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  1. Ah yeah. I kept Flayn by me and my advance group since she's my dancer and Seteth is normally Ingrid's adjunct who's normallyoff doing her own thing with Sylvain. I'm planning on doing a church run next so I should be able to get that done then.
  2. Where do you find that out? I had guessed she was a lot older than everyone else but no where has it been out right stated to me. I've been abusing my save before you choose who to s rank with and I've gotten pretty good at blitzing through the last two maps with just four people, I did the first one properly and saw Sothis's S-rank. I also did one to see if theres a cut scene when no one is chosen, Flyne's and if just done one for Mecedes. And just incase anyone was curious what "team" I was using it's Great Lord Dimitri, Bishop Mecedes, Dancer Flyne and Enlightened Byleth with the chalice from Cindered Shadows equipped.
  3. I have a save the Sunday directly before you make the choice so part of me is tempted to just cheese it and keep reloading to see all the possible endings. It is really tempting, there's a real cuteness factor there, especially when she sings. That's where I've been going wrong!
  4. I'm at the point where you decide who to marry and I'm not sure who I should choose. I'm currently looking at a three way tie between Ingrid, Annete and Flyne. I've never played a Fire Emblem game before and I've mostly enjoyed my first playthrough with the Blue Lions, although Dimitry and Filix nearly ruined it as I really couldn't stand them and their personalities. To the point I've barely been playing and taken months just on the one route. Anyway enough rambling and back to the topic, I also have Mercedes as an option but I don't like her. I find her to sickly sweet. I've enjoyed my time with Ingrid, Annette and Flyne and will probably have to re watch all their supports I've unlocked before I make a final decision. But I was hoping for a little input/advice. Also if someone could tell me how to create a poll if its possible I would be grateful.
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