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  1. Yeah, about America's so-called mass shooting problem... You realize there's only about one every few years, right? That's why the mainstream media makes such a big deal out of one, whenever it does happen. Then the anti-gun rights extremists inflate their phony statistics by including ordinary gun violence and gang-on-gang violence as mass shootings. Could you stop insulting me? Your side doesn't want stronger background checks, your side hates gun rights and want them gone. How many times must I say "I challenge you to justify California's insane and arbitrary limitations on how good a gun can be before the public is no longer allowed to own it" before one of you will actually try to justify that? You're twisting the words of the amendment by pretending it only applies to militias, while forgetting that militias are made up of people. The Constitution was written to grant rights to the American people. What's next, are you going to tell me you think the second amendment only applies to muskets, or that the first amendment (the right to free speech) only applies to newspapers? I compared your side's war on gun rights to the war on drugs because they are both bad things. That's pretty obvious. And you decided to believe I'm a racist who thinks only white people should be allowed to do drugs? What are you smoking? You're starting to sound like a crazy person. Tell me, if you really "Just want more background checks" and don't think banning guns is the way to go, why aren't you arguing with the lefties who said nonsense like "The pro-gun lobby is successful because there are still guns in America and I think that should be changed"? Is it because gun-fearing extremists like that are useful for the anti-human rights cause? The constant erosion of civil rights is a bad thing. Speak out against it! While my opinions on drugs are irrelevant here, "Dread Pirate Roberts and his Silk Road did more good for the world than America's failed war on drugs ever did. With the Silk Road, dealers can sell their product to anyone out there without having to have gang wars over territory. No innocents will get caught in the crossfire of gang wars if there are no gang wars. And those who sell sub-par products get low scores for it, while trusted and successful dealers get high scores. You also can't buy drugs on The Silk Road without already having the money, so you won't end up getting in debt to drug sellers. No drug deal can end in a mass shooting on the Silk Road because it's all done online and over the post. It's a good thing, and that's why Big Government tried so hard to destroy it and imprison its creator and rob him blind. I'm a Libertarian, that means I believe in human rights. Including gun rights. You're never going to eliminate all drug use, no matter how hard you try. So you should organize and legitimize it, while forcing standards and taxes onto it. Suddenly, drug deals gone bad end in civil court cases instead of shootouts. And you're never going to end all gun crime in America, just as you're never going to end all crime in any country. And you are never going to "Remove all guns from the country" no matter how hard left-wing media outlets try to slander gun culture and its role in American culture. All you can do is let people keep their right to defend themselves from anyone who wants to kill/rape/rob them, instead of trying to take away a little bit more of that right every year. Also, Civic Nationalism will always "have an image problem" for as long as far-left media megacorp monopolies sponsored by far-left politicians see a profit in convincing millions of easily-duped people to hate themselves, hate their country, hate their nation's ideals, hate their basic human rights, and most of all, hate everyone who likes those things. Politicians who hate America and want to rob it blind see a profit in convincing idiots that they should hate Americans and blindly trust in anti-American politicians.
  2. A flying-only challenge sounds fun but I think I'll try "Mounted Only" challenge first.
  3. I saw a youtuber play through a randomized copy of Fire Emblem Awakening. How do I randomize my Fire Emblem Awakening and give that a go?
  4. I've seen those people, and they're fools. A mass murderer doesn't suddenly become more sympathetic if he's pretty or if she has a tragic backstory.
