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  1. I don't have premium +10, only Sophia, Nino and Masked Lucina. But I also have a +7 HS!Micaiah and a +6 Base Micaiah
  2. There is something quite funny about one of the predictions, the whole demon name and the Crest of Flames was connecting Byleth to the villain of the past Nemesis, some though they would actually had been a descendent of Nemesis, now we know that is technically wrong And in fact Byleth is technically descendent of the other historical figure. But there is a very funny thing that happened with this, we don't have a proper descendent of Nemesis, but we have TWO characters that can be seen as reencarnations of Nemesis (one created as such, other acknowledged as such) And I need to keep mentioning the irony of both these characters being technically descendents of the OTHER historical figure.
  3. Maybe they're just waiting for a moment where using the Askr isn't an inherited advantage, which I imagine it'll still take a wild, also, I think merges for Alfonse and Sharena should be locked behind story mode acomplishments or something like that.
  4. I'm planning to create a Merged Adult Tiki, but I'm trying to think which build and asset should I go for, you have any suggestions?
  5. I don't think anyone I know wants to consider Edelgard a perfect person (and to be fair that removes part of the charm; Petra without her weird english commentary and her "exotic charm" it would be quite forgetable because she is technically "perfect" otherwise), but I understand where are you coming from. Some people get very heated with those discussions.
  6. I see, though while I understand the potential hypocrisy of waifu vs husbando... the thing about the other point is actually a bit more complicated. I understand the situation personally of some Edelgard fans because I have actually seen people being a bit too deluded about Edelgard's popularity, call it into question because in certain polls certain characters (Lysithea and Bernadetta, in some cases also Hilda and Byleth) were more popular than Edelgard in these contexts, and some wanted to make it look like facts, that Edelgard "failed" like Corrin or something like that. And that delusion is very annoying.
  7. And it's definitely a fair take. But now that you bring this... how we can like something objectively thought?
  8. Wait a minute, I just noticed I mix up Claude's and Dimitri's names hahahahah xD (Fixing). And while I agree Gacha usually benefit women, that isn't always the case, there always some special case for some reason or another.
  9. *Sigh* Well, unless you get every single Fire Emblem fan into some kind of concetration camp and tells them that the only way of escape is through telling which their favorite character, it's impossible to know how much "waifu culture" affected certain characters. And come on, "Husbando" factor also exists; do you think Dimitri would be the most popular male character he wasn't a punished damaged boi with mental issues (I mean, do you remember pasta boy)? Okay, maybe not the most noble thing to say, but whatever.
  10. That sounds like a good idea, after all, the fact mid term started earlier makes the results more volatile.
  11. I'm interested in seeing how that would look... heheh. Damn, I already lose too many orbs trying to get Sakura xD
  12. And Nino and Mia, they always manage to appear in the Top 20 of Females... somehow, even now. Not like I mind it, I actually really like Nino.
  13. Sylvain's actions and mindset outright disgust me and makes me kind of dislike him. This kind of self-indulgence it's beyond being mean, it almost feels evil to assume the worst of every single women; and treating them like trash. The worst thing is that people like him actually exists in the real world, and that disturbs me.
  14. If we get 4 Winners for year, and each new game has around 3 to 6 characters that are main the competition for CYL... When do you think the next game will arrive?
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