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  1. With Marth was more important because he was going against the trends of it's time; though his legacy with the series definitely ended up getting him some semi clones (Roy being the most obvious one); creating the Lord Archetypes.
  2. The Double Banner gave me Caeda and Sylvain in the first circle, I'm happy with getting Caeda, Sylvain is a nice bonus, I'll wait until the last day then to know if I try more.
  3. This Game mode has a serious balance problem, though nothing that can't be fixed in the future. The enemy combos shouldn't that high before the final rounds. And the Game should have hard limits in how much Units the enemy can have and how powerful they can be (depending the round of course). That is all. Still more fun than the other Game mods IMO despite the sudden Power Spike
  4. Just give it a few more days, everyone will forget it after the New Heroes reveal in the Sunday's Night.
  5. Considering how there aren't exactly many popular picks left it makes sense to include other characters as the anchor. It kind of amazes me in hindsight how FE6 managed to get 2 banners without any "but" of them despite their only big carry being the Priestess
  6. I read some time ago about the idea of making a Dokkalfar Niles, it would be kind of hilarious, but considering how... Well... He is... so... Him... he would actually fit xD
  7. I kind of like it. She looks very cute, but damn, she is so smol xD.
  8. Well, Volke in particular is probably the most ninja-like of the pre-Fates assassins. With his reputation of appearing from nowhere if you "summon him" and getting the job done, not matter what or how. His outfit also helps selling that image.
  9. I'm sure it's impossible to Iron Man Three Houses unless you have perfect knowledgre of the game and a lot of luck. Any lose is too Big, any lose can happen so easily.
  10. Louise does as far as I remember. Though is only mentioned very late in the Game to avoid being forced out of the fight.
  11. This makes me wonder something. They had editted the credits in the Virtual Console re-releases and in the Switch version of FE 1 to remove his name? It would be extremely awkward because he is the Main gameplay designer, the scenario writer and the director of all these games (well, he wasn't the director in FE1, but anyway, my point is clear xD)
  12. I can definitely buy Thales doing bullshit considering he's the baddest of the slitherins, and he later prove to have magic powerful enough to throw Byleth without much effort. --- Alm has Light Novel Protagonist/Kirito syndrome
  13. It was an interesting year for sure, we never had so much representation for most of the games, every region was represented, and that is awesome... It makes me wonder what exactly October and November will have? After all there isn't game with a +1 year hiatus now. Also... Duo Ephraim pretty much feels like a FGO Limited unit xD.
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