  5. Sources, please. If you're going to make positive claims, you need to back them up with evidence if you want anyone to take them seriously. You need higher-level arguments. Gun control laws DO NOT stop gun crime. You used Italics when you made your statement, but I used italics and all-caps when I made mine. Ha ha, I win. But in all seriousness, if gun control laws stopped gun crime, Chicago wouldn't have so much gun crime. I wish you understood things like that. Is this the part where you say "Well they get the guns illegally from other places! We have to stop guns being sold legally there, too!" without noticing what's wrong with that logic? I don't know why anti-rights activists get so heated and salty whenever good people like me make calm and logical arguments in favour of having human rights. Speaking of human rights... I know I should probably wait until the thread gets unlocked, but there's something I need to say before I get back to what I was doing. To quote user "Shoblongoo" here. https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/91083-usa-gun-rightsgun-control-discussion-thread/&tab=comments#comment-5586454 Imagine not understanding the difference between granting human rights to people enslaved in their home countries and sold to America like cargo, granting women the right to vote, granting anyone born in America the right to be called an American, and trying to strip away a fundamental human right of absolutely everyone in America. I'll never understand how people can keep that misunderstanding in their heads for so long. It's good to give people rights, and bad to strip those away. Human rights are good. Giving voting rights to women was good. Violating someone's human rights is bad. Why muddy the water with this "The constitution has been changed before so it should be changed now" talk? The constitution was written to codify what fundamental human rights an American citizen is owed by their government. It codifies what rights the police and government are there to protect. Speaking of that thread, I hope it doesn't get locked forever or deleted. We need a place where this topic can be discussed peacefully without the thread getting derailed with whatever unrelated thing happened in the US this week. If the topic is discussed for long enough, every left-wing anti-rights talking point will be thrown out and debunked. Also I'll politely overlook that one guy who insinuated that I'm a racist who supports drug use. He's probably going through some hard times, it wouldn't be right to make fun of him for being like this.
  6. Howdy, this is the USA-Centric Gun Rights/Gun Control Discussion Thread! Here's my two cents: Remember that time a mass shooter attacked some church in Texas, and was immediately stopped and shot by some old man with a big iron on his hip? A Sig Sauer, if I recall the Big Iron parody song sung about him correctly. Just one good man with a gun shot the criminal, saved every life at that church. Nobody had to wait for the cops to show up because at least one good person with a gun was already there. Remember that time a gay nightclub called Pulse got shot up by a homophobe in Orlando, Florida? Omar Mateen. His name is remembered because he successfully killed people. And if one person in that club had a gun, that one person could have shot the criminal and saved the day. Gun stores don't get robbed, but helpless and defenseless stores do. No compromises made with the anti-gun lobbyists will ever make them happy, because they will never stop trying to chip away at America's second amendment rights. A law against guns with more than 11 bullets here, a law against guns with more than 9 bullets a while later, all to disarm good people so the increased crime rates they cause can be blamed on gun rights by anti-gun lobbyists for clout. No amount of draconian laws will ever allow the government or its police to stop all crime, or all sales of illegal firearms. When cops are called, they typically show up long after most of the bodies have cooled. All gun control laws do is disarm law-abiding citizens and make it easier for criminals to prey on them. The war on drugs has been more successful than the government's war on guns, and if you know how badly that has gone, that's saying something. Anyway, that's my two cents. Discuss the topic here, since I got warned for answering someone else's questions about it in the general politics thread.
  7. Well, I tried. Let the record show that I tried. edit: Wait, one more try before I make a thread about gun control. Do you understand why what you just said is laughably wrong? "A "good guy with a gun" is actually really, really bad for something like an active shooter situation." indeed. Christ, that's right up there with "If you kill your enemies they win". You look at the two examples I brought up and tell me if the police showed up in time to save anyone. Then you tell me if the straws you're grasping at have any worth. Gun control laws don't stop gun crime, they just make life worse for law-abiding citizens. Stop supporting gun control laws, and stop trying to make life worse for law-abiding citizens.
