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  1. I don't like necromancy, but as I was searching those gifs for myself ended up managing to find all of them and I had to share what I got (made an account to do so). Going through ngo's pixiv stuff I found a link in the Ike sprite sheet (Link 1) which linked to the website I remembered finding the other gifs back in the day. The site was down, but I recalled knowing of this pretty handy site known as Wayback machine and managed to recover all of them. Internet is quite a thing. I'll upload them here AND leave the links from the Wayback machine backup (to call it something) if you wanna retrieve them directly (Link 2). Remember to give proper credits to ngo if you ever decide to reupload them. BTW managed to piece all of this together because of shadowofchaos mentioning the artist. Link 1. Ike sprite sheet by ngo. I wont upload it here, since the link to it is still alive. https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/4765696 Link 2. Wayback machine link. First click on "DOT", then all the links with "GBA" on them are the Fire Emblem stuff. I must assume this page belonged to ngo, since it was linked in his/her work on pixiv and cuz the art in the website had pretty much the same style than his/her stuff on pixiv (pretty much close to if not a 100% sure). https://web.archive.org/web/20060922145334/http://www.geocities.jp/moonlitcage/top.html Have a good one everyone! PS: Shinon turned out to be quite the sparring dummy. That's what you get... Edit: Even if it was found before, I hope this helps for anyone looking for them.
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