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  1. Welcome to the forest! I hope you enjoy your stay here 🙂
  2. The only one I really care about is Jill honestly. Was hoping for Boyd or the Dawn Brigade, but oh well. Pretty skippable, I'll spend a few orbs on Jill and maybe Ilyana.
  3. I don't know how but I got Brave Dimitri and another Brave Claude? I just wanted a Leanne or a Nailah, but thanks. Hoping to get Ethlyn on the dancer banner, but I also don't want to spend all my orbs...
  4. My first game was Awakening, and I went into it blind and had no idea about promotion at all. So I never promoted any of my characters at all, and ended up getting stuck in the Mila Tree level for 2 weeks before actually looking stuff up. I also didn't know about supports but I DID know about the whole marriage mechanic, so I just spent the whole first arc trying to get my Robin to marry Lon'qu by making them stand next to each other all the time, only to accidentally marry Chrom at the end of the arc.
  5. I somehow got two 4* Lachesis and one 5*, which is all I needed. I'm not going to pull again probably, but I might try for an Ethlyn.
  6. I chose Corrin/Felicia just because I like Felicia, I've never read their supports. Valter/Eirika because when I was 13 I shipped them (I ship Eirika/Seth now) but I like Ike/Soren too. Sagi/Millairde since I just don't really like Kiragi/Midori.
  7. For story and characters, Shadows of Valentia is a good option, and it also shares quite a few mechanics of Three Houses. Path of Radiance is also good, but like many others have said, it's very expensive.
  8. 10. Claude 9. Petra 8. Mercedes 7. Felix 6. Ashe 5. Ferdinand 4. Sylvain 3. Seteth 2. Dimitri 1. Dorothea This isn't really my FAVORITE characters, more like characters I feel like were handled best. Love all of them though. (I edited in Ferdinand cuz I forgot)
  9. Let's see... Shadows of Valentia: I've replayed this game 4 times just because I love it so much, I never get tired of it. The art, the characters, the story, the music, and even the gameplay I enjoyed. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns: I've never put so much time into a farming simulator, it's just so charming and fun. Pokemon Platinum: My second Pokemon game, I just adore it. I've replayed it so many times, I love it.
  10. Clair and Silque. His supports with Clair depict them as being very close, and Clair likes him. As for Silque, I don't know why but my friend ships him and her, mostly because he just REALLY hates Celica.
  11. Hm...I love Daisy from FE4. I love Patty too, but Daisy's design is really cute. Amalda and Sleuf from FE5. I love them both, but most of Thracia's characters besides Leif, Olwen, Reinhardt and Nanna are pretty obscure to be honest.
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