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  1. I've recently gotten into Scarab. Just ordered their two albums. Then I've also been checking out Orphaned Land this week.
  2. Zelda x Harvest/ Story of Seasons. I want to farm in Hyrule.
  3. Vaporeon. Water is my favourite type, and I like the design a lot.
  4. One of my favourite series, so I'm very excited. (Buying a Switch for those games, and Animal Crossing.)
  5. Read more science fiction/ fantasy books, drink more green tea.
  6. Super Mario Bros on NES, and later Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time on N64.
  7. Blue- Squirtle Gold- Cyndaquil Sapphire- Torchic Pearl- Piplup Soul Silver- Cyndaquil Black- Oshawatt Black 2- Oshawatt Alpha Sapphire- Torchic Omega Ruby- Mudkip X- Froakie Y- Fennekin Sun- Rowlett Ultra Moon- Litten
  8. We're doing gifts and stockings. Then making food, and playing card games.
  9. One of my favourite seasonal themes...
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