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  1. So... I think I would just give Micaiah some extra stats. (Old) 35 HP 35 ATK 28 SPD 18 DEF 35 RES = 151 BST (New) 36 HP 37 ATK 28 SPD 18 DEF 37 RES = 156 BST I just added the +1 at base stats in her HP because I wanted to continue the tradition with her Atk/Res
  2. For a moment I thought you were saying under any circunstances Solos are better... I need to sleep (?)
  3. Stat-wise Dedue it's probably better; but having a weakness in Flying it's yikes, specially if you don't have NG+ bonuses.
  4. Probably the character-driven story it's the reason the Arundel/Thales thing was never completely explored with Dimitri; after all his story depended completely in his character arc and recover Faerghus from Cornelia's evil deeds and Edelgard's war. Dimitri's story ended the moment he became a Good King and ruler of Fodlan; anything else would be the cherry on top. In the other hand, Edelgard having a final confrontation with Thales is something that would actually fit her narrative; not with the same strenght as defeating Rhea and reunite Fodlan of course, which was after all her main objective in the story. And that is the reason I'm totally okay with the idea of the Edelgard cutscene being the battle with Rhea; and if it's possible, having the rest of the story as future maps in the updates (the story can be closed with 2 or 3 chapters, the total annihaltion of the TWSITD isn't needed because of the several minor conflicts it still continued for some years referenced in the endings). But of course, seeing Thales dead in her route would without a doubt bring a definitive end to the evils of the past.
  5. I don't think Rhea is evil; but she is definitely crazy and a PSTD victim.
  6. I'm sure the Edelgard Route was since the beginning intented to exist (it was implied it's existence since the first trailer); however it's very clear that the game wanted you to know the tragic story of "Edelgard the Lady of Hresvelg" before actually trying to reach her hand (which probably feels the most interesting if you accidently enter in the Church Route) That probably affected the priorities developing the game's chapters and the cutscenes (after all Edelgard only appears as a hero in one of them).
  7. I'm sometimes amazed for the fact Frederick's other voice (Daisuke Ono), it's the voice of Jotaro.
  8. A motherly figure Yeah; she has Kikuko Inoue's voice after all. She has the perfect voice for this role There are more veterans in this game than I expected; but only Koyasu and Inoue doesn't voice old looking characters
  9. Place 205th; with 1,136 votes. She was carried by Sanaki; I'm sure of that.
  10. I guess so; I need to have a confirmation of absolute anhilation Oh yeah, that was very incredible; it goes against so many things one would expect from a Fire Emblem Main Character without making them outright evil. Even more with the fact she is a female, and the female it's usually the secondary lord in overall value to the narrative, or even the third... Expecting to the arrive of Edelgard's story was such a wild ride.
  11. I think it's mostly the fact her route lacks cutscenes that makes it look like it was the one with the less priority in the development cycle. But I don't think the route was simply added willy-nilly, I'm sure it definitly was planned to exists since the very beginning; specially because it's existence it one of the most interesting parts of playing Three Houses; joining with the antagonist of the first part of the game it's such a weird change of pace; and it gives us a lot of new perspectives (include how this path change several endings in the game) in many stuff; specially in Edelgard's ideals and how she was misguided more that anything else. Also technically all the routes are wrong because at least one of the protagonists dies, and the main villians aren't completely destroyed.
  12. I think giving Edelgard a route was always intented (I mean, it would be very weird to promote your main waifu as pretty much the most important character of the narrative since the very beginning, and ended up making her 100% guaranted to die regardless of what you do); but the game definitely wanted to promote the narrative of "Edelgard, the fallen hero"; specially with the Complete version of her theme being very sad and tragic. Of course the whole nature of Edelgard's route (specially the lack of cutscenes) suggest it was indeed the last one to be developed.
  13. I wonder what was the impression of the people that picked Edelgard for "maximum waifu bait" reasons and ended up forgetting to activate Edelgard's route split. It would really be a very weird moment... but one that it would make sense in hindsight; Edelgard it's actually promoted a lot more in her anti-villain status in the trailers; in fact, the only Cutscene where Edelgard it's the hero (well, anti-hero) it's the only one that wasn't show (not even partially, like with the Church's cutscenes with zero context) in promotional material as far as I remember. I guess IS and co. really wanted people to accidently enter the Church's route and cry.
  14. I find interesting that Kronya is the only one of the slithers that doesn't have magic prophet eyes... In fact her eyes looks very similar to the actual Monica. And she doesn't seem to have real attachment to the Agarthan Cause; mostly just following Thales and having crazy fun. She doesn't have the same spirit to actually accept dying for the cause, unlike Solon that prefers to fight until the end after his plan failed.
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