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  1. Maybe I’m just a bit slow. Recently I’m doing a M!Byleth+all waifu run (as I name it a pervert run). I ended doing warp and rescue a lot and notice sometimes Constance seems to never run out o fm rescue. After a while I confirmed her crest preserves Rescue (I don’t know about ward, but if so that’s also good because that’s free massive exp points). Did anyone mention this? In this way I think it puts her potentially even better than Lysithea. BTW I’m pretty enjoying my “almost all waifu mage” (NG maddening) run so far so I may post it once I finished it. Early chapters are so fun in a hilarious way if most of your team are mages.
  2. First, “balance” doesn’t mean “outclass”, not “homogeneous” either. It means “trade off”. I don’t know why you think only flying can make SM good enough. Say if I make it ignore terrain 6mov, buff astra to 60% per hit and +hit instead of -hit, and add a permanent 1-2 range wind cleaver effect, it would be probably good enough and it certainly still is SM, and even more SM because cleaving through air is a established troupe in asian martial art lore. If you don’t want an advanced class to be too good, then make a new master class. Even in current game, Grappler line is a good example of trade off: fliers have better mobility, but punchers have more kill power overall.
  3. Sigh. Look, you are confusing reason with result: that SM is bad is the reason you want to change it, instead of SM is bad because you could never make it good. You are hypothetically designer now. If SM is still straight up worse and no those natural SM units want to use it, then it’s still not “balanced”, and you should buff it further, which is the point of “balancing”. Why CAN’T we buff it significant enough? Is that a taboo? For example, if I give SM 6 move plus ability to attack 1-2 range with swords, and 1-4 range when full health (modeled after Link and Yiga Blademaster in botw; don’t take it literally as I’m just brainstorming idea here, not a complete product), then perhaps Catherine would really want to stay at SM now (and one wants to nerf her early game accordingly), instead of staying b/c it’s free and she’s lacking other boons.
  4. My intuition is instead of direct buffing those weaker units up, giving them more "side niche" would be better: give them a small-ish niche, but really really good in that niche. For example, simply giving Lorenz a personal that halves magic damage taken, or -10 magic damage or whatever, then coupled with Thyrsus you got a really good niche in res tank. Perhaps still not enough to make him good, but at least it distinguishes him and you can modify the idea further. The problem with many weaker units is that they get outclassed in multiple fronts: Caspar gets outclassed by Byleth in an "overall" sense, and by Felix in a "brute-force" sense. So no matter what you patch him: authority bane or STR/SPD base, he still gets outclassed by at least one of them. Same with Ashe: in the bow front, by either Claude or Leonie, in the "speedy-crit" front, by Petra. No matter how you fix him "directly", you still get a slightly weaker Claude, or slightly weaker Petra. You cannot just throw them really broken abilities or really high stat either, since that creates new problem and is boring. So I would say trying to invent side-niche or support units might be better.
  5. They do better for now and that's why they use those classes. But isn't the point of this mental exercise to make swordmaster or whatever intended master sword class (that is not Link) as compelling as others? Then you are at least giving those units more choices, and some of them may appreciate that (e.g. Catherine obviously, or Ingrid who could be struggling in killing gets salvaged by sword classes' much improved crit rate).
  6. Not to be a buzz kill either, but I noticed that if you "fix" swordmaster, then maybe you balance the class better, but make broken units more broken (or at least enhance them): just look at units good at swords: Byleth, lords, Felix, Petra, Catherine, or even Ingrid (who can really use more kill power).
  7. Echo this. Especially in early game when your 20% SPD growth unit just don’t level up speed, while your 60% girls quickly avoid being doubled MOST OF THE TIME. However to be fair, 50% or so growth also is easier to get screwed, but even then is better than a non-screwed 20%. At say 80% then it’s much better than 50% partly because less likely getting screwed. Long story short is people ignoring standard deviation and only focus on average value, which is not what you want to do because the game is an organic process, not just arithmetic. Getting certain stat at certain time is important.
  8. Catherine was the only hope of being great with only stats, but I was disappointed at the end. I was expressing my disappointment and thought process leading to the conclusion: stats doesn’t matter that much because even Catherine can’t dominate enemies purely by stats.
