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  1. Mangs

    Elibean Nights

    I’m not sure if you’re joking or not here but blaming me for this hack being cancelled is just stupid. I featured this hack on my channel in its entirety and was largely positive about it. I made a 50-minute video where I talked a lot about the hack and offered suggestions on how to make it better. I did get into an argument with Arch over a few of my criticisms, but we later made up and have been on good footing ever since. Arch even asked me to contribute to this years FEE3, something I don’t think he’d do if he disliked me.
  2. Wow, that is some in-depth criticism, I thank you a lot for taking your time to write such a deep analysis. It is clear that you have a very deep connection to Micaiah, and thus I can understand why you felt this spotlight didn’t do her justice. I will absolutely say that at this point, after doing two huge spotlights on Ike & the Black Knight, there’s a probability that I’m a little burned out on Tellius ones, and that may have shown in the amount of effort I put into this one. I probably could have done better. I will point out though, that these spotlights aren’t necessarily meant to be super-complex. They’re called spotlights, which indicates it’s a video that sheds some light on the characters backstory, personality, motivations and in-game performance, but not an elaborate guide. However, when I am personally a big fan of a character, such as with L’arachel, I might put in the extra effort since I’m highly motivated when writing the script and doing the edits. When it comes to the rating, they are subjective, and I do believe I specify that quite clearly in many of my spotlights, though I failed to mention it in this one. If I give Micaiah a low rating, it is only because she as a character does not impress me on a personal level, that doesn’t mean her character is objectively bad, just that she doesn’t resonate with me. You seem to be very knowledgeable about Micaiah, is it correct to assume that you are equally invested in other Tellius characters? Would you be okay if I contacted you next time, I write a script for a Tellius character and maybe send you the draft so you can point out any shortcomings? I’m always on the lookout for skilled criticism. Also I came in here to post my latest spotlight, so I'll just leave this here instead of double-posting.
  3. No that was just me being dumb, I fixed it now.
  4. May be a bit of a cheap answer, but I actually made a huge video about this My 25th Birthday. Two blondes were involved. 100 000 subs on YouTube is one, but I already mentioned that in an earlier answer, so I'm gonna go ahead and say benching 150 kg (330 pounds) would be a pretty kickass goal. 1: We have gorgeous nature. 2: We have gorgeous girls. 3: I live there. Amazing, wonderful and extremely humble. This was the last of the questions. Thank you so much for nominating me guys, I had a lot of fun!
  5. This may sound strange, but I don't listen to a lot of music. I like video game soundtrack and ambient themes. I'm very excited to play Staff of Ages in 2025. Looks promising, like Gaiden/Echoes villagers, but on steroids. Could be very enjoyable, but it might also feel like a chore., Have to play Three Houses before I can say anything for certain. Eww. I’d want them to expand on the story the way Echoes expanded on Gaiden, not changing a whole lot, but just adding more meat to it all. Highlighting the intricate politics of Etruria and the scheming of Bern. Would be nice if they gave Zephiel a hint of emotion so he’s not just an emotionless machine. Better map-design and more intricate map-objectives would also be nice, as well as more in-depth supports. Voice-acting also seems to be a mainstay for newer Fire Emblem games, so I think that would need to be included as well. Aside from that, I wouldn’t want them to change a whole lot.
  6. If you require motivation to get to the gym, you are opening up a struggle with yourself every time you don't want to go. It becomes a question of “do I want to go to the gym today?” which allows the brain to start making excuses, which is why “going to the gym whenever you feel like it” doesn’t work for anyone, ever. However, if you simply just make a weekly schedule and set aside Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday as gym days, then there is no room to debate. Sure, your brain might try to make excuses to make you change your workout schedule, but that’s a lot harder to do once you’re in it. So yes, being dependent on motivation is counterproductive. That goes for anything important that you need to get done in life. Being high on motivation is a wonderful feeling, and you should certainly ride the wave whenever you can, but relying on motivation to get anything done is a massive… and I excuse the phrase, pitfall. Slapping Mekkah doesn't sound very enjoyable. It's much more rewarding to prove him wrong. I think that hurts Mekkah more than any physical harm possibly could. +10% hit/avoid, +1 damage/-1 damage taken for all physical weapons, like in Binding Blade. The magic triangle would be +20% hit/avoid, +3 damage/-3 damage taken, since the magic triangle often doesn't matter much due to resistance being so high on magic classes and tomes having very good hit. I'd do classic weapon triangle, swords > axes > lances, and the Fe4 style fire > wind > thunder. Light would beat dark magic, and dark magic would beat fire, wind & thunder, and fire, wind & thunder would beat light. There would be skills that would increase it's effects, like Triangle Adept and Breaker skills that increases it's severity.
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