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  1. Did not just make me doubt my own post twice before responding.
  2. While almost everyone will agree with this statement, videogames, which combine all three of these things into an interactive medium, are considered not to be art by many of theses same people, often sparking debate in the process.
  3. Makes sense, it kinda reminds me how in Attack on Titan Erens last name is often said to be Jager, although the correct way to spell it is Jäger. Also I have found that german and japanese share quite a few things in the way of pronouncing certain syllables, making the words from the other language easier to pronounce. I did not expect this, but it doesn't surprise me either, Grüß gott ^^
  4. Wait, so they are called Märchen? (As a german this sounds so weird for an enemy name xd) Neither do I, but someone has to pay the rent
  5. Welp, I guess we're now taking turns owning the place I like how they look as well, this is a kind of artstyle I really like though sadly never find Also, about Alice in Wonderland, you did see this on the Screenshot right?
  6. (Oh my god I wish I had your professors, I'd probably love literature if it was thought in this way!) Many teachers in highschool task you with analyzing a literary work, but the grading is not only based on if the analysis makes sense and is written the correct way, instead teachers grade you on how close you were to the "True Meaning" of the text you where given, if you "misenterpreted" the text, your chance of a good score goes down signifantly, even if your analysis is perfectly fine otherwise and is a perfectly acceptable interpretation of the text (Yeah this doubles as fact and response)
  7. Is currently "fighting" me for last to post in multiple forum games
  8. Has no interest or knowledge about literature whatsoever.
  9. Experience my quirky and weird classmates. Although I didn't realize this until now, School was often really fun. And while being confined does allow for more quiet and thoughtful things, sometimes you just need some extrovert screaming some bullcrap through the room... in a strange way, it makes me be even more calm then I would be on my own.
  10. Then we shall fight! And by fight, I mean that I will do... well the exact same thing that you just said. creativityiswithoutadoubtmybiggestasset
  11. Never looks at the name, badge, or fav. FE segment on a users page to post on this forum.
  12. Both Raindrops and Planets are very frequent occurences in our daily life, however their strategy for having such high presence is very different. (I'll go with, people know, but don't really think about it for this one) -- I can't imagine what studying literature would be like, considering the subjectiveness of meaning when it comes to almost everything in literature. Also yeah in school no one told us it's fine art, everyone knew how random it was (including the teachers)
  13. Has two uppercase letters in his name.
  14. Although many consider them thieves or exploiters of an easy way to make money. Big Nightcore channels on youtube are actually song promoters and consider themselves such. (And if we're on the topic of art, does all music count as art?)
  15. I feel like DragonFlames is taking the topic of this thread, and applying it to all of the forum games. But I'm not letting him win.
  16. if;gameStateObj.game_constants['Good_Endings'] == 1
  17. Is not very active when it comes to forum games.
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