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  1. Whoop, it's been 3 months, but I finally remembered I made this so I guess here's a list of characters and places! (In three months this has gone over so many revisions but I'm getting quite happy with the overall result!) Note: I know that the names Tomas, Xavier, and Hubert are in previous games, but I chose the first two because I didn't know about the Archanea/Thracia character with it and Hubert is pronounced "Hu-bare." The side character Dorothea was named that simply because I thought "Dorothea's Mercenaries" sounded nice. Note #2: I made a child character for most of the Gen 1 characters, and I realize that it's stupid to do that but I did that back in September and by the time I realized that it could make for some messy storytelling, I realized I was too far into the whole project to take any out so...that's why. LOCATION Omorfia: The continent in which the story takes place. Kwiat: Omorfia's main country, it is ruled by Queen Lyssa Stark. Benir: The Benirian Empire ruled by Emperor Adalbert Krantz and later his daughter, Lollia Krantz. Vane: A small country led by the "Vanquisher" King Filibert Hermann. His one daughter, Rosaline, was declined the throne until a revolt that killed her father. Sukaretto: A country led by Eutimio Bellerose, which is currently at war with Kwiat. Jonquille: A little known country near Benir ruled by Empress Sonia Cline. She had one son, Cassio, who relinquished the throne to his daughter, Isidora. Octavia: The country ruled by Prime Minister Timur. It has a rough relationship with Passerelle and has a strong military. Passerelle: A country ruled by Grand Bishop Eidel. They have a strong hatred for the people of Octavia. CHARACTERS PART 1 Zenaida: The adoptive daughter of a small noble house in the country of Kwiat, she discovered the corruption in Kwiat's nobility and aims to defeat both them and Unckas' Remnant. She is known across Omorfia as the "White Empress" Class: Lord Age: 18 (Part 1) 21 (Part 2) Wybert: Yolanthe's younger brother and the first person to join Zenaida's cause. While easy to get along with, he finds Yurika to be extremely creepy. Class: Archer Age: 17 (Part 1) 20 (Part 2) Yolanthe: The childhood friend of Zenaida and Wybert's older sister, she has a low self esteem but a need to assist people in any way possible. Class: Priest Age: 18 (Part 1) 21 (Part 2) Yurika: Cold and unmoving, she holds a hatred for Zenaida for reasons unclear. However, she has taken a liking to Wybert, to his disdain. Class: Dark Mage Age: 19 Juvencio: An aloof warrior who is searching for his parents killer. He is the long lost older brother of Jovian. Class: Brigand Age: 19 (Part 1) 22 (Part 2) Undina: A noble mage who has great ambition, but fails to stand out from her elder sister. She is Zella's employer. Class: Mage Age: 16 (Part 1) 19 (Part 2) Zella: A maid for Undina's family, she never really seems to be there and rarely speaks or shows any emotion. Class: Maid Age: 20 (Part 1) 23 (Part 2) Jovian: A flirt who works as a mercenary to support his merchant parents, he is Juvencio's long lost younger brother. Class: Cavalier Age: 17 (Part 1) 20 (Part 2) Mishal: Kwiat's arrogant and at times rude prince, he ran away to search for his missing sister, Liviana. Seems to know Elowen. Class: Tactician Age: 19 (Part 1) 22 (Part 2) Elowen: A wandering mercenary who is the niece of the famed mercenary Dorothea, though she hesitates to speak of that connection. Seems to know Mishal. Class: Mercenary Age: 19 (Part 1) 22 (Part 2) Eydis: The daughter of restaurant owners who is energetic and cheerful all the time, which puts off more than a few people. Class: Archer Age: 15 (Part 1) 18 (Part 2) Kiandrae: A standoffish apothecary who is very protective of his younger sister, Kaede. Class: Apothecary Age: 18 (Part 1) 21 (Part 2) Kaede: A quiet but sweet young girl who is Kiandrae's younger sister. Class: Troubadour Age: ??? (Looks around 14) Elpis: A mysterious and withdrawn girl who has much elegance. She