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  1. It never has really made sense to me. It's even higher than Patty and Shannan's. I guess the same goes to Lana/Coirpre, too. Is Coirpre a secret casanova or something?
  2. That would be great! I guess Lucina, the three Three Houses lords, Marth, Ike, and MAYBE Anna?
  3. I suppose you got me there : P Smart and cleve are kinda the same thing, though. I suppose that's true. I never really made the time to get all of his supports except for Lilina's and Larum's, I think. I suppose that is a flaw, but I would argue it isn't exactly uncommon as Leif struggles with it as well, and Corrin (one of their 4 traits!), and Seliph.
  4. Dunno if this is unpopular or not, but whatever. I think that Roy is the most bland lord. Don't get me wrong, I still love him, but he really is. He doesn't have any flaws despite being dense to all of the ladies' affections, he isn't all that interesting. If you asked me to name 6 personality traits, I couldn't do it.
  5. On the Fallen banner I got Lyon and Julia, so I'm happy. Got a free Sirius, that was nice. I'm trying to get Bridal Micaiah, but I've gotten a free Oboro, about 5 Rafiels, and a Flying Olivia instead. Not bad, I suppose.
  6. Likes tsunderes and blue haired girls.
  7. Probably The Hollow by Agatha Christie. The best mystery I've ever read. Other than that, I'm a weeb who also likes to read name books since I've never loved my own.
  8. Eh, I suppose I've never really thought about it. Even if a character is considered a "Mary Sue" I usually like them anyway. For example, I love Roy, but I will openly state he has very little flaws. I do openly disagree that Micaiah is a Mary Sue, as well as Cordelia.
  9. I guess being a jerk to my family when I was younger? I wish I had been, my 6 year old sister still hates me for being irritable to her when she was 3 and I feel really guilty about it. I would also try and pursue my ambitions as a writer a bit earlier in life. I spent 13 years of my life hating everything I did (sports, plays, etc.) until I learned I liked to write. So I would've been a lot happier a lot sooner.
  10. I recently bought RD to play on my Wii, and while I already was aware of the lack of supports, actually playing it has made me wish characters got more development. So, who do you think should've gotten supports with who? I personally would've liked Micaiah/Sothe Edward/Leonardo Aran/Laura Micaiah/Ike Micaiah/Really any Dawn Brigade member Any characters with meaningful supports in POR (Jill/Haar, Ike/Elincia, Ilyana/Zihark) Muarim/Tormod
  11. I expect that the eastern theme is correct, and that there will be a variety of characters from all different games (as it usually is with the bridal banner) When I saw it at first I thought MAYBE Eir? Fjorm was on last year and also has a new years alt. Hinata is also a good guess. My dreams would come true if we got a Sigurd/Deirdre or Tailtiu. But probably not. Every year the bridal banners have such random characters I have no idea who it could be.
  12. I agree with a lot of your points, but Alm is still my favorite lord regardless. He's likable without being annoying, and despite popular belief, he's not a gary stu or whatever you call it. I enjoyed the story for what it was, while I will openly state it was flawed. I feel similarly about Awakening. But really, every game and lord is flawed in some sort of way and I don't really have a game or lord I dislike. Sorry my writing sucks it's almost 12:00 and I'm very tired but torturing myself by staying awake.
  13. I'm replaying all my 3ds FE games, I've been thinking about buying a fan translation of FE12. I've been doing lots of unnecessary baking, but I've also been forgetting to eat at times so I guess it cancels each other out.
  14. Fir/Noah Clarine/Lance Clarine/Rutger Thea/Klein Larum/Ogier (It was sorta implied Ogier liked her? I don't remember clearly, I just remember Larum teasing him about it) Sin/Sue Raigh/Sophia Perceval/Cecilia
  15. The only Zelda game I've ever played was Windwaker when I was like 10. But I still enjoyed this! Great work : )
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