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  1. Zuda

    World Map Woes

    If you skip the opening by press start, did the game also freeze or not ? also, one advice. you should conserv several version of functionnal progression in order to go back and redo your changement again. Sometimes the bug is tricky to’find and revert, like forexample you erase or write in memory space you must avoid. If you have a restauration point, use it and redo your custom opening scene to see if you have the same pb
  2. I reallylike the nephenee portrait andanimation. I will add it in my hack if i can. Thanks
  3. It’s forbidden to do it in public, because they don’t want there away to download rom with the site, for legal purpose. But you can share it in privacy no ? But yeah, if it’s only hard mode, change only small stat for boss and characger don’t change a lot. But it really cool to play sanaki 😞
  4. Can you give the rom in pm ? And it’s the rom is the japanese version woth maniac mode ?
  5. It’s depend of what you want in the game. If you want a cakewalk run, play normal. If you want a game, where you don’t have a overpowert u it who one round 5 ennemies per ennemy phase, play hard mode. Because it’s the specificity of fe6 compared to other gba fe. You fight strong and tough opponent, and need to team up in order to defeat only one guy. That means you need cheap damage, and a guy who have the possibility to crit and so 1 round a opponent sometimes is not useless, compared to fe7 and 8 where one round anennemyis easy, so it’s a full oriented ennemy phase oriented game. That’s what s like in fe6, so i only play hard mode ironman. What i find pretty boring in fe6 is the difficulty curve not linear at all, and some very boring map.
  6. Yeah’ but the main idea is that there’s many thing that take time to growth on you. And something you dislike the first time, you can enjoy it later... or not. When you use to hit things easily, and play according to it, it became a pain to have a lower hit rate. When you are used to doge tank everythink, it’s a pain when you harly have more than 50% chance to dodge. That’s why fe8, fe6 and fe11 are not the same game, with just different maps and character. But different playstyle that you can enjoy for different reason, or prefer one to another. You need to take the time to appreciate it or not. Can’t it shit is frustrating, when it seems for you rng, but good strat neglec this factor. It just that it could turn harderthan expected, but always manageable. And that’s why you ’ve got plenty of character, and good prepromote in this game. Or you could hate it and want to change it according to your taste. But if you don’t know the game, how can you know that ? And how a guy can now what fit more to your taste ? Me for example don’t like some aspect of fe6, fe7 and fe8 and planned to change it in some hack to enjoy a lot more. But it s because I know the vanilla game and what I could improve each specific fe gba game. It’s easy to add skill or increase hit rate of the weapon. You canalso remove all avoidance, and have a no rng game and completly change the game. But it would be a better game for you in a context of a fe6 design ? We and you can’t really know, because map designof fe6 have no the same philosophy than other gba fe. That’s why don’t take more time that 7 chapter to decide it seems to me pretty bad.
  7. By changing the hit rate, of course you change the game. The hit rate in fe6 make the sword unit more important, because you need the accuracy, and unit with high skill and luck valuable. In fe7 and fe8, sword is the worst weapon, because the hit rate is over kill, and axe user are so steong especially the berseker. Sword lock is the worst because the accuracy is not needed, and it 1 range only. In fe6, you really like them, during the early and mid game. And axe user is pretty bad. Also, less accurate hit rate means more phase where all not go according to the initial plan, and you need to change your strategy because of that. So it require adaptation and you cant just play wth the same strat all the time, unlike other fe, like shadows dragon or fe12 where is really hard to avoid something. But it’s part of the game and the map where design with that in mind. Of course you can change it withnightmare or gba fe builder, but you can also learn to adapt. FE6 can be beaten in iron man all the time, it’s not rng based.
  8. I will test it after my holliday. I like the control of no name character, and it's something I want to add to my hack too. I don't really know myself how to make a defend the throne chapter. But it'seems you can specify to the AI to target a specific class. For exemple, you can do a "protect the king chapter". The king would be a npc you can't rescue drop (because too much con) and the AI want to target this class. I don't really check, but there a FE8 chapter like that, and a FE7 chapter like that (where you need to protect an uncounscious Nils). So you can check if it work like that, or if there anything else. There also a defend the throne chapter in fe7 hector mode only
  9. I don't really get what you really do. Can you please send your rom here, so I could check it and see if there's something I find weird
  10. just go to this link : there all the tutoriel you need to anwser to your question like how to edit portrait and stuff https://feuniverse.us/t/fe-builder-gba-if-you-have-any-questions-attach-report7z/2845 the markyejoe video will give you the base to create a simple chapter. After that you will need to practice the event part to create more complex stuff
  11. To add an ennemy, you should go to the unit place menu. Select the load unit that contain the ennemy in the map. Click on extended list. That will allow you to put the number of element you want in the list of ennemy. If its a list of 6 and you want 10 ennemy, just put 10 instead of 6. After that, you need to place the new ennemy created in the map. Just click on the ennemy you want to locate, and after that on the map. An ennemy come with you if you put AI like that primary : 100% chance of action Secondary : move against the opponent (don't remenber the text, but it's the first one) For the boss to move, you must also put "don't retreat" instead of "don't retreat (AI boss)"
  12. What did you do in the prologue ? It's seems the condition to win your prologue is always true, so he directly pass this chapter. Try this. Add in the event that normally send you in the next chapter a random command you can see in the screen, like get an item iron sword. And see if you could see that. If you can see it check the condition to trigger this event. If not, try to figure out exactly when the prologue is skiped. Can you see the introduction when they show the map and describe all the nation ?
  13. what did you do for this chapter ? Do delete everything in the prologue and start with an empty chapter ? Most of the bug I have, it's when for exemple, in the vanilla chapter in a event there something like "character x move to coordinates X Y", but the character doesn't exist anymore. Or Move unit located at X Y to X' Y'. I already have this glitch vision, and it always implie in my short xp, that the game try to access at something that don't exist. edit : if it's the prologue, it could be the event "All the ennemy except the boss is dead -> trigger the event where Seth say << now, I go murder the boss, yosh>>". There no seth anymore, so he can't say that, and when you murder all the ennemy, this event is trigger, so that generates this bug
  14. Where can I place a escape point with fe gba builder ? I already test with a lockpick, it change nothing. ------------------------ even with an escape point, it does not work. The only way I could have a thief who avoid to fight if he could move somewhere to open door, steal or open chest is by removing his weapon from now
  15. Hi, I try to set the AI for the thieve to have this comportement. He should go open a door to alert the guard if I can't intercept him, and so ruin my sneak attack attemps. The problem is that he don't go to the door and just attack me instead. In vanilla version of fe8, the thieve ignore you except he can do anything like steal, open chest and doors etc. So I check what AI they put. Strangely it's : Primary AI : 00 = chance of action 100% Secondary AI : 01 = move toward ennemy. If I use this, he do what I described, than mean attack me when I'm in this range. I try something like Primary AI : 06 = Do not act (AI 2 = Move only ) Secondary AI : 05 = Attack village and treasure, then move to escape point but he don't move at all. I don't forget to put in his inventary a door key. But I think the problem is that the thief don't know how to unlock the gate. When I remove any weapon from the thief, he go to the gate but he is blocked and don't inlocked it. If I kill the thief and get his door key, I can unlock the doors through. So what coul be the problem ? edit: in fact, he can unlock the gate, but he only move to do it if i remove his weapon
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