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  1. @SumG DEF & RES are important, they may be against the odds in Maddening, but they matter. The fact that my Petra FK, who is supposed to have excellent RES and be able to at least take a magic blow, couldn't survive a single magic or physical attack that connected is a huge problem. As I stated earlier, I've done multiple Maddening runs so I am aware of how absurd the enemies are, and that I have only completed one Mad/Classic run with the Blue Lions. I'm benching Petra because I've used her on Maddening and Hard mode, and despite her incredible speed she was never lucky enough to stay alive. She didn't survive on Hard/Classic or Mad/Casual with enormous speed and high eveasion, so instead of wasting my Divine Pulses on her I'm just going to have her as an Adjunct. I'm unsure of how to respond to your bewilderment of this, honestly, but that's what I've chosen based on my experiences with her. ------- Edit: HEY EVERYONE, I updated the list! Thank you all for your input so far, I really appreciate it. Let me know what you all think of the edits.
  2. Oh dear. Very polar reactions to this one... I'm ok with it? It's not my favorite, but I don't dislike it. My first, and therefore dearest to my heart, was Symphony of the Night on the PS1, and it is the game by which I measure all of my CV experiences, so while Aria was no SotN, it was no Legends either.
  3. THANK YOU FOR THE TIPS EVERYONE!!! Sorry about the late reply, work has been rough these past few days, what with the country completely losing it over the virus (I'm a teacher, so you can imagine lol). Since you guys have said a lot, I'm going to try (key word is try) and be brief to save space. If I don't mention something specific that you've said, I'm not ignoring it, or you. I appreciate everyone's input a lot ❤️ Linhardt -- White Tomefaire, I agree, has gotta go. I could replace it with Bowbreaker so the boy has some protection against Snipers (even if I don't position him near any, reinforcement waves with Snipers happen and they suck) or HP +5, or even use some of my leftover renown (I have 350k from the Ashen Wolves trick I mentioned, no joke) to buy him Alert Stance+ for a little extra dodge? (I was gearing up to make him a Dark Flier in a previous run before it came out as lady-exclusive). Healing Focus -- Not going to lie, I really want to keep it on here. For the folks who use Combat Arts with weapons (Byleth, Edelgard, Ferdie, etc.) I've already narrowed down their usefulness, and I'm ok with them having that extra slot for healing. I guess I could take it off the mages, thoug. If there were a compelling list of alternatives for me to use on non-mage units I would be more in favor of dropping it, but for now I'm leaning towards keeps it as a precaution. Lifetaker -- Hm... not quite ready to get rid of it. It has helped in a pinch many times for me before. On my Mad/Clas with BL it literally saved my Byleth during the infamous time-skip bandits. She was a Gremory, and had Nosferatu equipped (no WTomefaire) with a Crit Ring, and every time she killed an enemy she got back to full health When Nos ran out, if she killed an enemy with Fire, she'd get back to almost full health. I've had it on Hubert on my last CF run (not Classic, just Casual) and it did help him out quite a bit. Linhardt won't be fighting often, so I'm ok with maybe trading that out on him (not sure what to replace it with, again). Intermediate/Advanced Classes -- You know what's up. I do this ALL THE TIME. I'm all about those free stats--love them, appreciate them, adore them. They don't add correctly to the calculator I'm using for stat predictions, which is why they aren't reflected in the numbers provided, but I am ABSOLUTELY going to get those sweet free boosts! Brave Weapons -- Oh, absolutely. I should've listed them earlier, but I do use them. I reserve them for late-game fighting so I don't waste Wootz Steel repairing them early game. Impregnable Fortress -- !!!!! I love this idea?? Who could I give it to? Giving it to Ferdie doesn't seem great, since I want him to dodge. El? Bernie? Byleth? Dodgetank -- Yeah, I'm afraid about their speed, which is why I had so much Thief/Sin focus... drat. I'll have to consider an FK, but I'm not sure who to use. Petra -- I have used Petra as a WL and as a FK before, and while she's excellent at doubling, if she gets hit--EVEN ONCE--she's straight up dead. Even as an FK where she passed as a Priest to get a RES boost and an AK for a DEF boost, she would get done in by magic and physical attacks if they connected. She's just too fragile. Check out this sheet I used to keep track of everyone's stats from my last Maddening run (casual), and keep in mind that Petra had an Evasion Ring, Lance Prowess 5, Sword Prowess 5, Lancebreaker & Axebreaker, and Alert Stance+ (I no longer have the stat chart for when she was an WL, but she also didn't have fun if she got hit). Despite Petra (and Ferdie) having the most non-Lord/Byleth growths, she had the WORST defenses. Out of everyone. Linhardt had higher DEF than her, and the only person with worse RES than her was Caspar, who overall still had better survivability. Her DEF & RES rolled very, very poorly, despite the other stats being pretty darn good, and her using one of the best Master classes available. Even though she doubled like a maniac, if she was hit at all, she had to retreat. Unless I give her all of my Giant Shells/Talismans/Ambrosias/White Veronas, I don't think she will survive.
