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  1. Yeah, she is actually pretty capable on her own, probably the only difference in how she decides to go with the war. If she in her own (with Hubert) decides to take her extreme approach, if she is with Byleth she decides to try to go the other way without the beasts; Edelgard fails in capturing Rhea, so the entity in other routes could just be a heavily weakened version of the Church, is an actual threat now thanks to Rhea.
  2. What is exactly the difference anyway? Many silent protagonists are basically designed to be essencially a self-insert. Like in Pokémon, and many other games, even the ones that don't actually have gender choices.
  3. I like using Tanya, and the Ests in general; I really like growth units. Micaiah it's a character that I also I like a lot to use it, but if you consider her bad or not depends of what exactly are you talking about (after all, not everyone is as mad as me to try to use Maria as a frontline unit in FE3).
  4. Well, it doesn't look like any of the OCs, it's definitely an older character (or maybe a 3H character).
  5. It would be interesting if they made a random reveal in October. I find interesting November apparently will have 8 Legendaries/Mythics in the same month, but October only has 6
  6. Interesting indeed, we probably will be done with Book 3 before the release of Brave Redux 2019; I wonder what contains the November Banner, the October Banner is not a thematic banner, because it has a character icon for Chapter 12; and that character looks different of what we would expect from a Heroes Banner.
  7. I guess that is the curse of being a Cavalry. FEH is very self-aware under any other circunstances Cavalry would be OP because that is how Fire Emblem fundamentally works.
  8. Idunn it's a nice price to eventually use, she has a Tier 4 Skill, so she will always have value for Legendary Banners, same with Tibarn; but I expect the other will ended up forgotten.
  9. Echoes overall bring improvements to the narrative, but when it failed compared with the original it's very easy to notice... and damn it hurts.
  10. This is going to be weird to rank because outside of the Top 3 and maybe the Top 5 the rest are more interchangable. 1.- Micaiah 2.- Sophia 3.- Nino 4.- Edelgard 5.- Sakura 6.- Roy 7.- Lucina 8.- Maria 9.- Olivia 10.- Tharja 11.- Minerva 12.- Tiki 13.- Lute 14.- Eirika 15.- Genny Other characters that would fit in the Top depending my humor: Caeda, Catria, Est, Silque, Celica, Kliff, Lewyn, Julia, Sara, Lilina, Cecilia, L'Arachel, Haar, Naesala, Mist, Mia, Ilyana, Laura, Dorothea, Lysithea. (None of my tastes makes sense except I like women xD)
  11. Seteth had so many villain flags around him (even as far as giving him Koyasu's voice in a time where people would just meme his voice) that it was kind of impossible don't imagine him as a jerk, snob, sinister minister. But oh boy, I was wrong, and I'm happy that my expectations were subverted.
  12. October looks so empty; specially compared with previous months (and specially with December near with 9 Legs/Myths)... there must be something hidden; like a Byleth or even a double reveal or something. Going from 8 Legs/Myth a Month to 6 again feels weird.
  13. Probably he feels like that because at least those characters are officially perceived as Main Characters, and Camilla it's "only popular", because of the "most shallow reasons".
  14. The theme feeling so curse in a Fire Emblem it's probably part of the appeal. Shambhala it's a very cursed place, and even the characters are sick of it's overbearning presence; this helps this place to feel even more alien.
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