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  1. Wyvern's class bases are also easily applied to any unit that can have a somewhat inconsistent strength growth like any of the house archers (Ashe, Ignatz, Bernie), Cyril, etc. Also, If I recall, Jeritza on Crimson Flower HAS Darting Blow as a Flying Budding Talent and can make a good Wyvern Lord when he gets access to Counterattack and his high weapon ranks. If Jeritza can't double through AS checks or if it's a Maddening Swordmaster with Quick Riposte, then he can certainly put a serious dent or even one-round/shot some enemies.
  2. As a update to my progress, I have beaten Oil and Water, The forgotten, Ocean View, Sword and Shield of Seiros, and Rumored Nupitals and claimed all of the rewards. Replying to Glennstavos, I have indeed cleared the paralogue with the Thyrsis. To reply to some people already, I've recruited everybody Black Eagles and Blue lions Students, the Seiros units up to Alois, and all of the Wolves. I might be trying to do Falling Short of Heaven and a Cursed Relic once I get into the Advanced classes on most of my units like Felix and Constance. True Chivalry I can try and do once Felix is a Swordmaster because it's not as simple to play than it was on Hard Mode. I can see the Shield being something that could come in clutch later on. Dividing the World is something I might try a few times pre-timeskip, but if it doesn't work, then I'll save it for post-timeskip. Secret Merchant is available (for me) before post-timeskip, but it is a difficult one on Maddening. I think I could try it out, but I haven't invested in Anna as much. I may skip out on it. If anyone wants to inform me on the rewards and how good are the battalions from that level, feel free to do so! Feel free to give me more feedback! I'd greatly appreciate it!
  3. I forgot to mention that I am at Professor Level B and I'm at two Battle Points. I also have everybody except for Alois recruited as of where I am now. Every Student, the Ashen Wolves, and the Seiros NPC units. It was all done by Chapter 8.
  4. I'm having trouble deciding what paralogues are I should do before the timeskip. I have beaten Cindered Shadows and recruited all of the Wolves. Their paralogues are available as a result. The file I'm playing is a Fresh Maddening Mode file on Golden Deer Route and I'm at the start of Chapter 9. I know there are some rewards that catch my eye like the Rings of Drommi, Caduceus Staff, the boots reward, and the Experience Gem (I desperately Need that), but there's some with at least decent Battalions that I wouldn't mind doing. I would appreciate any feedback for helping me get the most benefits before doing the timeskip on Maddening. This is also my first post on Serenes Forest. Thanks in Advance!
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