  9. For one, don’t speculate my intention as if I’m hostile to a unit. I don’t appreciate that. Second, I don’t value stats that much in the long run because they don’t salvage you from being overrun by enemies. I value boons/CA/abilities and more importantly their possible combinations much more. If I get a good combination, the game gets massively easier than having more stats. I really don’t care certain unit has 5 more Str or 5 fewer, because they are not that decisive in the long run. The only place stats are decisive is very early game. If a unit doesn’t have more tools, they fall off, or become “just good”, not great. Frankly, during my play through I never paid much attention to stats, and didn’t realize my Felix got screwed and slower than even Annette, or Sylvain’s str is at Ashe level, for some time. Eventually that showed up for certain matchups. But their builds carry them, easily, and those “occasion” was very rare.
  10. Not voting as I never seriously used Catherine. But one thing needs to be pointed out: Catherine’s lv. 7 stat is, although amazing, not that amazing in long term, because a lot of stats actually come from the Swordmaster modifier. Her true stat at lv. 7 is 17 Str, which is basically on par with Edel/Dimitri, and 14 Spd, basically on par with Petra, and 1 point ahead of recruited Felix. Of course none of them have the combination of Str/Spd, and Swordmaster growth will continue to widen the gap for a little while, even if it’s just like 2 points in the end. I used to wonder if Catherine is 4 Spd ahead of Petra from the beginning and grows faster for a while, why can’t she keep up with enemy speedy units like falcons to the end, since Petra is usually very close to enemy heroes. Turns out she isn’t 4 Spd ahead. I think this kind of explains why Catherine, aside from class choices, isn’t especially strong in the long term.
  11. No I don’t think so. Iggy has only 25% Def growth. archer line doesn’t provide meaningful Def bonus if at all. 25%*34=around 8~9 Def. Base Def is 4, so he should have about 13 Def at level 35, plus minus a few points
  12. What you said is fair. I started looking at this list with the motivation to find units that will never fall off, and obviously you want high multiplier to do this. But in the end, no unit can really do this due to the “base growth rates” between player and enemy are too disproportionally large, and sometimes multiplier just makes units to fall off faster. Therefore the effect of multiplier is to make the constant part to become larger thus delaying unit falling off. So piling up multiplier is definitely useful provided the unit can do decent base damage. In the end I realized it’s still upto some subtle interplay between constant part and growth part. I know many units can do many things like Petra/Leonie definitely can quad with brave weapons in certain cases, but my goal is not that, rather it’s to find asymptotically what to expect from a unit in the long run in a more RNG/situation-independent manner.
  13. Yeah that's fair. Actually I do give her battalions for that. It's just recently DLC classes are so good so I kind of forgot. My bad.
  14. Older version with mistake Revised version: Introduction In Maddening, enemies have crazy stats, especially during timeskip. Many viable strategies become unreliable because of player stats just don't keep up with the enemies. But a handful of units manage to shine in this mode despite all that. So what's happening? Here's a brief analysis of how many physical unit builds compare to enemy scaling, and their long term viability. Conventions By (stat)G we mean growth of that stat, e.g. HPG=HP growth, STRG=strength growth, CRG=crit growth=(DEXG+LUCKG)/2, etc. We assume no-doubling if the attack is not forced double, unless certain unit is usually so fast that can double most enemies reliably (which we will give a range instead of a number), e.g. Petra. Effective Damage growth and Multiplier For example, a vengeance user will have damage growth (DAMG) equal to HPG+STRG, greatly enhancing long term damage viability, since enemy BULKG=DEFG+HPG For another example, a PBV user has a multiplier of 2x to her STRG, while a FIF user has a multiplier of 3x. Regarding Crit We only consider "reliable crit", e.g. a Swift-striker (SSer) with killer lance+ is usually considered not critting as even 50% crit x2 is still no crit 25% of the time, hence not reliable. On the other hand, a War Master with around 80% crit x 2 is only no crit 4% of the time. Factoring how many combats usually happen to one unit, we will consider such a War Master to have x2 with 1 crit, hence a 4x multiplier to STRG Constant Bonus Base stats, powerful weapons, effective damage, etc. It