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  1. Just about any song in Fire Emblem Fates that isn't Lost in Thoughts All Alone. Seriously, they have four Fates songs and they're all just different versions of the same thing?
  2. I should learn how to play Alight on Banjo I wonder what a more "accurate" hit rate percentage would look like in Fire Emblem.
  3. That's like once in a lifetime experience. I actually think it would work really well. Fates is a masterclass in terms of art, visuals, and gameplay so you could honestly just play through it while ignoring any written material as if it's an older Mario game. I imagine it'd be really beautiful in that regard.
  4. That is true I suppose, though the only ones that I can remember right now is the Sorcerer and Dread fighter ones. Gah! Stop making me want to play Fates! I'm trying to speedrun the entire series here! Perhaps but after being spoiled by them in Sacred Stones I could not be more disappointed with Shadow Dragon. As a cutscene I still think it looks cool. Fates even had the dignity to censor her upskirt which is saying a lot considering literally the entire rest of the game.
  5. Possibly unpopular opinion. This is a GBA level Fire Emblem animation in a modern game and I'm all for it. Yeah I looked it up, and I went managed to recruit the underleveled cleric along with the overleveled Dracoknight. I already have my team kind of built at this point so now it's a mystery on who I'm going to replace with Minerva... There's something funny about seeing this video not too long after seeing his posts on twitter about upgrading to HD. If I ever play Fates again I hope it'll be on Cirta so I can change the spoken language to Japanese and skip all non-animated cutscenes so I can appreciate the game as if it's an art movie.
  6. Wait wait wait. Shadow Dragon question. ...Are Minvera and Maria automatically recruited after chapter 10 or do I have to talk to them within the chapter?
  7. I was thinking a post SS story with Joshua as the main lord taking over Jehanna, and just the occupying thought of what certain classes would look like in an Arabic Egyptian period setting. Previous Jehannan characters would show up as well like Tethys and Ewan but also plenty of new ones. Who knows, it may be a project I'll take up later some day.
  8. Yeah the time and effort is keeping me back mostly. And I'm no good at technical stuff like making maps or making sound units. But I was daydreaming about the possibility of a Jehanna campaign just set in that area with it's own unique units, story and characters and how much fun that would be to make from an artistic side.
  9. I might try that actually, just for the lols if nothing else.
  10. I'm tempted to make a Fire Emblem romhack. Yeah I don't recognize it from El Salvadoran Spanish either. Berserk staves were the cause of all my pain in Ephraim's route. Hey, I recruited this guy in Heroes yesterday in my monthly check in of that game. He's absolutely insane, I don't know why anyone thought this was okay. Fascinating. So that's the meme! I like keeping my units alive though so I wont try and get those anytime soon.
  11. That's definitely far more on the nose. Out of curiosity I looked up the names of some other Fire Emblem place names to see what would come up. Altea came up as a city in Spain Archenea gave me a bunch of German results Jugdral just gave me the FE wiki page. Tellius gave me a software company. Valla is just fence in Spanish... Ah yes, it is the story and characters that draw me towards these games, gameplay is but a mere bonus. Seriously though, I don't post much about it because most of the time my strategies are just uninteresting. Make him a viable unit.
  12. I also love how the nation is just called Macedon, like the translators just gave up with that name and took something from antiquity, same with Thracia. Not a complaint but it is kind of funny to me. Meanwhile, Quetzal's post about her Fire Emblem playthroughs: (Completely ignores all gameplay and just talks about the story)
  13. "Chapter 10, Princess Minvera" Time for a turning point. Goddammit you beat me to it.
  14. You'd think the game would at least add more story content to be at the same level as the original. Speaking of extra stuff, have there been prologues in this game and I've just totally missed them? This is actually perfect, thank you. Oh, yeah it was, now that I remember. I guess it is a mechanic so easily brushed off as "A gift from the gods" or something. Late game Conquest changes a man. Particularly this man. Hahahaha! Ah, good but too big.
  15. How the hell is the remake of this game shorter than the original, that's fucked up. Yubello and Miranda were hard to find good images of but everything else is solid. And yeah, for Radiant Dawn I'll probably just keep the standard title icon unless a good image is sent directly to me. Radiant Dawn is now probably the FE game I know the least about so I'd like to keep it that way until I play it. Thanks for the warning.
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