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  1. 35,382 Id love to hear about your op mages, Bastion
  2. Whether or not you want to grind is up to the player. You can skip all skirmishes and continue to move forward for the greatest challenge, or you can grind as much as possible and basically break the game with your level 20 units. That’s the beauty of the world map. The main reason why I’ve always wanted this is just to go back and see some maps again. I hate when there’s a really well designed beautiful map and you only get to experience it for maybe 12 turns. Feels like a waste to me. Idk. But the incorporation of monsters/reinforcements/rebel armies/ whoever is occupying those spaces on the map would make for a more interesting story line. Small details like that are what I love in all games.
  3. I don’t even want it for grinding purposes, there’s just so many maps that I wish I could revisit. Also incorporating revenants etc into other story lines would have been cool.
  4. All fire emblem games should have a world map with skirmishes
  5. Dance Gavin Dance is fantastic. If you’re into softer rock/acoustic, check out This Wild Life!
  6. I can get behind this. My affinity is light
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