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  1. I see... Well, best of luck with Pokémblem! Where can I find the thread for that hack? It sounds interesting.
  2. Oh.... Wait, Pokémon in FE8, huh? Sounds interesting.
  3. So I'm playing this hack, and I gotta say, it's pretty good. However, Wakka's Shoot's description is "Piercing." What does it pierce? It's not ignoring the enemy's Defense, nor is it piercing through an enemy. EDIT: Just found out it deals effective damage against Behemoths. Still, the description isn't very helpful.
  4. Persona 3 FES and Persona 4. Truly the first two games I've played, and I still play them, after more than 10 years. (and yes, they're still fun for me)
  5. Yes, the WAVs were placed automatically by FEBuilder once imported, I didn't really control where to place them in the ROM. Yeah, I'm not sure what the problem is with WAVs tbh, but it might be related to that. I would be glad if you could help me, but if you're busy with other projects, it's all fine.
  6. To be honest, I thought the same, until I tried expanding it. I don't think the hack would run on actual hardware though.
  7. I expanded the rom using HxD, using one of its functionalities that adds "00" bytes, therefore creating new free space. Thank you! I tried my best recreating the maps, but I'll add more variety to the tiles. About the music, I used something that allows for higher quality music, but takes up a lot of space as a result (importing WAVs), so it does sound similar. It is the reason why the rom is bigger indeed. Yes, WAVs fade out once a battle starts. There is no fix AFAIK. EDIT: I will probably be remaking Chapter 1's Map at some point to make it more accurate to the game (also because I didn't make it, and I want to make my own map for it)
  8. That's strange... Have you tried using an older version of VBA? The hack runs just fine for me with VBA 1.8.0
  9. I mean, I wasn't able to import the FE11 portraits completely (due to the need of appropiate color reduction) yet, so you can interpret the placeholder portraits however you want
  10. Segata Sanshiro could be an interesting, if not outright bizarre choice. He does have a videogame and popularity in Japan, but he would still be an unexpected pick.
  11. Bump. This project is not dead! I have returned to it yesterday, and have finished the Prologue III, as well as fixed the Seize issue. I have also improved in making events; the Prologue III events are significantly better than the events in the previous two Prologues. I'll be working on Prologue IV soon, and Chapter 2 after that (as Chapter 1 is already done)
  12. In terms of gameplay, the game is designed to be as accurate as possible to FE1, with its bases and growths, but uses music, maps, dialogue and (in the future) graphics from FE11. If I ever do one that is based on FE11, I'll use FE8 for the reclass and str/mag split. I haven't gotten that far; I've got the first two prologues finished, part of the third, and chapter 1.
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