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  1. Best wishes to you, mate. Stay safe and found out what caused it. We're always here for support if you need it. Reminds me of this video I was watching a second before I saw this.
  2. Ah, heh. I've been getting into Star Wars a little bit since I'm thinking about getting the Skywalker saga, so Star Wars has been on my mind lately.
  3. And so I have begun Assassin's Creed III. Now the previous games I only had a passing knowledge on the Crusades and the Renaissance but the American Revolution is something I've actually studied in depth along with the Haudenosaunee. With that in mind I will judge this game very closely as I've nothing better to do with my life. I have been to the end of the earth, I have been to the end of the waters, I have been to the end of the sky, I have been to the end of the mountains, I have found none that are not my friends. I'm a bit late but here's hoping you're okay and taking it easy, friend. Do you have an idea of why it happened?
  4. Then the debate ends here. It blows my mind as well. If it is true that is, it might just be a few false articles I found. I mean I'd like to believe that people are smarter then that but who knows, conservative communities have flabbergasted me many times before.
  5. I don't think it's too generalizing actually, I think it's very much the truth. Like I said, it's not impossible for a male writer to write a good female character, in fact it happens all the time, yet that does not eliminate the abundance of female characters written my men that just aren't very compelling. Also I hoped that the opposite statement in question was known to be the post that you made about the female character written by a female writer. The point being, in the majority of works written by men, sadly, a male character is more likely to be an actual character, even if they're designed to be sexy, and vise versa. It's good to know what you write, because while gender shouldn't be that important to a someone's character, that's currently the world we live in and a male writer might not feel as connected to a female character, and thus that character falters. Now that might sound unrealistic but a way too big portion of men in the United States don't recycle simply because they're afraid to be labeled as gay, so it's definitely not that far fetched. There's also something to be said about character archetypes and how there are far more male character archetypes than there are female ones. And yeah, I agree with you, a good writer would move past this regardless of personal identity...I'm not sure what you're trying to say there. Yes but what if there was something genuinely wrong with Julius' execution as a villain? As a writer you should look at the critiques of your readers so that may improve later on.
  6. All I can say is that I tried. All of them at once I suppose. What I mean I guess is to have characters who are sexy but the story never dwelling on it. Never having super imposed close up shots of their body or character interactions talking about how "hot" they are, no just treated as the norm to the point where you'd almost forget that the outfit being worn is conventionally skimpy. An example I can think of is Olivia from Awakening where her outfit is never brought up once, making you forget that "Oh yeah, this girl is basically wearing a bikini with some ribbons during a fucking war" And I like that. There's a sense of empowerment in a character letting their body breath without being overtop about it, it stops being a sexy thing and just becomes normal, and that's something I feel helps real people feel better about their own bodies. Yes but art is subjective, and while it is the right of the writer to write whatever they please (And I encourage them to do so) It is also the right of the reader to critique it based on their own views and preferences. I don't think it's a bad but I do think it's a tiring thing. But again I wont complain too much, after all making Zelda a damsel in distress doesn't break the good stories of Zelda, it's just that a playable Zelda would be a nice change of pace. Hey I agree, I hate that line as well because it was a terrible way of making my point. What I meant to say is that a male writer will be more inclined to write male characters since they may relate to them more, but when they write a female character they may unconsciously write her a generically feminine character without much to her. This is where you get your classic damsels in distress and empty love interests. It's obviously not impossible for a male to write a good female character, but it's still something that does happen. Aye, this is something that isn't talked about as much but most professional artists drew risque art, and that's totally okay. It's a requirement in most art schools to draw naked figures, it's how we learn about anatomy. Look at Leonardo Da Vinci! He help paved the way for medical science by having many sketches of the nude human body which helped doctors in their studies. Yeah she doesn't always get kidnapped but it is always the goal to save her. For most of Skyward Sword she's just off doing her own thing while your goal is to get close to her so you can protect her. In breath of the wild, she's not really been kidnapped, she's just been using her magic to stop the spread of Calamity Ganon for the past 100 years...somehow, and it's your job to save her from that. The only games where you don't save her from something or other are the game were she doesn't appear. Here's something I laughed at when I first saw. A passage in the Hyrule Historia talks about the evolution of the three main Zelda characters and has this to say on each "In the beginning, Link was just a bunch of pixelated dots, now he's a hero who appears fearless. Ganon has turned into a powerful archvillain, and Zelda, an incredibly beautiful woman" ...Not the reincarnation of the goddess, not a very capable magic user a can destroy a field of guardians in one fell swoop, just an incredibly beautiful woman. And I feel that's pretty telling of how some members of the Zelda team see her.
