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  1. We have exactly four of them to be precise.
  2. I imagine they're waiting for Kempf's day to start.
  3. I would give Sophia a personal weapon, please give her the Eternal Tome in FE6R
  4. I always (well, most of the time) gravitated towards darker aesthetics, so Trianda/Scabiosa is my favorite design of the bunch xD
  5. She is the one with the highest base stats, and she can actually keep decently with the speed creep thanks to Rexflame and a respectable speed growth. So she can actually be here without dying to anything that isn't an White Dragon.
  6. I think fatigue should continue to exist, but the game should be more clear about it, (it would also help having some iconography indicating when a character is close to the threshold). BTW, buff magic classes in RD, literally the only ones that have anything to do in the game are Calill (probably the best one), Ilyana (some nice niches) and Micaiah (main character and many utilities)
  7. It's thanks to the fact his weapon gives him +2 flat to all stats, and he usually uses some kind of A Skill that boostes Flat Stats, like Fury 4
  8. The thing I like the most about Lyon is his tome's animation.
  9. I guess that is part of the charm; it came from nowhere taking advantage of how Sothe was talking so much about xD BTW, the line in japanese shared a similar sentiment, just without the added spiciness the Localizations likes to do (instead, it was a thing of contexts and word choice as far as I remember), the original line would be taken as too passive aggressive if it was transcribed literally without context.
  10. My favorite character of the game is Edelgard. But I also like Dorothea, Petra and Lysithea too. I'm gonna be honest, the main reason I'm kind of unable to like Dimitri is because I have a problem similar to what other people would have with Ike... I don't know if I would actually like him legitimity or as a product of expectation because of all this vocal fans he has and how there is this "unequivocal truth" of him being the most popular FE3H Character. I managed to get to know several things about Edelgard before actually most of the discussions started (through many spoilers to be fair), so it was a completely different experience xD.
  11. Even if that ended up happening (and isn't like she only knows lies, in fact most of her information are half truths and actual truths) I don't think Edelgard would just think everything was in vain, after all, the Church was fundamentally flawed, and unlike a human reign, it can't be simply challenged for an Intellectual Revolution. What mostly she would learn, is that Rhea wasn't that different from her, and she'd understand how Rhea ended up in the position she was, but Edelgard would still believe she had wrong in the world after making the nobility (and crest based). Her ideology isn't based around a lie, instead is a half truth. The Church did many of these things she talked about (Conquer all of Fodlan, spread a religion that is literally the only one around, create the crest system as a religion, gave legitimacy to the nobility, etc.), but of course, details are the difference.
  12. Crimson Flower was rushed, while Silver Snow was half baked... Crimson Flower has a lot to say, but not enough time to show everything, it can be at times frustrating to know this would be better; which it made evidently for the lack of cutscenes and don't enough CG Artworks to compensate, which ended up making some scenarios weirder than intented... but the overall experience it feels fresh and unique. On the other hand, Silver Snow has authority over several of the cutscenes (in particular their unique ones with the SS Timeskip Custcene and the Ending) in the game, even the ones that are shared with other routes (the Pre-Timeskip cutscene, the Cutscene after the battle with you know who and the cutscene after defeating certain pale man) make a lot more sense in the context of Silver Snow... but that is where all the care for Silver Snow ends. So Silver Snow ends up with the opposite problem, it has several flashy moments... but doesn't really have a lot to say, and really the most interesting things about the story (that aren't contrived) are: 1.- The previously mentioned cutscenes being more powerful if you had Supports with Rhea and had interacted significally with certain character 2.- Finally learning without filters (at least for the most part) the actual origin of Byleth 3.- Having a story where you don't have an actual main character (though, this is mostly in theory XD) Otherwise you get what do you get from Verdant Wind, and to a lesser extent Azure Moon.
  13. To be fair, the big spoiler about Death Knight's identity isn't exactly that, though is connected.
  14. Thanks! I was curious who would be the chosen one to be the Trueblade's voice. xD
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