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  1. I completed a one unit run in fates: birthright. I used Hana and I actually really enjoyed it. I was only challenged on the last chapter with the final boss( dragon Garon) But was able to beat him with no resets. It also changed my mind on Hana and honestly I think she is a bit better at than Ryoma. Stats: str:31 mag:12 skill:33 spd:37lck: 31 def:24 res:33 hit:53 crit:24 hit:165 avo:102 Lvl 23 Class: Swordmaster I want to do another solo run but I’m not sure which character I should use or what game. Let me know what you think.
  2. Here I’ll be saying stats of certain units in fe heroes and talking about how good they are. Azura: Vallite songstress Introduction: Daughter of Arete and the former king of Valla. Gripped by an unkind fate, she strives to lead both Hoshido and Nohr to the truth. Appears in Fire emblem fates. Azura: Vallite songstress is a mounted flying unit that uses Blue tomes. When you get her she comes with prayer wheel- Mt 14 rng 2 grants speed +3. If a skill like sing or dance is used, grants bonus to targets Ark/Spd/Def/Res= highest bonus on target ally for 1 turn. Sing- rng 1 grants another action to targeted ally( can’t use on units that have sing or dance)Water blessing. Skill availability; Gray waves: Same affect as Sing, if targeted ally is a infantry or flying ally, target can move 1 extra space. B duel flying: Grants hp +3. If unit is 5 stars and level 40 and units stats total less than 160. Treats units stats as 160 in modes like arena. Aerobatics: if units hp is 100% unit can move to a space adjacent to an infantry, Armored, Cavalry ally within two spaces. Atk tactic: At the start of the turn, grants Atk +2 to allies within two spaces for 1 turn. Granted only if number of that allies movement on current team is greater than or equal to 2. Thoughts: I say Azura: Vallite songstress is a good unit for support, especially on an all mounted team( due to all of the skills and weapons she can gain) Recommend teams: Camilla: light of Nohr- can help Camilla get around to heal allies Aversa or Palla( depends if you want a magical or physical unit) can help them deal more damage to the enemy. An axe or lance unit that are mounted- For more damage and I mostly recommend Camilla( basic) it sully for extra damage. ( these are only recommended units, you decide who you want on the team)
  3. ( I’ll be editing this as I go on in the game) Should I replace Lukas: I restarted in heroes because I needed a fresh start. I beat book 1 and I’m playing through chapter 2. Now here is the problem, it’s the team I have. It’s made up of Anna( Eventually going to get a brave axe) Athena( probably the best on the team) Lukas( my bulkiest but weakest unit) Innes( The person to clear knights) To me three of them are good but Lukas is just straight up trash to me. I don’t know if it’s because I have this one skill that does Attack -3 or what. But I wanted to replace him with a healer or a support. I have Priscillia and Serra. Or the Camilla that is the support. The only problem though is I would have to level them. Should I keep Lukas or should I replace him with a support.
  4. So I just beat chapter 10 and I’m starting to make Kaze A with Corrin. My Hinoka is lvl ten and I’m thinking of making her a kinshi night to learn the lvl 5 skill then make her a spear master. I made my Hanna a Swordmaster and will eventually make her learn miracle. After I use it on Hinoka I don’t know if I should use my last master seal on Corrin, Oboro, Hinata. Or I should save it for either Azama or Sakura, and I’m planning on making Takumi a ballistican but I would change my mind easily. Then I had a strange idea to make a Ryoma use the vanguard down seal lol. Is that even a good idea. Anyways I’m open for feedback so please share any of your thoughts.
  5. I also did the DLC before is there a way to redownload it because I did it before but I now have map 1 for the DLC
  6. Thank you for your feedback. I’ll definitely use some of this info. I didn’t mean to pick the sighting lens but a accidentally pressed A because I thought there was one more dialogue. I can also increase the movement because I got two boots from the DLC and path bonus. Also I don’t have the hero or exalts brand I don’t have the Amibo
  7. ( This topic will be updated everyday) I’ll now be posting some of my birthright gameplay for now and please send feedback about anything I should fix in it. Sofar I’m at chapter 9 and nobodies master sealed but my hayato is a grandmaster. I did that to hayato so he can be a pair up boy sort of. I have the two master seals and the heart seal you get at the beginning and never used them. I got the sighting lens from the DLC. I also have the 1st map for the DLC so I can to the first wave of them. So this I will be doing for now on and please tell me what I should do for this account. If I’m good where I am for now or I should change something please tell me. should I also make Azura a kinshi knight Birthright journey part 2 I beat chapter 10 And I made my Hinoka a kinshi knight and Hanna as a Swordmaster. I Made Hinoka a Kinshi so she can learn the lvl 5 skill and then I’m making her a sphere master so she can get S in Lance. Hanna I’m probably going to make her a priestess so she can learn miracle and later counter magic. Kaze is starting to get to A with Corrin and I might make Kaze and Corrin marry. I also made Sakura a falcon knight because I feel like she is way better in that than a priestess but I’ll change her back to learn renewal so she gets a 40% Hp increase. I made her a Falcon in my revelation play through and I might do that with Sakura for now on. I also might make her a kinshi to learn Amaterasu to be a better support unit.
  8. I started out the only maid and butler challenge in conquest but I don’t know any others after I beat the challenge I’m already doing. It can be from any fe game from the 3ds era( Awakening, fates, Echoes Shadow of Valentia$ I really want to do a challenge because I beat them and I want something to do in my free time.
  9. I also liked Fates more. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up with or what but three houses was not my favorite, but right now I’m playing through the black eagles to finish the game because I didn’t finish it completely. One thing I hate is how slow the story is in three houses. You gotta go through each month to do the next chapter, yeah sure you can train your units during the month but I feel it’s not as fun. Although I can see why people like three houses. But I agree 100% with what you are saying
  10. I think that’s a nice thing to add to make it more challenging:) I might add that as a rule.
  11. Fire Emblem Awakening might not be played as much anymore but I made a challenge just for fun. Rules: You must get and use the characters from the wireless. Example- Pick sacred stones, and battle Erika. •you can’t decide what the game( Mystery of the Emblem, Gaiden, etc.) but it’s randomized so roll a dice or ask Siri ( pick a number from 1 to) • You can only pick the character you want from wireless once the whole Runthrough •The Robin HAS to be either Alfonse or Sharena and must look like them( pick warrior if Alfonse, Lance unit if Sharena) • you can use Anna, Chrom, Lucina, and your Robin,you can also pick 1 unit from the story to marry chrom and get their child. • When you complete one battle in the Wireless ( let’s say Erika) you then do the one above. Keep repeating till you finish. • you can do it in any game mode you want but it must be in Classic. Im also interested in other challenges that you guys got for the Ds games so you can share them 🙂
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