonna be the Frederick of the game, the character you know is here for how things just worked out his way, but people won't likely mind.
  8. The scenario with Grand Conquest was just so hilarious xD In other comments, I wonder what IS has planned with Staff refines and Dancer refines... they're gonna be a thing someday?
  9. Eirika's weapon combined with her B Skill, like how it happened with Ryoma basically turn her into a Infantry with another movement class (also with their own flavor of true damage) Though instead of DC and inmunity to movement-based effectiveness, Eirika has Super Breath, a bit higher stats and Canto.
  10. I'm gonna vote for Nino the first days, to see if she gets to the Top 10 for the Women's side... and then after interim I'll move to either my favorite choice that has a chance to win (included Nino herself) or go for misc. votes.
  11. Considering the tradition of the last two years and existence of both Duo and Harmonic Units it practically guarantes we'll have an Game specific banner in June and a mixed one in July. About the choices... We still haven't used Archanea, Valentia, Jugdral and Tellius for full banner, Archanea and Tellius have shared one year, and Jugdral is a continent that IS has been extremely and obsessively cautious with these characters... So I think we're getting an Valentia or Tellius focused banner... This banner also has the potential to be Heroes-specific though, considering we're still waiting for Freyja's first alt as well as the inevitable Fjorm Summer alt With the July banner I believe the units will be a combination of the one not used of the above + Fodlan.
  12. There are definitely some alternatives to consider beyond what I just said; I focused mostly in the ones that have confirmed precedent... and to be fair I forgot some of them xDU
  13. If someone wants to discuss what is Deconstruction or what it's... I don't know if this is the appropiate thread... But I'm gonna left here a wikipedia page about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deconstruction
  14. Oh My, so you actually were quite close with your blind guess. Nice analysis! 😄
  15. Now this makes me wonder how much generations exists between Fjalar and Arvis, considering how there is like a 100~ year difference it would actually be possible to calculate.
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