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  1. It even happens outside of Nintendo; it's quite possible for a PS3 or PS4 controller to have a slight drift and has to be recalibrated.
  2. Yamcha is one of my favorite DBZ characters, and this hack is kind of intended to be balanced; Earthlings will be just as capable as Saiyans, for example. The classes just have different stat focuses. For example, Goku's HP is abysmal, but he has good Strength, Defense and Speed. EDIT: I am working on a second demo. The game will loosely adapt DBZ, meaning that, for example, you'll fight Raditz with the Earthlings in your team as well.
  3. Yamcha is intended to have high strength and speed. I still need to balance things though.
  4. Hello, my name is OdysseyNeptune and I would like to present my own hack (which is in very early stages). This hack is about Dragon Ball Z, having iconic characters such as Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, etc. My plans for this game include the following: The whole DBZ story inside the game, from the Saiyan Saga to the Majin Buu Saga. All of the characters (or all of the important ones) as playable units. Maybe the movies as Gaiden Chapters? And more! For now, the hack barely has "content": There's only 6 characters (Yamcha, Krillin, Ten Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Son Goku, and Roshi) and only up to Chapter 3 is playable. However, Chapter 3 is nigh-unplayable due to a bug (I'm new to FEBuilder) that allows to attack at an extreme range, but softlocks the game if attempted (and enemies will attempt it). I'll leave the patch, but you have to follow a few instructions: 1. Load a save that has Hard Modes unlocked. 2. Select Lyn Hard Mode (as this disables the tutorials, which I couldn't fully disable in Chapter 1) Also, here are the base stats and growths for each: Base Stats: Growths: A few notes: None of the bosses were changed much; they were changed to be in the Knight class (renamed to First Form, as this is intended for Frieza) and their speeds increased to be 0 (else they would be undefined and displayed as --), however, Batta has a new, Frieza-related battle quote ("This is a test for Boss Battle Quotes. I am the mighty Frieza!") as well as a new defeat quote ("Impossible! Me? Beaten!?"). However, none of the post-chapter and pre-chapter dialogues were changed (I think I removed part of them), so please ignore if you see any Fire Emblem character talking and skip it. The game is extremely easy due to enemies being changed to Soldiers (renamed to Frieza Soldiers), to test a few things, although the bosses might prove to be difficult without Master Roshi (as he fulfills the Jagen role). Also, Chapter 1's boss (Zugu) has no equipable item. I had forgotten to give him an Iron lance but decided to keep it this way. Also, none of the characters have new portraits or map icons, so they use ones from FE7 as placeholders for now. Last note: The patch is compatible with US FE7, I don't know about the other FE7 ROMs. Dragon Ball Z Tactics.ups
  5. For Hard 5 I highly recommend you boss abuse Draug. I had lost all the units except Marth and Draug (although I recruited Wrys later, so he was alive as well). If you get a high level Draug, he will most likely carry you through most of the game doubling enemies and tanking.
  6. I used Lyn Hard Mode as a workaround but... When the characters are deployed in Chapter 2, suddenly there's glitchy noise and the game kinda crashes I think. EDIT: Fixed.
  7. I am currently working on a FE7 Hack, and I started by editing Lyn's story (I'm using FEBuilder). This is virtually my first time editing Events (actually the second time, but the first time I barely did anything), and in Chapter 1, I'm forced to move Sain in the second turn. However, I had removed Sain from the Chapter, and the first turn is not restricted at all. Can someone help me with this? I'll send patch to someone if they're willing to help, or I can send screenshots of the Events if needed.
  8. I don't know. I'm not a FE expert, so it might work to have someone who knows a lot helping.
  9. I mean, yes. We got a Lord with 13 Constitution, for example. But then, there's a Dark Mage with 18 HP, 3 Magic, 2 Skill, 3 Speed, 0 Luck, 4 Def, 5 Res, and 6 Con. I mean, you can get good or bad stats.
  10. @whase I use the normal dmg "formula" for most FE games. @AnonymousSpeed yes. For example, let's talk about Dark Mages. Dark Mages have had their lowest Magic base in Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem, with a base of 2. Their highest Magic base was in Three Houses and Genealogy, being 10. So, for the Magic base stat of a player Dark Mage, I use an RNG to get a random number between 2 and 10.
  11. Well yes, but remember; I'm talking about player units. (This includes non-blue units that are controlled by players; one picked to be in the "red team" but can be recruitable, whilst another starts as a neutral unit)
  12. Oh. I mean, if I use the class base stats, they will end up quite weak. I was thinking on using Erk's stats and growths, but I didn't really know if those were good. Then, I will modify the class base stats. Also, should I use a specific game's base stats? I ended up using an RNG between the alltime lowest and highest in each stat. Edit: I'm using maps inspired (kinda) by FE7, so maybe I should use those? However, Shaman was replaced by Dark Mage and there's some other classes not present in FE7 (Such as the Freelancer)
  13. Oh there is a Roleplaying section? Pardon me, I am new to the forums.
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