resembles Elowen somewhat. Class: Bishop Age: 17 (Part 1) 20 (Part 2) PART 2 Fengari: A priestess who received a message from the gods to warn Emperor Eutimio of Sukaretto of a looming danger. Hubert's best friend. Class: Priest Age: 21 Hubert: An ex-assassin who gave up the job after Fengari saved his life, and he now lives at her shrine. Fengari's best friend. Class: Thief (Promotes to Assassin if Briella speaks to him) Age: 23 Xavier: A mysterious knight who appeared before Fengari to assist her on her journey. Seems to have a connection to the country of Sukaretto. Class: Paladin Age: 24 Artemisia: Said to be a incarnation of a goddess, she resided in Krantz Castle until Fengari, Hubert, and Xavier saved her. Class: Warlock Age: 18 Laleh: The self proclaimed "Ultimate Beauty" of Kwiat, she is a travelling dancer who accompanies Dumisani. Class: Dancer Age: 18 Dumisani: A travelling artist who is often oblivious to the world around him. He is Laleh's travelling companion. Class: Dark Flier Age: 21 Fabian: A friendly traveler who left home in part to search for his father, though mostly to get away from his older sister Gwenelia. Class: Warrior Age: 19 Gwenelia: Fabian's older sister who was once a soldier working under General Frank of Octavia. After Fabian left home, she left as well to search for him. Class: Fortress Knight Age: 23 Briella: Known as the "Deadly Swordswoman of Vane" she works for Dorothea's Mercenaries and is Lis's closest friend. Class: Swordmaster Age: 19 Lis: A trickster who is kind in general, but has a love of creating mayhem. Briella's closest friend and Florimond's sister. Class: Trickster Age: 18 Florimond: A loyal mercenary working for Dorothea, he once had dreams of becoming a knight. Lis's brother. Class: Wyvern Rider Age: 24 Tomas: The rebellious son of nobles, he apparently owes Dorothea a debt. Class: Bow Knight Age: 20 Einar: A travelling scholar who joined Dorothea's Mercenaries to fund his research. Class: Dark Knight Age: 24 Otto: A timid, shy druid who has suffered much due to his tremendous gifts in magic. Class: Druid Age: 19 Sonnet: A witch who insists that she is not bad due to the common consensus about witches, and gets annoyed at those who think she is. Class: Witch Age: 22 PART 3 Hermia: Zenaida's daughter. She is determined to bring peace to Omorfia, but struggles with the weight of her mother’s legacy. She is stoic and reserved, Zenaida's opposite. Class: Lord Age: 19 Aubin: Yolanthe's son. He is usually patient and mild mannered, but has a terrifying temper when angered. He is Hermia's closest friend. Class: Priest Age: 17 Ermis: Wybert's son. He holds a disdain for Zenaida and seems to mutually respect and dislike Hermia, an odd combination. He took up the sword to spite his father. Class: Archer Age: 19 Ariane: Juvencio's daughter. A trained healer, she is soft spoken but determined to contribute to the war effort. Class: Priest Age: 17 Philomene: Fengari's daughter. While apparently on a “holy mission” she prefers to tease Yachle’el and coddle Edvaldo instead. Class: Priest Age: 18 Edvaldo: Hubert's son. While he has pledged his life to Philomene, he has a rivalry of sorts with Yachle’el on who is the better guard, though he doesn't take it seriously. Class: Thief Age: 18 Yachle'el: Undina's son. He begrudgingly works to protect Philomene on her journey, but he has a bitter rivalry (on his part, at least) with Edvaldo. Class: Dark Mage Age: 19 Vivek: Juvencio's son. After running away from his family, he has become a wandering mercenary accompanied by Lindy, his cousin. Class: Mercenary Age: 16 Lindy: Jovian's daughter. A travelling dancer searching for her father, she ran into Vivek by chance and now accompanies him, to his chagrin. Class: Dancer Age: 20 Desmond: Zella's son. He is happy and upbeat despite the circumstances of the war, though many are confused how he turned out that way seeing who his mother is. Class: Brigand Age: 20 Iris: Mishal's daughter. She is a petty thief who is terribly clumsy, making many wonder