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  1. Mangs

    Elibean Nights

    I’m not sure if you’re joking or not here but blaming me for this hack being cancelled is just stupid. I featured this hack on my channel in its entirety and was largely positive about it. I made a 50-minute video where I talked a lot about the hack and offered suggestions on how to make it better. I did get into an argument with Arch over a few of my criticisms, but we later made up and have been on good footing ever since. Arch even asked me to contribute to this years FEE3, something I don’t think he’d do if he disliked me.
  2. May be a bit of a cheap answer, but I actually made a huge video about this My 25th Birthday. Two blondes were involved. 100 000 subs on YouTube is one, but I already mentioned that in an earlier answer, so I'm gonna go ahead and say benching 150 kg (330 pounds) would be a pretty kickass goal. 1: We have gorgeous nature. 2: We have gorgeous girls. 3: I live there. Amazing, wonderful and extremely humble. This was the last of the questions. Thank you so much for nominating me guys, I had a lot of fun!
  3. This may sound strange, but I don't listen to a lot of music. I like video game soundtrack and ambient themes. I'm very excited to play Staff of Ages in 2025. Looks promising, like Gaiden/Echoes villagers, but on steroids. Could be very enjoyable, but it might also feel like a chore., Have to play Three Houses before I can say anything for certain. Eww. I’d want them to expand on the story the way Echoes expanded on Gaiden, not changing a whole lot, but just adding more meat to it all. Highlighting the intricate politics of Etruria and the scheming of Bern. Would be nice if they gave Zephiel a hint of emotion so he’s not just an emotionless machine. Better map-design and more intricate map-objectives would also be nice, as well as more in-depth supports. Voice-acting also seems to be a mainstay for newer Fire Emblem games, so I think that would need to be included as well. Aside from that, I wouldn’t want them to change a whole lot.
  4. If you require motivation to get to the gym, you are opening up a struggle with yourself every time you don't want to go. It becomes a question of “do I want to go to the gym today?” which allows the brain to start making excuses, which is why “going to the gym whenever you feel like it” doesn’t work for anyone, ever. However, if you simply just make a weekly schedule and set aside Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday as gym days, then there is no room to debate. Sure, your brain might try to make excuses to make you change your workout schedule, but that’s a lot harder to do once you’re in it. So yes, being dependent on motivation is counterproductive. That goes for anything important that you need to get done in life. Being high on motivation is a wonderful feeling, and you should certainly ride the wave whenever you can, but relying on motivation to get anything done is a massive… and I excuse the phrase, pitfall. Slapping Mekkah doesn't sound very enjoyable. It's much more rewarding to prove him wrong. I think that hurts Mekkah more than any physical harm possibly could. +10% hit/avoid, +1 damage/-1 damage taken for all physical weapons, like in Binding Blade. The magic triangle would be +20% hit/avoid, +3 damage/-3 damage taken, since the magic triangle often doesn't matter much due to resistance being so high on magic classes and tomes having very good hit. I'd do classic weapon triangle, swords > axes > lances, and the Fe4 style fire > wind > thunder. Light would beat dark magic, and dark magic would beat fire, wind & thunder, and fire, wind & thunder would beat light. There would be skills that would increase it's effects, like Triangle Adept and Breaker skills that increases it's severity.
  5. I don't mind at all, go right ahead. If you have people depending on you, especially children, then yes you have a moral obligation to stay healthy and not die, as doing so would inflict massive suffering onto others and make their lives harder. It isn't just about you anymore; your existence is linked to others. If you are on your own, and there are no other people who rely on your support, then it becomes less of an obligation, and more just a smart thing to do. As prevalent as in other first-world European countries. Most people from my generation speak it fluently. I honestly don’t think it has much. I am interested in my country's history and I enjoy Norwegian culture, but I don't see how that affects my internet experience in a big way. Cows. You can't beat a good steak.
  6. Probably my good friend of 10+ years Zerul, who's name is still in my channel URL to this day, as we initially started it together. I have no idea where he is, as he cut contact with me and his other friends, but I hope he's okay. Gordin, even in the games he's not in. Paladins, they embody the spirit of Fire Emblem, and are often the best class in most games they are in. Gunslinger. Getting together with your female teacher is kinda wierd, but it has happened before with Roy x Cecilia. Getting together with your wet nurse is pretty fucked up. That's sort of like dating your mom.
