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  1. Imagine a "Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Akaneia", I would play the hell out of that. If they were not to go for the Echoes title again, probably just Sacred Stones Remastered, the name still seems holds some value if it's mention by Owain in FE Warriors is anything to go by, and you can never go wrong with just telling the customer what they're getting.
  2. Hey it's me again, I've been having some issues with animations. I added a new class (called Harbringer) and put in all the animations as normal, but whenever the game would play any animation, it crashes on me with this error report: pygame 1.9.6 Hello from the pygame community. https://www.pygame.org/contribute.html Debug: 1 Version: v0.9.3.15 libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile libpng warning: sBIT: invalid Setting Seed 0 Controller: None Setting Seed 808 === === === === === === Damn. Another bug :( Quick! Copy this error log and send it to rainlash! Or send the file "Saves/debug.log.1" to rainlash! Thank you! === === === === === === *** Lex Talionis Engine Version *** Main Crash 'script' Traceback (most recent call last): File "main.py", line 116, in <module> File "main.py", line 43, in main File "main.py", line 61, in run File "Code\StateMachine.py", line 196, in update input_output = self.state[-1].take_input(eventList, gameStateObj, metaDataObj) File "Code\GeneralStates.py", line 1153, in take_input gameStateObj.combatInstance = Interaction.start_combat(gameStateObj, attacker, defender, gameStateObj.cursor.position, splash, attacker.getMainWeapon(), attacker.current_skill) File "Code\Interaction.py", line 64, in start_combat attacker_anim = GC.ANIMDICT.partake(attacker.klass, attacker.gender, item, magic, distance) File "Code\AnimationManager.py", line 97, in partake if not self.generate(klass): File "Code\AnimationManager.py", line 69, in generate default_script = self.directory[klass[:-1] + '0'][weapon]['script'] KeyError: 'script' Created save point at last turn change! Select Continue in Main Menu to load! === === === === === === Damn. Another bug :( Quick! Copy this error log and send it to rainlash! Or send the file "Saves/debug.log.1" to rainlash! Thank you! === === === === === === Script and Index files are present, along with the needed .png files, so I'm not sure what to do.
  3. Thank you very much ^^ I have no experience with Python so I'll wait until the next executable is ready, I didn’t need the Sword right now anyway (it’s like a super late game thing... and I'm nowhere near making late game stuff) so no worries, just wanted to ask for if it was even possible, and I'm glad I did ^^ Maybe when I get a little more experience with coding in general, I'll switch to the git repo and code some stuff myself, but until I do that, I got a lot more work to do ^^"
  4. Hey there, So I'm making a few cool items and stuff, and everything is working quite well so far, but I was wondering: Is it possible to make a weapon (We're talking about a sword here) which can be fought with like normal, but also be used through the items menu like a Vulnerary to heal the unit using it? I got the Idea from Lucinas Parallel falchion (Which can be used the same way) So I tried to just fuse together a Vulnerary with a Sword, which created this horrible abomination: <item name="Blessed Gladitrua"> <id>Blessed Gladitrua</id> <spritetype>Sword</spritetype> <spriteid>13</spriteid> <components>weapon,weight,magic,crit,use_custom_anim,usable,beneficial,heal</components> <weapontype>Sword</weapontype> <RNG>1-4</RNG> <value>0</value> <weight>6</weight> <desc>Uses MAG to determine damage.</desc> <heal>20</heal> <MT>10</MT> <HIT>80</HIT> <LVL>Shirly</LVL> <crit>3</crit> </item> The problem is simple, it doesn't work, It can't even be used through the item menu (Only Showing the Usual Equip and Discard Options) I have been able to make the sword be usable outside of battle by removing the heal component, but then when I tell the unit to "Use" the Sword, they quite literally use the sword to attack themselves (Quite hilarious if I'm being honest, but not what I intended) So yeah, any idea how I can do this? Maybe with status effects? I haven't really looked into those yet. Thanks in advance ^^
  5. Thank you so much for responding so quickly, yes this is absolutely what I needed. I can’t believe I didn’t find this out on my own, it’s so easy after all! Maybe I'll use the status method for a later chapter again (Seeing as it allows for a lot more cool things like "Cleanse all enemies in 12 turns" or something) So thank you very much ^^ Update: Just tested it out, works like a charm! I also adjusted the fightScript.txt so that each mage that can use the spell (in this case only two) has a unique quote when using it! if;self.unit2 and self.unit2.name == 'Hilaru' if;self.unit.items and self.unit.items[0].name == 'Cleanse' set_level_constant;good_ending if;self.unit and self.unit.name == 'Nina' u;Nina;Left s;Nina;This is what you made this spell for father... I will make you proud! r;Nina elif;self.unit and self.unit.name == 'Alice' u;Alice;Left s;Alice;Sigh... If this "Cleanse" spell works then... I'm gonna have some questions for that kid. r;Alice #Make Alice talk to Nina in the outro set_level_constant;alice_cleanse end end end Very happy with the results, so thank you very much! ^^
  6. Hey, I'm kinda new to this whole fan gaming scene so sorry if my question was already answered somewhere but I'm really enjoying using the engine so far and facing a particular problem: I want to have a win condition, where the boss needs to be fought with a specific weapon to get the "good" ending to the chapter. So I would need to have an If condition in the interactScript that checks if one of the units is the enemy boss (In this case his name would be "Hilaru") and he is fought (Doesn't matter if he dies) with a specific weapon (In this case a spell called "Cleanse"). Additionally I also would like the character that is casting the spell to also be specified, but it's not a priority, just used for some flavor text. Thanks in advance ^^
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