how she hasn’t been caught yet. Class: Thief Age: 17 Floretta: Elpis' daughter. She is a trainee pegasus knight who is absolutely terrible at it, though she continues to be optimistic that she will get better. Class: Pegasus Knight Age: 15 Damian: Elowen's son. He is a knight serving the Kingdom of Kwiat, but has unrealistic views of what a “knight” truly is, causing him to be ridiculed often. Class: Cavalier Age: 16 Aleksander: Eydis' son. He defected to Laverna’s side after they threatened to destroy the village he grew up in. While he dislikes it, he does so to ensure his mother’s safety. Class: Mercenary Age: 18 Reine: A girl with a love of dark humor and teasing. Age: 16 Pearl: Kiandrae's daughter. A deadpan knight with seemingly next to no emotion, she serves Reine as her personal guard. Class: Pegasus Knight Age: 18 Ferran: Laleh's son. The tactician for Hermia’s group, he is a workaholic as a result of his mother’s laziness growing up. Class: Mage Age: 17 Lyra: Dumisani's daughter. She is extremely frail and ill-equipped for the battlefield, but fights to earn money for her sickly older brother. However, some cast doubt that she is actually as weak as she claims... Class: Archer Age: 15 Luitgard: Fabian's daughter. A wyvern rider working as a mercenary to escape the pain of her past. Class: Wyvern Rider Age: 19 Arik: Gwenelia's son. A mercenary that works beside Luitgard, he enjoys fighting to almost a strange extent. Class: Warrior Age: 19 Viviane: Briella's daughter. She is seen as a “beauty” and is obsessed with keeping up this image in front of others, though she puts on a mask of absolute perfection. Class: Dark Bishop Age: 17 Floriana: Tomas' daughter. Known for her beauty and elegance, she dislikes talking in a formal manner and is frustrated when people only desire to get to know her because of her status. Class: Cavalier Age: 15 Silvester: Lis's son. Very serious and uptight, he works to protect Delphinium, who he has pledged his loyalty to. Though, he does have a rather dry sense of humor. Class: Fortress Knight Age: 18 Rodger: Einar's son. A gallant, charming knight, he has many admirers all across Omorfia. However, he seems to be hiding his true personality beneath the surface. Class: Paladin Age: 16 Delphinium: Artemisia's daughter. She struggles with her fate that she knows is inevitable, but tries to reverse it regardless. She dislikes her name, preferring to be called “Delphi.” Class: Warlock Age: 16 Rebecae: Xavier's daughter. Refined and serious, but is a bit spoiled and doesn’t know how to act around commoners. Class: War Cleric Age: 18 Dirk: Florimond's son. An all around “nice guy” who desires to help people the best he can, he was taken from his family 12 years ago and was raised by Thelma, a barmaid. Class: Hero Age: 17 Clarice: Otto's daughter. Since her father was such a wimp and had no bravery whatsoever, she became a warrior in order to protect him. Class: Warrior Age: 19 Adam: Sonnet's son. He practices witchcraft to please his mother, though he has no particular love or skill for it. Class: Dark Bishop Age: 18 Mabrie: Undina's older sister. She raised many of the children alongside Maristella and Anan, but is a powerful soldier in her own right. Class: Valkyrie Age: 46 Maristella: Mabrie's companion. He is reserved and usually lets Mabrie do the talking, but cares about the children as much as Mabrie and Anan do. Class: Holy Knight Age: 29 Anan: Mabrie's companion. He acts as a mentor figure to the children, teaching them combat alongside Mabrie. Class: Mortal Savant Age: 32
  2. So, Jenny is alive...but a double agent. Huh. #2 seems like the safest. Great chapter!
  3. Happy birthday, Canada! I don't live there, but I've been and it's a great country : )
  4. I dunno...for some reason, on every playthrough I do, my Ashe somehow gets godly level ups and becomes my best unit, so I always use him. As for bad units...I would say Dedue, but if your playing GD he doesn't matter, so I'd say Hanneman. I tried using him once, but he wasn't all that good.
