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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome and don't worry I'm a chronic worrier so I read the rules before posting and tend to read them twice to be sure/read rules for each section ha ha. As I said Chronic worrier over here/Someone that overthinks things.
  2. Just now got around to joining though have played fire emblem since awakening! (Sadly just as of last night got around to buying echoes) You'll have to forgive me my social skills are...Lacking to say the least so I may have issues figuring what to say at a given time though am happy to join! As I said I just last night got Echoes though have played and beaten Awakening,Fates,and Three Houses. (Its funny I bought my 3ds originally to play Persona q and got awakening on a whim but bought my switch mostly JUST for Three houses ha ha.)
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