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  1. Apologies for all the questions, but I have a few more: 1, am I supposed to be sent to Black Eagles at the end of Cindered Shadows? 2, is the very first map supposed to be skipped automatically during the main game? I started up Blue Lions and this happened, even though this is the first time I've seen it.
  2. So, now I have a new issue: I'm trying to finish Cindered Shadows, but every time I beat the final boss, the game freezes right before the stage complete graphic comes up.
  3. Was it? Because I'm using the current version of the mod, but it's still happening on this chapter.
  4. Not sure if this is deliberate or not, but on Protecting Garreg Mach, there are Falcon Knights with 99 Speed and 14 Mv, but with weapons that can't hit anything. It seemed like a bug, but the name of the weapon makes it appear intentional. Edit: So, I've now gotten another infinite loading issue, this time with Golden Deer Chapter 17. The console didn't show any errors for it, though.
  5. So, was Byleth supposed to be missing from Golden Deer Chapter 12? They're marked as a unit required to be deployed, but they were nowhere to be seen on the map.
  6. Alright, re-patching the DLC1 files seems to have fixed the Golden Deer loading issue. I guess I just missed an update. Edit: looks like the "Skirmish in the Abyss" map breaks harder than ever. The gates are all locked (and can't be opened), dialogue events don't seem to play properly (the text is sometimes blank when someone is meant to be speaking, and the Ashen Wolves play their "I'm defeated" dialogue before the map even begins), and the Ashen Wolves don't join after being defeated.
  7. I don't know. I would assume that the game is trying to play an event when taking the stairs on the right side of the map. If anyone is in that spot when the enemy phase begins, the freeze happens. Edit: I have another problem: starting a game with Golden Deer just stalls on the house selection screen. Selecting the other options don't have this issue.
  8. I think the paralogue "Legend of the Lake" is bugged. Whenever I close in on the boss, the game just freezes. I've attempted the map about 3 or 4 times, now, and it happens every single time I get near it.
  9. Would I have to restart from the beginning after an update? I updated the mod, and now almost all enemies except bosses and mages are running around with no weapons.
  10. Yeah, I did choose to side with the Flame Emperor, if that's what made her leave. She may have already been gone before that, but I can't remember exactly when it even happened since I really only noticed that she was gone after all that happened.
  11. It seems the "Black Market Scheme" paralogue isn't working. After the cutscene for accepting the paralogue, it never loads and the Yuzu console throws a bunch of memory errors. Edit: I came across some other issues in the meantime. 1. Flayn bails on the party after her paralogue with Seteth on that beach map. She's not dead, so it seems like she's just straight-up gone. 2. The deployment slots during the paralogue where you protect Rhea seem to be out-of-whack. Certain units will not appear even if they are set to be deployed, as if the slot they're supposed to be in was empty. In my case, Ferdinand was hit with it. It seems like it's most likely to happen if all the slots are filled. 3. The cutscene where Byleth awakens skips itself after killing Kronya, so their appearance doesn't change like it should. Byleth also doesn't get repositioned in the center of the map after the event happens, with another party member taking place instead.
  12. Nah, I'm playing with English voices. The mod is in-place and the DLC files are patched and placed in the proper load folders as per the instructions, so I'm not sure where else to go from that direction. Besides that and the Bolt Axe, nothing else has gone wrong.
  13. I wasn't saying that the Bolt Axe is supposed to have 100 crit. What I'm saying is that, for some reason, it does anyway. I'm not running any other gameplay mods on top of this one. Also, the map itself is fine, but the spoken dialogue that's playing seems to be from map where Byleth tries to go to a canyon by themselves and their class follows them to it.
  14. Also, there's another thing I forgot to mention: the Bolt Axe has 100 Crit on it. And, on the Sothis paralogue, the text doesn't match the spoken dialogue, and the text for the dialogue options are completely glitched up.
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