  5. So...I don't trust Jenny. I'm afraid that if we revive her, she'll kill us or something. So... I'm just going to pick Finley.
  6. Here's the thing: 1. There are riots and protests going on everywhere in the world because George Floyd was the final nail in the coffin for EVERYONE. After years upon years upon years of police brutality and racism all across the globe, this was when people decided enough was enough. 2. I understand why people are angry about the whole Disney and TV show thing, but here's what I think: Isn't doing more to make things a bit better more favorable than doing nothing to change anything at all? If Disney is getting rid of a racist ride's theme in order to, well, get rid of a racist ride's theme, that's perfectly fine. After all, they're only changing the theme to something NOT racist, so why does it matter? I usually don't really get involved in serious discussions, but I feel quite strongly about this topic.
  7. Let's see... I'm afraid #4 is a bad ending, but I really don't trust Jenny at all, but maybe she'll be better at it? Uh...#4 and #3 might lead to bad endings, and #2 seems the safest, but...as much as I don't trust Jenny, I suppose #1.
  8. The whole bundle idea makes sense, since PoR is basically like half the story anyway and they tie together very nicely. It definitely would make more sense than bundling Genealogy with Thracia or Binding with Blazing. If there is a remake, I hope that there are more supports (Like Ike/Micaiah, Elincia/Micaiah, etc.) and possibly more endings would be nice. The idea of a side story/epilogue is interesting, maybe showing how things panned out after the war and how Micaiah and Elincia are ruling. Seeing where Ike went would be cool too.
  9. I haven't brushed my hair in like 6 days, and it's pretty long so there are so many tangles I'm not sure I'll be able to brush through it at all. I might cut it, but I also haven't done that in about 1 year as well...and I'm horrible at it. So, I might just let my hair suffer. Yay!
  10. I'm beginning to both love and be even more suspicious of Jenny. The fact that she watches people sleep is a bit creepy so hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I guess Cynthia, she seems pretty cool. Also, some sick part of me kinda wants to kill our uncle sometime in the future. Three Houses style
  11. Fire Emblem: I love Three Houses, but I agree that it isn't the most visually stunning. I recently played and finished Blazing Blade, and I didn't love it. The gameplay was fine, but the story was kinda bad. Really liked the characters, though. Though, I WILL say this: Lyn's story actually had a much better story than Hector or Eliwood mode, it made sense and had a nice little cast of characters. It's a shame it was only used as a tutorial and the game resorted to the whole "Oh no, evil dragons" plotline that most games do. Pokemon: Yeah, I don't usually play Pokemon (The last one I played was Platinum, I think) , but I bought Shield for my switch recently since people seemed to like it. I didn't like it all that much. The gameplay was nice enough, but I could never really get into it. I get that the story is never really important in Pokemon, but boy, the story was bad. I didn't hate it, but it was only meh for me.
  12. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Interesting chapter, my suspicions of Jenny are seriously starting to make more sense. She won't tell us where she's from, so maybe she's spying for someone else on us? Who knows. Finley is feeling guilty, oh no. John is still a pretty enjoyable character, but with secrets. Let's hope we find out what those are! Great work, I'm looking forward to see where this will go.
  13. Great chapter, though it seems that Melissa is getting death flags, John has a few secrets, Jenny is secretly a ninja, and Finley is still my favorite character. Theory: Jenny will be one of those "Surprise! I'm Important" characters. Maybe she's like...a secret assassin or something. (If she is, brownie points for me I guess) So, the evil organization is here...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. They seem interesting.
