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  1. It's really nice to finally have that skill you were searching for so long. It's a shame the weapon didn't prove that much after the weapon refine.
  2. Can we also have Finnish Sauna Spirits too? (?)
  3. Special Spiral it's an amazing skill :D (I need more Atk Smokes xD)
  4. Well, I actually think at least Leo and Takumi were designed with women in mind; Takumi has a character archtype that is quite popular with females and Leo was voiced for freaking Mamoru Miyano. ___ I was also expecting Raphael to be the character to be used for bara stuff... maybe in the obscure comics that nodoby should read.
  5. Wow, Seiros it's a powerful. Oh damn... the way she kills Nemesis is quite... emotional... I wonder what kind of relationship they had before this conflict... he seems quite shocked when Seiros mentions the Red Canyon.
  6. I wonder if Blue Lions lack gay options because they want to perserve their knightly feeling (?)
  7. Oh that makes completely sense considering her known traits (Devout religious and animal friend).
  8. Oh, that was my original idea; I just thought I give another impression, so I decided to stop. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Well, I'm not counting out that possibility because of the fact this is a new game.
  10. TTs as far I remember always wait some days to appear; first appears the Banner, then the TT Banner and then two days the actual event.
  11. I think that is the only context outside of canon outfits where I would see a female using a male-like outfit xD
  12. I think distracting them with her exposed body is good enough 😛
  13. I think he was joking about the fact their stats are almost identical, nothing to be annoyed 😛
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