  7. I have not. I don’t hang out a lot here, so hacks are usually brought to my attention by people talking about them within my communities. I can't make any promises, but if it looks good, or is crammed full of shitposts and memes then I might check it out. I like his design, his sister is pretty too, but I feel like him and Ninian’s roles in Blazing Sword could have been handled better (watch Mekkah’s Fe7 review if you want to know why) My Discord server is very hit and miss. Because it’s grown so large, it’s not easy to describe in one sentence. General chat can be a bit of a jungle sometimes, but some of the other chats can be very nice and friendly. I don’t spend as much time in my social media groups as I would like, because I’m mostly focused on making content, so I leave my communities to my mods and admins, they can probably give you a better answer. I’m doing alright. Had some rough patches in the past due to adjusting to working in front of a computer but trying my best to work out and eat somewhat healthy so I can stay in shape and continue doing what I love to do. Sometimes I am very tired due to the constant stress of the internet, but I do try to keep a nice balance. I’ve been a lot happier ever since I logged of Twitter, that place is not good for you.
  8. If it catches my interest in some way, chances are I will probably check it out. This can be done by either making a hack that’s very unique and/or spectacular, or by cramming it full of memes and shitposts. The latter is the most preferred option, it sure worked for “The Heroes We Deserve”. Kaga works in mysterious ways, who knows what went on inside his head when he made that game. I think a lot of Tear Ring Saga characters are inspired from the first Fire Emblem games though. Hector & Sigurd. I put poison in it's mutton. You had one job Roger.
  9. I still play Civilization, though not as much as I used to. Civilization 6 failed to entice me, and I still can’t explain why sadly, it just doesn’t feel as fun to play as Civilization 5, and I’m starting to run out of ways to play that game. /r/catriasarmpit (please don't go there) Waah While I understand that they will feel the need to shoehorn in a bunch of interactions with Roy to make him more likeable, Binding Blade’s focus is on the world itself. We don’t need to turn Binding Blade into Blazing Sword 2.0 with a bunch of focus on the characters themselves, I want a re-make to focus on the intricate world of Elibe and the politics that goes on within it. A delicious piece of meat.
  10. He’s very good at what he does 😉 A ton, too many to list. I also regret some of the shit I’ve said in the past. 5+ years of YouTube and you’re bound to have made a lot of mistakes. I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self a thing or two, but that’s just the process of growing up. You do stupid shit and you learn from them. Never, second channels don’t make any sense to me. I pour my heart, my soul and most of my time into my main channel, with no time for a second. If one ever were to be made, it would be for stream VoD's maybe, but I don't stream enough for that to make sense. If it’s not worth putting up on my main channel, it’s not worth spending my time on. I know a bunch of people want to see me play these games, but the truth is that if I were to make videos about them, they wouldn't do well in terms of views. People sub to me for Fire Emblem, and that's what I do well at. That being said, I do sometimes play other stuff on my channel, but it's usually in the form of requests, or special videos. Fire Emblem is and will always be the main focus of my channel. My max bench is 115 kilograms or 253 pounds. My max squat is only 120 kilograms or 264 pounds (I haven’t been focusing nearly as much on that as I once hurt my back doing it).
  11. Rezzy seems like an incredibly nice person, she's the one who notified me about this thread after all 😉 Getting 100 000 subs on YouTube (yeah I know, but it's a goal I might actually reach, unlike some of my other ones). I love kids, I've worked with kids for 5+ years prior to YouTube. If I meet a woman who I am sure will be a good mother, I'd like to have two children. Dead or Alive from 2006 is so bad it's good. In terms of video games, I love a game called Lords of Magic which I played on my channel, it is either super obscure to the point where no one has heard about it, or those who play it just goes “eh, no”. I just love it because it was the first game I played as a kid, but I admit it’s a terrible game. No clue, I'm not good at keeping track of what people like, just look at my content.
  12. Look who I found.




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