  8. Oh, now I get it! It's fine, I talked someone through figuring this stuff out before. I know how to stay calm and help you understand this. Firstly, you know how shops have money, right? You know how sometimes, criminals will rob stores to get their money, right? Well, criminals don't try to rob gun stores. And you already know why: Because good people have access to guns at gun stores. One criminal with a gun would get shot and die if he tried robbing a gun store. That's why criminals prey upon easier targets. Helpless, unarmed ones. Secondly, you know how criminals don't follow the laws, and that's what makes them criminals? All the anti-gun laws in the world couldn't stop them. But gun rights can arm their victims, and make predators think twice. If you outlaw knives, only criminals will have and use knives. If you outlaw guns, only criminals have and use guns. In some crappy parts of the UK, police are confiscating kitchen knives from law-abiding citizens, but that won't do anything to stop the machete-swinging rape gangs over there. Now, please don't take this as a personal attack against you or the anti-gun religion. It's never too late to realize whoever talked you into fearing/hating guns was just trying to use you. Remember that time a mass shooter attacked some church in Texas, and was immediately stopped and shot by some old man with a big iron on his hip? A Sig Sauer, if I recall the Big Iron parody song sung about him correctly. Just one good man with a gun shot the criminal, saved a ton of lives, and saved the day. Remember that time a gay nightclub called Pulse got shot up by a homophobe in Orlando, Florida? Omar Mateen. His name is remembered because he successfully killed people. And if one person in that club had a gun, that one person could have shot the criminal and saved the day. You can't blame the tool for what people choose to do with it. And getting rid of a tool won't get rid of evil people who'll use anything to help them kill/rob/rape whoever they want. If people started killing other people with machetes or hammers or baseball bats or tire irons or shoes, would you lobby for them to be banned, too? Plus, America is full of guns. Many of those guns have their serial numbers filed off and can't be traced. They're already distributed throughout the criminal underworld, so trying to get California to ban the legal sale and legal ownership of guns with more than eleven bullets and trying to get Idaho to ban guns guns with more than twenty won't save anyone. Making life harder on honest people won't affect or harm criminals, it'll just make their lives easier. Besides, "gun control" laws blatantly don't work. Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, yet the hellhole is still full of violence and gun crime and theft and so on. You're fighting a losing battle against an enemy you can't beat because you're not fighting it correctly. Gun Control laws don't hurt criminals, they help them by disarming their prey. Fight for harsher punishments for mass shooters, and fight for the right for mentally-sound people to own guns. Once upon a time, I was an asshole. I hated guns and I hated people who liked guns even more. That all changed when I met a certain friend of mine. He carries a gun. And once, I asked him why. He told me it's because if some criminal ever shows up and starts killing people, he's willing to put his life on the line to save innocents, even though he doesn't know them and even though he doesn't have any reason to care about them. That changed my perspective on gun ownership, because up until then, my view of gun-owning people was shaped entirely by what the lefty facebook pages I followed chose to show to me. I saw idiots at the gun range injuring themselves, I saw bad people shooting each other, and I'd never seen a good person with a gun before. But then I realized, I had seen a good person with a gun before. And it was that man.
  9. I want to try a wacky challenge run. Sort of like how Pokemon games have the Nuzlocke Run, a self-imposed challenge. But not on Lunatic/Lunatic+, I ain't about that RNG grind life. Tried it once, it was boring. Also, decide my Robin's stats.
  10. If a vaccine is ever found, it should be given to the people for free. However, it should go to doctors first. Then to firefighters, then cops and regular people get it at the same time.
  11. Can I take a vacation in your world? It sounds nicer than reality. Because in reality, the pro gun lobby is infamously unsuccessful in America. Do you have any idea how many compromises have been forced upon them by the anti-gun rights lobbyists? And they have gained nothing in return for these compromises. Seriously, have you seen what Cursed Gun nonsense Californians are forced to do to their guns to comply with this month's nonsense regulation until they can afford to move out of that state? You can't justify that. That's why you skipped my "Justify commiefornia's nonsensical arbitrary limitations on gun rights" challenge. edit: Anyway, onto more global topics... What are your thoughts on the queen of england?
  12. Lie. That, right there, is a lie. And it will keep being a lie, no matter how often it is said. If you go to a far-right ethno nationalist website, you will find pages of people calling Trump a worthless spineless sham because he has failed to build the wall in time or do anything about the declining white birth rate in America. They are the ethno-nationalists who want America to be white, and they hate Trump because his goal isn't their goal. Trump isn't doing what the far-right ethno-nationalists want, because Trump is not a far-right ethno-nationalist. Trump wants to make America better for "The Americans", regardless of their ethnicity, and regardless of how that upsets megacorps. Megacorps know they can dupe stupid people into defending them and attacking people in the way of whatever terrible thing they want this week by throwing around buzzwords like "far-right" and "alt-right" and "super-duper-giga-right". You might not understand why it's immoral to slander Trump's supporters and wear out words like ethno-nationalist and far-right, but you should. By the way, when are we moving this Trump discussion to the US politics thread? We were told to do that, so we should probably do that soon.
  13. Holst would enter the entrance Who would win in a fight: a Claude-sized Hilda or a Hilda-sized Claude?
  14. This is getting a bit heavy. How about something to lighten the mood? Remember that time Snopes rated satirical news site Babylon Bee's "CNN just purchased an industrial-sized washing machine to spin news!" joke as False? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REm4rt8LLtU
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