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  1. As I play through Thracia for the first time, I have to say I like Move Level Ups, but it is definitely not a mechanic that should exist. I agree with Glennstavos that it should remain as only something that can be gained on promotion.
  2. Use all of the saves. I did Slot 1 - Every turn/autosave, Slot 2 - Save after every castle, Slot 3 - Save at the beginning of each chapter. Slot 4 was wildcard. This helps in case your one autosave is of a turn you can't save (because you goofed).
  3. I think weapons need to be tweaked and pursuit needs to be reworked. I don't want pursuit to be completely removed because for some characters it's literally the only skill they can pass down and I love inheritance. Of course, it could always just be removed and replaced with something else. Tiltyu/Coirpre need to join at a higher level so they're more usable and maybe a couple of other characters could join a bit higher too. I don't want an avatar, but if IS is so hellbent to add one (especially since their most successful titles have all featured one) just let it be Oifey. Pick Oifey's name/gender and maybe even dictate his Gen II class and leave it at that. I don't want the huge maps to be chopped up into smaller chapters which I just...I dunno I can see them doing that to make them easier to digest. I love the big maps because it's reminiscent of playing a hex-and-counter wargame. At the moment I'm not super confident that it will get remade. It honestly surprises me that it hasn't though, because it seems like the sales numbers for the game were excellent, but it might have to do with dealing with how different it plays and how big the maps are. I'm also not super confident they will retain a lot of features, although some of my very good friends that know the series much more than me are confident it won't change too much because apparently Shadows of Valentia didn't have huge changes. I wouldn't know because I haven't played it.
  4. I almost never use Armored Knights. I have experimented with them 3H in using the DLC movement boosters (Fretters + the shoes that give +2 Mvt) to make a move 7 unit with Canto. Makes them a lot deadlier. It was a bit of a meme because I'd rather stick these buffs on a bishop to keep their healing or dump them on Edelgard for the supermemes. Their res + speed growth keeps them from being real useful on the front as well in my mind. In other games they're simply too slow. Like seriously sometimes they're even slower than healers who already feel slow as molasses.
  5. I've always been rather poor at the double reeds. I'd love to learn, but I'm working on Clarinet and Flute right now. My primary instrument is French Horn though and to be honest there's a stunning lack of directors that teach French Horn around my part of Arkansas which is quite sad. It's such a difficult instruments and for a lot of directors they don't know or just don't push their students to get over the incredibly high learning curve.
  6. When I was younger I always thought James Bond was real cool so I ended up fusing it with my first name (...Alex, lol). Nowadays on things like discord I tend to go just by 'Alex' or 'Alex - Music Man' because I end up answering a lot of music questions or rambling out music things since that's my college major.
  7. I really only watch games from the SEC so I'm most interested in seeing how Kentucky does this year. They don't feel as strong as they usually are and I'm hoping they get clapped early so I don't have to deal with their fans. Auburn is doing pretty dang good (Bruce Pearl generally does a good job as a coach so it makes sense) so they might make some noise. I don't see anyone else from the conference doing much in the NCAA tournament. I wanted to see Tennessee do...something?! this season but not looking too good for us.
  8. Alexbond


    Hello, I'm Alex and I've recently gotten into Fire Emblem. I played the original GBA game when I was younger but was never big into it. Now I'm nearly finished with university and decided to pick up Three Houses for my Switch. I had a lot of fun with it and I've started doing rounds in other titles - working through FE4 right now and I'm hoping to continue up the chain and play thru the whole series. I've been lightly lurking but decided I'd like to be more active and attempt to get involved with the community.
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