is affected by multipliers, but not leveling. Enemy Bulk Enemy DEFG is also affected by multiplier, but not HPG. In order to outgrow enemy, we need STRG * M > Enemy-DEFG * M + Enemy-HPG Some Other Things I might forgot to mention (add here) Results Base Line Unfortunately, no unit can keep up with enemy indefinitely. Enemy Paladin has HPG=110%, DEFG=65%. Even WM Felix quading with 100% crit, he is still losing 1 damage every 2 levels. Vengeance is around 2x multiplier, but bypasses enemy DEFG scaling with multiplier, but even Dedue can't keep up with enemy growth. Dimitri is right: eventually I too will fall. What keeps the game alive? All the constant bonuses, obviously, so multipiler is still quite relavant. List of Multipliers Format: Name (multiplier) M!Byleth/Felix (4x - 12x): War Master who can frequently quad and reliable 80 displayed crit, 4x is from 2 hits with 1 crit, and 12x is from quading monsters. Other WMs are able to reach 4x, but usually cap at 6x since most punching boys can't quad a lot. Enemy LUCKG is never high so one can assume CRITG can keep up. FIF (5x - 9x): 3 hits with + 10 crit and likely reliable at least 1 crit, up to 3 crit against monsters. Petra (3x - 6x): EP build with BWrath and semi-reliable doubling. Due to being EP, Petra has additional edge in being constantly higher-leveled than your other units. Another "jump" effect is that SPDG matters here. Petra can keep up with enemy Wyverns, maybe heroes. Claude (3x - 6x (shaky?)): similar to Petra, but he is slower, hence doubling is shaky for him, unless you give him some speed boosters. The difference is small yes, but considering doubling AS is only 4 points margin, one has to keep this in mind at least Hilda (3x - 6x (shaky)): similar to Claude, but with a lot more investment to set up, perhaps even nontrivial favoritism Dimitri (3x): BVBW Swift-Striker (2x): with large constant bonus due to abundance of powerful lances Below things may become shaky endgame Dedue (~2x): Vengeance with high STRG and HPG, bypass Enemy multiplier, Powerful lance bonus doesn't work well here as it is added only once, unlike twice for Swift-strikers Cyril (~2x): a little weaker Vengeance than Dedue, but should be just enough to keep up with enemy. Bernie (~2x): Vengeance with low STRG+HPG PBV (2x): Leonie and Cyril has middling STRG, and can't use Failnaught so no large constant bonus. Hunters Volley (2x): similar issue to PBV, but maybe Ignatz can make critting reliable? Brave Weapons (2x): not nearly powerful enough. Perhaps Edelgard can make brave axe work. Not sure. Usually too heavy to quad. Edelgard (1x): but HUGE constant bonus in Raging Storm, and galeforce effect, still the multiplier is too small Definitely not viable Scaling CAs (~1.3x? ~1.33x? I forgot): multiplier too small Standard double (shaky 2x in most cases): worse version of brave combat arts Astra (1.5x): shit Comments and reminders welcome!
  15. I see. That seems nice and I will give it a try sometime. Your experience with Dimitri agrees with mine as Dimitri can miss, can let armors survive, may miss even 99% crit since 1RN, ballistas, monsters, etc. Personally I devised Petra's build which I recommend you try it if you haven't. It's Sword Avo, Sword Prowess, Hit+20, BW, and AS+, ideally with Cichol Wyvern later on. WoDao+Rapier obviously. Compared to Byleth, the con is you need to give her Dancer for sword avoid, and it's somewhat more attention demanding since pre-timeskip you still want a regular dual-blow Petra, while Byleth doesn't get Darting blow anyways. For enemy lancers you better also give her evasion ring and/or A-support adjutant. The pro is for one, you can finish the build at around Ch10 already; secondly, basically same level of kill power as Dimitri partially thanks to Petra's speed that can double up to wyverns/heroes naturally with just a tiny nudge, as well as rapier's effective damage; thirdly, you can afford using silver sword while still maintaining around 50% crit. It also features "almost mindless" invincibility as your Byleth (usually Petra's avoid is higher around 130~150 (and earlier since AS+ compared to AS), so leaving a good buffer to deal with lancers, also why I want some additional setup; in this regard, gauntlets are indeed better.) It's not hard to reach 1/3 battalion by the way: every house has a weak yet high authority unit in Hubert, Annette and Ignatz, and guard adjutant in Caspar, Dedue, and Raph. In Silver Snow you don't have Hubert but have Seteth. So give them battalion and guard adjutant, 1-HP them two times during any battle you are all set. In my recent BL NG I got like 4 of those for Dimitri in early post-timeskip.
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