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  1. Considering the tradition of the last two years and existence of both Duo and Harmonic Units it practically guarantes we'll have an Game specific banner in June and a mixed one in July. About the choices... We still haven't used Archanea, Valentia, Jugdral and Tellius for full banner, Archanea and Tellius have shared one year, and Jugdral is a continent that IS has been extremely and obsessively cautious with these characters... So I think we're getting an Valentia or Tellius focused banner... This banner also has the potential to be Heroes-specific though, considering we're still waiting for Freyja's first alt as well as the inevitable Fjorm Summer alt With the July banner I believe the units will be a combination of the one not used of the above + Fodlan.
  2. There are definitely some alternatives to consider beyond what I just said; I focused mostly in the ones that have confirmed precedent... and to be fair I forgot some of them xDU
  3. If someone wants to discuss what is Deconstruction or what it's... I don't know if this is the appropiate thread... But I'm gonna left here a wikipedia page about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deconstruction
  4. Oh My, so you actually were quite close with your blind guess. Nice analysis! 😄
  5. Now this makes me wonder how much generations exists between Fjalar and Arvis, considering how there is like a 100~ year difference it would actually be possible to calculate.
  6. I had to stretch it with Archanea and Jugdral, with Tellius I had so many options that some ended up slipping from my mind xD. Oh crap!... Fixed! You're right I forgot to mention Athos too xD (I have my doubts about Nergal being a Mythic because Nemesis is a thing).
  7. Oh wow, even if I separate the characters depending where they had their biggest role, it still puts Blazing Blade in the bigger end, and there is definitely demand and predecent for a Athos Mythic. True, I forgot to mention Elincia (the other potential Tellius Legenday, and potential releasing in April), I technically forgot Sanaki too, but in her case so far doesn't exist the precedent... at least for now.
  8. I can see that, thought, that makes me think that Valentia is the first continent to exhaust all their potential Mythic/Legendary Heroes, with all the lords already used and the two gods too. Also, Three Houses to that point too considering they only really need to add Byleth now (any other potentially Legendary/Mythic unit could be a stretch I suppose). So about the total numbers... Archanea: Marth, Tiki, Naga* (Notable omissions: Medeus; other potential new legendary/mythical: Caeda) Valentia: Alm, Celica, Duma, Mila (Notable omissions: none; potential: ???) Jugdral: Seliph, Julia, Leif (Notable omissions: Sigurd; potential: Deirdre, Lewyn, Nanna) Elibe: Roy, Lilina, Eliwood, Hector, Lyn, Bramimond (Notable omissions: None; potential: Ninian) Magvel: Eirika, Ephraim (Notable omissions: none?; potential: Lyon) Tellius: Ike, Yune, Altina (Notable omissions: Micaiah, Ashera; potential: Lehran, Dheginshea, Soren) Awakening: Chrom, Robin/Grima, Lucina, Naga* (Notable omissions: ???; potential... I guess another Robin) Fates: Corrin (F), Azura, Ryoma (Notable omissions: Anankos; potential: Xander, technically any of the Royal Siblings I suppose). Three Houses: Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Sothis, Seiros (Notable omissions: Byleth; potential: Rhea?) Edit: Add Athos to Elibe's notable omissions; Elincia to Tellius' omissions; there imagine I'm missing other potential candidates, you're free to comment your own choices) Also Edit: Bramimond was added, because for some reason I missed them xd
  9. Yup, there is more effort in coding the effects weapons xd
  10. The Spring Units funny enough not even need to get new sprites in order to get new Prfs, because their weapons designs are already unique to them so they just need to change slightly the name, or something like that xD.
  11. I have a few in mind Eternal Tome (Sophia): (OG effect is Raven tome + Bracing Stance 2) Make the stance effect also include Atk, go to +5 and give it Guard effect too. You would also make it work if the enemy is at full HP because... why not? Awakening Falchion (Lucina and others): (OG effect is Renewal 3 and Spectrum Bond (+4)) Make the Bond Effect +5, work at Range 2; you can also make the weapon give debuff negation if isn't strong enough xd Breath of Fog (Mini Tiki and Wumbo Tiki): (OG effect is Renewal 3 and a team-specific Range 2 Atk/Def Bond effect (+5)) Make the Bond effect work with any unit, but give extra stats with Sword and Dragon Allies (+7 total); also make the effect give Resistance too. Cymbeline (Sanaki): (OG effect is Drive Attack 2 and a team-specific Range 2 Atk/Res Bond effect (+5)) Make the Bond effect work with any unit, but give extra stats with Flying Allies (+7 total); also, Drive Attack 2 is now Joint Drive Atk + JDRes (ow yeah). Naga (Julia: Naga's Blood): (OG effect is Bracing Stance 2 + a very specific specific mix of Close Ward and Mystic Boost) Make the weapon have Guard effect in Enemy Phase (against Dragons all the time), +5 Atk/Res when fighting magic (Tome, Staff, Breath) enemy, and make the anti-adaptive damage universal (just in case). Axe of Virility (Bartre): Give it a CONDITIONAL BRAVE EFFECT. OW YEAH xd
  12. I think is a bit funny, how despite most of the characters associated with the usual Est characteristics are quite popular; Est herself seems to have been carried out mostly for the popularity of Catria and the people associated with her through gameplay (I'm sure a lot of people know of Est, either for shared images of the trio of because people's description of her being shared when people talk of Nino). ____ About predictions, I personally believe is either Blazing Blade or Fates, we're still a bit too soon to release Three Houses stuff again (the last banner was just 4 Months ago, and while he had saw Three Houses appear frequently in seasonals, we're still like 4 months away from the difference there was in between Lysithea's and Shamir's banner). During the banner release we'll be a 11 months away from Fates' previous banner and more of one YEAR since the Blazing Blade banner, considering how the cast, surprisingly, hasn't been exploited as much as it could be; they're the most likely candidate for the next banner. Unless IS decides to drop SoV this time, but I doubt it, I don't think we're gonna see a SoV banner until like October at least having a game without banners for two years brings bad rep to them.
  13. The cast is clearly not small, but isn't as bloated compared with Archanea, and the subs are pretty much expendable in the subject of representation, the ones that got cards were quite affortunate, and that was in part thanks to FE4 representation in Cipher was in a position where it was able to put minor characters like the previously mentioned Pamela and Díthorba. But anyway, the point is that Sacred Stones got screwed in getting boosters.
  14. The fact that the FE4 playable cast isn't particular big, and Jugdral appeared in more boosters thanks to how the game is divided. FE4 stuff appeared in 4 Booster Series (and that isn't even counting FE5 that also appeared in two boosters, compared with Sacred Stones that appeared in... 2... and one of the boosters they had, was shared with Three Houses... in it's debut...). Considering this I'm not exactly surprised that they had troubling getting anything.
  15. The base game mounted mages are Dark Knight and Holy Knight, so yeah, it should be that one.
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