  14. Hmmmmmmm. That's an interesting little piece of history there... I remember 14 year old me playing that and thinking, "Maybe this is a bad idea" but then did it anyway because I thought he was kinda hot I hope we get to see more of Jenny. She seems like an interesting character. Great job! I'm getting more and more invested in this story, I love it!
  15. Hm...#2, I suppose. Great work, as always! I've been quite bored lately, so something like this has been quite interesting :).
  16. Randomly got a free Ewan but still zero luck on the bridal banner 😞 I might give up and try my hardest to get Mirabilis.
  17. I'm currently working on a Awakening novelization, narrated by an OC character. I got the idea from a friend, and I decided "why not." There will be various pairings and a few OC kid characters. The protagonist is NOT Robin, but the two characters will coexist. Why? Because the whole story kinda revolves around them, and I couldn't figure out a way to remove them, but I didn't want them to narrate, so here we are. Original Characters Vera: Lissa's handmaiden who Frederick has an odd disdain for. While she has been in the service of the Ylissean royal family for 10 years, she has been good friends with all 3 siblings since she was 5 years old. A hard worker but "too serious" she is a healer. Rue: Vera's oldest daughter who is deadpan and sulky as a result of the war. She doesn’t like to see suffering however, and inherited Vera’s skill with a staff. Lumina: Rue's younger sister who is skilled with a sword, hoping to one day surpass her father's skill. She is upbeat despite the war's toll on her family, and tries to make Rue and the others happier. Pairings What's that? Love is in the air! And also I made Flavia and Basilio get together since c'mon, they should've at least been able to in the game. Chrom/Sumia Vera/Lon'qu Frederick/Cherche Virion/Sully Cordelia/Stahl Vaike/Lissa Miriel/Kellam Tharja/Donnel Maribelle/Ricken Gaius/Robin Gregor/Nowi Olivia/Henry Libra/Panne Basilio/Flavia Whoop! (Dunno why I did that) I'll probably post the first chap sometime this week.
  18. I might add sub characters, since a few have different convos than the original characters. But I'll wait a bit to do that.
  19. Makes sense. It's with Lana, Larcei, and Nanna, right? I'll add them.
  20. If you mean why he isn't on by himself, I only put the females. But if you mean why he isn't on at all, he is. He's on Lachesis'.
  21. So...I heard someone talk about "Predestined Pairs" in FE4, so I decided to list them. I only included the girl characters' "predestined" partners and the criteria was highest love growth, characters with convos, and, if a character had less than 3, I included the person who makes the most "sense". I'm not including Deirdre, Ethlyn, Julia, and Altena since they either have a set partner or don't have any. Edain: Jamke, Midir, Azelle, Claud, Finn Ayra: Lex, Holyn, Arden, Finn Lachesis: Beowolf, Naoise, Dew, Finn Silvia: Claud, Lewyn, Alec Erinys: Lewyn, Arden, Naoise Tailtiu: Azelle, Claud, Lex, Lewyn Brigid: Midir, Jamke, Alec, Dew Lana: Seliph, Ulster, Febail Larcei: Seliph, Johan, Johalvier, Shannan (yuck) Fee: Arthur, Seliph, Oifey Patty: Seliph, Shannan, Lester, Coirpre Nanna: Seliph, Leif, Ares (yuck) Lene: Ares, Seliph, Ced Tine: Seliph, Ced, Leif And that's it! Note: I chose Ced for Lene since he's Lewyn's son (In Thracia 776, anyway) and it'd be sort of like Silvia and Lewyn's relationship. She only has convos with Seliph and a high love growth with Ares, so I didn't have a lot to choose from : / Note 2: Added Finn to Ayra and Edain since he has convos with Lana and Larcei in Gen 2. Note 3: Added Lewyn to Tailtiu since Lewyn and Tine have a convo in Chapter 10.
  22. Great chapter! I'm loving all the characters, but now I'm going to constantly be afraid of getting a bad ending so I'll likely overthink each choice... I suppose we should...go with Fiffy to the right, perhaps? But after picking it I'm now got myself convinced I should've picked the group...gah... Loving it!
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