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  1. Hello, I just got into fire emblem rom hacking, and had an idea for a rom hack but there is something I can't find the solution to. I wanted to make the game into a dungeon crawler style game. For this I am using FEbuilder, and using a base of Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones. In order to begin actually turning my idea into a rom hack, I first needed to make sure that every concept that makes up my idea actually works. Pretty much the only thing that is really blocking me is finding a way for the end of a chapter to lead to another chapter selected at random. I know there is a way for the next chapter to be selected by something happening in the game, since that is essentially what the Eirika-Ephraim split is. It also seems rather simple to generate a random number and have a certain event happen or not based on the value of that number, but I simply haven't found a way to do that. I also tried seeing how the game makes the Eirika-Ephraim split by analyzing the events but it was confusing and I figured asking here would be better, since even knowing how the game does it wouldn't solve the problem. So, does anyone know how I could put a condition on a "Go to next Chapter" event and have that condition be determined by RNG? I also have 2 other, less important questions that I didn't find an answer to while researching: Can I preserve the health of characters through chapters? Can the Chapter list be extended?
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