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  1. Honestly I’m pretty indifferent to avatar S supports, so knowing that they are the only ones makes me a bit sad especially since Byleth is so freaking bland. I don’t mind silent self-inserts since I love Story of Seasons and even DQXI, but IS leaning so far into Persona territory is irritating since I like their MCs less and less with every passing title. But thinking this is most likely an experiment, and IS will probably pay attention to the fandom’s reaction and keep fine tuning S supports makes it okay for me.
  2. I have Seasons of Warfare and the normal edition with a slight discount preordered, but I’m seriously thinking of going digital. I’m not going to be free anyway until the 29th and I’m pretty sure Amazon is going to have trouble delivering my game since I won’t be around. Honestly, I think the Seasons of Warfare is very underwhelming and I’m planning to cancel it even if I go physical.
  3. People always go on about Awakenings marketing, but the only major things I remember was the cross promotion with SMTIV, Canada breaking street day a week before, and everyone complaining about the shortage and not getting their preorders on time. Also, fans worrying about the game not being localized since it wasn’t announced at E3 and Reggie letting it slip that yes it was coming to a random reporter. I’m not quite sure what fans consider good marketing.
  4. Mercedes, Annette, and Lorenz were confirmed to have gone to magic school before.
  5. But this is not fantasy high school, but a military academy hence why no one is actually the same age. Maybe the military academy in Fodlan only lasts 1 year, similar to vocational schools in rl. Also for confirmation, Vincent should have something in one of his analysis. I remember he was theorizing that the school year would only last 12 months due to the deadlines of some of the side quests, and I think there was something from E3 that confirmed this.
  6. I forgot about that, so Cyril might be a noble from Almyra. Although I hope not since we have way too many nobles.
  7. Cyril has been confirmed to be a commoner, so I doubt he’s related to either Claude or Catherine. So Seteth doesn’t have a last name on the website. I wonder why some of the characters don’t, is it a spoiler? Does it mean they’re actually going to be more story relevant?
  8. It’s probably same face syndrome that affects a lot of art styles since people keep thinking that some characters are related when they’re not.
  9. Catherine looks more like a typical Hero from the other games than a Swordmaster. So Cyril is more likely to be our trainee after the time skip. Also, definitely not Claude’s little brother like people were joking.
  10. Or she turned into a sword. I wonder if that’s the sword that Edelgard is shown wielding, and why it would be left behind? Did Seiros wake up by herself and left the sword to her descendants? Different factions in the church, or same faction who reanimated Nemesis trying to reenact a war?
  11. Green Xander is best Xander. He’s cute, but I’m not sure about the facial hair. Thin beards must be in fashion in Fodlan, but I wish the artist would just draw fuller facial hair.
  12. It would be annoying if we had to unlock lunatic, but I guess it’s extra replay value. We saw the title screen with the throne but no Sothis, so maybe this confirms that it changes.
  13. Didn’t google translate say he was a bottom? She was probably going with the joke.
  14. I’m excited for costumes, so hopefully they aren’t too expensive. Doesn’t normal mode give you free maps for grinding on the weekends? Any grinding dlc would probably be extra free maps on any mode.
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