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  1. Sylvain's actions and mindset outright disgust me and makes me kind of dislike him. This kind of self-indulgence it's beyond being mean, it almost feels evil to assume the worst of every single women; and treating them like trash. The worst thing is that people like him actually exists in the real world, and that disturbs me.
  2. If we get 4 Winners for year, and each new game has around 3 to 6 characters that are main the competition for CYL... When do you think the next game will arrive?
  3. Yup, in fact, there is only a window of like 8 hours where you can't do the Quest. I think the only thing that is more flexible than this is the Aether Resorts side-objectives.
  4. Oh yeah, Julius was mostly in the context of VS. other NPCs, Ishtar is popular even among playable characters.
  5. I guess it makes sense considering his main competence for this position it's already in the game (Ishtar, Arvis and Julius)
  6. I wonder which route will decide to go with Erinys considering how Falcon Knights are in FE4.
  7. I guess Eyvel will continue the tradition of Themed/OC/Crossover Banners (Post Book 1) don't have demotes. December's banner was such a weird banner, but I guess it makes more sense in hindsight, I appreciate we still got Tanya and the meme though.
  8. I wonder what the update will bring... I can see this chapter will gives us a proper introduction for more stuff from the Book 4, particularly Plumeria. The banner is nice; though I want to wait before making my move, I'm wondering what exactly will happen in banner of Late January know that we apparently don't have 3-4* demote.
  9. VM is probably the safest choice, because of how you get to know a lot of stuff (except things specific for the other MCs). AM is too detached from the main conflict, CF depends a bit on your attachment to Edelgard and SS is a very weird experience having no Lord. But if you like Edelgard you can't go wrong with CF.
  10. Ah Omega, just in case, I suggest you to put spoilers
  11. Then... the skills would name like this in english: Distant Ward, Distant Armor. Close Ward, Close Armor.
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