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  1. Maybe I was misinformed and reading a false wikia edit one day or something. I didn't think it made sense either.
  2. In at least one game Gharnef carried that tome and used it. It's a reference to that. At least I HEARD Gharnef used that tome in one game... And hmmmm maybe. Could use Staff Savant for it.
  3. I'm thinking these: Gharnef: Skill Crest: Renewal (HP slowly regenerates in battle) Warrior Special: Holseti Awakening Special: Imhullu (Also gains it's invulnerability effect while in Awakening Mode) Validar: Skill Crest: Grima's Protection (Defenses increases as your Health decreases in battle) Warrior Special: Goetia Awakening Special: Grima's Truth Iago: Skill Crest: Treachery (Enemies' Morale starts off low at the beginning of the battle) Warrior Special: Fimbulvetr Awakening Special: Ginnungagap Darios: Skill Crest: Rally (Allie's Morale starts off high at the beginning of the battle) Warrior Special: Darios leaps into the air with his sword turning into a dark crucifix then slams it into the ground, cracking the ground with a big fissure and sending enemies flying. Awakening Special: Darios channels Velezark's power and glows red then swings his sword tearing through all frontal enemies.
  4. How so? Are you joking? You can't even grind in this game like you can in Sacred Stones. That alone makes it far harder. Not to mention the tedious and grueling enemy phases. And did you seriously just say this game is easier than the 3DS games? If you've played similar games before then sure. But if it weren't for Awakening this franchise would've been discontinued. They had to take a better approach to casual players.
  5. Compared to them this game is quite difficult though. This is definitely not one for casual players who are only just starting the series.
  6. People actually complained about THIS being super easy? I can only imagine the complaints they must've had about Sacred Stones, Awakening, and Fates...
  7. Seems I was mistaken earlier and didn't remember right. Recruiting Kotaff and Nedata doesn't cause Shinon and Gatrie to disappear. But recruiting Sephiran does. I suppose one could argue that it's worth it because of gaining a literally invincible character on your team. But I really like Shinon and Gatrie. I don't like not having them with me.
  8. You're gonna want to ditch Jagen eventually. He starts off good at the beginning but he's really only mediocre at best. Definitely less than subpar after the beginning.
  9. Found out the problem. Apparently if you rescue a blue enemy unit and then turn them red again while they're still rescued all the way to the end of the chapter it creates a weird glitch that causes the rescuer to leave your team... Interestingly though, If you do this with Mist you get a slightly inferior version of her to replace her when you face The Black Knight. Shes comes as a Valkyrie but with much lower stats, and only a Heal Staff and Mend Staff and only a D level in both swords and staves.
  10. Yeah a boss fight with Khozen would've been awesome. Not only that, but they also had some characters sub in for others too at times and having them quote lines characters from another game said. Would've been better to just use the actual characters instead. I would've loved for Garon and Medeus etc. to be in even if only as bosses.
  11. I know it definitely has something to do with my settings. I recently adjusted the screen size since I heard that had something to do with it. Now my problem has become BSOD instead. Do I need an SD Card to use Gecko Codes?
  12. I never recruit those. And if I accidentally do it I let them be killed off. I'm pretty sure I just don't have Dolphin configured right cause this has only started happening recently. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary since then. Unless it's because of the code to let Blue Units move infinitely that I recently started using just for the lulz. We really need a better version of the control enemies code. One that lets you select the enemy you want to recruit and turn them blue or something. And hopefully a way to recruit bosses from Defeat Boss chapters too. Sadly I don't think anyone is working on new codes for this game anymore.
  13. I've recently started having another issue lately too that I haven't had before. I can't help but think it must be because of Dolphin. When I try to recruit some enemies it doesn't tell me that I got them when Soren gives me the battle report. Yet I later see that I DID get them. And characters have recently started just disappearing from my army after a certain point in the game in later chapters too. In one playthrough Jill did. And then in another Mist did. They didn't die. They were literally just not there anymore. Almost like they pulled a Birthright Kaze on me. Mist ended up returning when I faced The Black Knight though and I got to have her back. The game treated her like a new character when I did though listing her as a new ally I gained in Soren's report. At least she was already a Valkyrie when I got her again though. But her equipment sucked and she didn't have the sword I gave her anymore.
  14. These are all awesome. Sadly recruiting either of the first two results in a glitch that causes Shinon and Gatrie to not appear in later chapters and thus makes them impossible to obtain again. At least that's what happened to me. You're right about the others though. They're neat. And I recruited a Red Feral Dragon too. He was a freaking beast. Way better than Ena.
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