  4. Hello everyone! Let me know if this is in the right place, and if it isn't please direct me to where it ought to be. SO. I'm in the midst of planning my final (we'll see, lol) run of the Crimson Flower route, and I want to do it on Maddening/Classic mode. I've done it on Maddening/Casual once, and it hurt because I was unprepared. Like, really unprepared. I don't want to make the same mistake twice, so I've been trying to plan my last run. To save on space, I'm going to put the character and build in a spoiler tag, and write my reasons for that build within the spoiler tag as well. The structure is going to be NAME -- CLASS (CLASS PROFICIENCY) -- CLASS ABILITIES, followed by bullet points that go ITEMS, ABILITIES, COMBAT ARTS, BATTALIONS, CLASS PROGRESSION, TOTAL SKILL REQUIREMENTS, and then an estimate from a calculator of their growths. Just a heads up, this is using Ashen Wolves clear data and NG+ data. I will be using AW characters, and their names will be used both in the spoiler tags and out. I'm leaving their names out of the spoiler tag because they were already announced, but if anyone would like me to put their names in the spoiler tags, I will make the edit. I already did Maddening without NG+ and it hurt my soul--you can't make me do it again, I refuse and will cry--and I'll also be using the prize from clearing the AW route, so if you haven't played AW yet, there's spoilers for that in here. When something is Italicized, I'm marking it as NG+ dependent and I will spend renown to get it. UPDATES WILL BE BOLDED AND IN THIS COLOR PURPLE. If I have decided between two options, the option itself will be bolded and recolored. Alrighty, here we go! We shall start with Byleth (we chug respect women juice in this house). Next is Edelgard! Next is the man who may not have actual eyebrows, Hubert! Next is Ferdinand Von Aegir! No longer in main party. I've removed his data (keeping it in a document in case the mods need me to keep it) and added his replacement, Ingrid. Snoozeman Linhardt is next! Since he's going to be a "switch" character (you'll see further down), I'm also adding another character's info. HYDA- I mean, Caspar. BERNIE BEAR Next up is Dorothea! ............................ I'm sorry, it's not Petra. I'm sorry. I love her a lot, it's just not Petra. She dies way too fast for my liking, so she's an Adjacent Unit. Instead, we have Constance taking this spot. Final main party member is the Secret Boy. AND THAT'S IT. For reserve units/adjuncts, I have Petra as a Pegasus Knight, Yuri as a Trickster and Hapi as a Valkyrie Ferdinand as a Fortress/Great Knight, and Mercedes as a Bishop (I can easily switch between Mercie & Lin depending on what I need from them, and since healers level very easily, I don't have to worry about either of them falling behind). I am exchanging Yuri & Hapi for Ferdinand & Mercedes so that they are reliably activated Guard & Heal Adjutants. Adjutants activation rate increases with support rank, and few Black Eagles have supports that become successful Guard & Heal classes, so I can settle my Ferdie indecision by switching him off the main party and use Mercedes to get better use out of their Adjutant roles. If I ever need to switch between Mercie & Lin, would be for utility -- Fortify vs. Warp. If I find that Mercie is more useful, then I'll probably upgrade her to Gremory and put her in the main role. Please let me know your thoughts, what I should patch up, etc. I know that DEF & RES are a little low, but I'm hoping that I can use the Holy Tomb to farm for stat boosters for an edge (My soft-reset technique is 3 Boosters, if there's a Seraph Robe or Black Pearl, make it 4. If I don't get 3/4+SR/BP, I reset until I do. It takes a while, but nothing else down in the tomb is really worth it when you can literally buy everything else from the Ashen Wolves or Anna). I also don't use stat boosts until everyone is in their final class, that way I don't miss out on free bonuses. THANK YOU EVERYONE, YOU'RE AMAZING ❤️ EDIT: Edited for clarity. My goodness, I have not yet mastered the spoiler tag. EDIT #2: Updated information.
  5. Hello!! I made my intro topic because I honestly thought this page was dead, but when I saw it updated I realized it was ok to join in! I'm ShiraBliss! My first FE was Binding Blade, then I played Blazing Blade. Skipped over Sacred Stones and went right to Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn, then played Shadow Dragon. I didn't play New Mystery, then I resumed FE with Fates, went back to play Awakening, skipped Shadows of Valentia, and now I'm at Three Houses! I'd say of all the Fire Emblem games I've played, the ones that I've played the most (so far, lol) are Fates & Awakening because I adore character customization. That and class customization, which, to me, is just *chef's kiss*. That being said, Three Houses, despite being such a long game, is getting to be pretty well played. I've played CF twice (accidentally overwrote my first Byleth because my left joycon had a drift issue CRIES), BL thrice (first one also got overwritten, same issue), GD twice (yes, happened to this one too, RIP), and the secret route once. I've played all routes on Maddening, but I want to play one more CF, GD, and secret route because I only finished BL with Maddening difficulty on Classic, and I'd like to test my skills for the other routes! I managed to save everyone, and let me tell you, it was stressful. I'm hoping that once I unlock more forum activities that I can ask the veterans here for some advice on a team build for Maddening/Classic Crimson Flower ❤️ I also love LoZ, Castlevania (games & show), Pokemon, Crash Bandicoot, Lara Croft, and lots more. Feel free to ask me anything 😄
  6. HI GUYS! I love seeing Zelda fans, no matter where I am *w* Every so often I circle back to the BOTW 2 teaser, because it's just so good and I'm so excited for it.
  7. Hey everybody! I've been using serenesforest as a resource since... I legitimately can't remember which game, lol. But here I am, years and years later, finally getting it together and making my account! What would you guys like to know? I put quite a bit in my About Me page, but I understand not wanting to go to my profile. Let's seeeeee... I grew up on Playstation and Nintendo. Pokemon, LoZ, and FE were my favorite Nintendo games, Castlevania, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Lara Croft were my favorite for Playstation. I have never played an Xbox before (like, I've never even held a controller), so I know nothing about Xbox exclusive games. I love RPGs the most, and below those are adventure games, open-world games, and fantasy/sci-fi. I love all animals, especially my dog. I'm a certified scuba diver, I have a degree in animation--but I don't work in animation lol--, and I love to cook. I love MENA (middle eastern north african) & Mediterranean food more than life itself, but Indian cuisine is a close second. I love making homemade curry, bread, and dumplings. Spice is my lady, caffeine is my side-chick. I'll be happy to answer if y'all would like to know more! Peace :3
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