  7. A great deal of social pressure is to blame I think. It's why in a lot of conservative Islamic communities women are often shamed for their bodies and forced to cover it up. In the US it's not nearly as extreme but it's still somewhat prevalent with most women growing up with the idea that they must always be pretty and always dress properly. The marketing companies in the US bank on this by making advertisements that pressure women into buying their products. A similar thing happens to men but not even close to the same degree, at least here. And the exoticism of sexy women that's often shown in popular movies done to attract a male gaze only makes these insecurities worse, and I imagine it's the same the other way around. But it's not often talked about because sex is a "sin" and exploring your body and treating it with respect will "send you to hell" Things are definitely changing for the better, but only in certain areas. More conservative areas as we talked about are, to put it frankly, in some deep shit. It is just amazing how hellbent Nintendo sometimes seems to be when making sure Zelda is a damsel in distress in every single bloody Zelda game. Though I guess I can't complain too much. She is usually the most interesting part of the game and she does help a great deal in the final battle. ...Almost makes you wonder how she got kidnapped in the first place but whatever. I'm still holding out hope for BOTW2
  8. Hmm, yeah, I didn't think of that being related to gender as much. Thank you for bringing this to light. I actually wanted to bring this up in the previous post but didn't know how to. Aye, it's true, and I wanted to bring up how I believe that more nonchalantly sexy characters would help more than anything. All across the world sex and sexuality has ( and still is) been viewed as some kind of sin while simultaneously being used as a marketing tool to sell people stuff, and it works because of how often folks are starved of something that should be treated as a normal part of being human. Now I think I've seen this first hand. Both me and my brother were taught about that stuff pretty early on in our lives, but not with a sense of taboo around the subject, no it was all about freedom and having a positive look on the human body, which is why it was a big shock to both of us just how...exoticized it all was in pop culture, and not in a good way. And since then I've learned just how restrictive other's sexual education can be, if they get any at all, and how it often makes them feel ashamed of their bodies. I think that's why sex sells, it's seen as such a big taboo which is why it's so attractive to people even if they'd be too ashamed to admit it. I feel we might land at a better place if we seek to normalize the human body instead of demonize it as this sinful lustful thing. Unrelated but I have a few funny stories about folks visiting and being shocked at how freely my family sometimes talks about sex and sexuality. Reminds me of stories I used to hear of European men thinking American women are easy to chat up because American movies made them look so. Don't know if that's a point or not but I was reminded of it. Fair enough. I mean when it comes to an extremely simple franchise like Mario I don't rally arms screaming of justice for Princess Peach because at this point I'm convinced they do it because of tradition rather than old ideas. Though I'll still occasionally bring up the fact that Princess Peach has been in more playable appearances in the Mario series than Zelda has in the Legend of Zelda series
  9. Maybe not like it, but certainly not care for it. But I'll grant you that I know far more women than men in my life so perhaps I only assume when most men feel. All I know is that for all the men I do know, not one (Including myself) have I see wince or scoff or complain to me about a shirtless man in a film or game. My perception of male oppression has always been about work and emotion, that men are only valued if they can bring in money and work hard for it, without showing strong emotions. It's a big issue today how so many men feel isolated growing up in an environment where they're told "Boys don't cry" and so on, which I agree is a huge problem. Even as a male who grew up in an open happy family, these ideas still caught onto me due to how prevalent it is in our culture and it took me time to move past that. That to me is male exploitation but if there's also a lot of male sexual exploitation then please let me know. A man who refuses to learn of unheard problems is a blind man. Well again, grew up in a mostly female led environment, had a lot of access to romance novels and movies aimed towards women so I'm at least somewhat familiar. It's not like my mom and my aunties looked at the big sexy man on screen and told me I should be more like him though that's probably my own luxury. And hey, maybe they're just weren't as crazy as what you're thinking about. Now, were you a gay man, it may be different. I personally don't know any gay men, at least not that I know of, so it's not a subject I fully understand, but I can definitely imagine how uncomfortable you might be if a gender you aren't sexually attracted to starts treating you as an object of desire. If that be the case, then I agree with you. Maybe I don't fully understand your point here but I'd rather not tell people that for their gender they'll be treated like shit and should never stand up for it. The first step to solving any problem is to bring it into conversation, why would I not talk about how portraying people as nothing but sex objects is bad? If we truly want to educate those whose minds still in the past, wouldn't that be the first step? I don't blame the past, nor do I seek there for answers for the future, I simply believe that by observing the past we can gain an understanding for why things are the way they are. The solution I think is simple. Treat your characters as through they were your family. Give them personality, backstory, nuance, and if you must, an honorable death. I guess I didn't make it clear enough but yes, I 100% agree with you. I encourage artists to feel free to make sexy characters, there's nothing inherently wrong with that. It's a character being built around fanservice that bothers me.
  10. One of the ways of treating women better is to not treat them as sex objects in media. Do not underestimate the influence of online media as it is the thing that ties us all together. What is the truth is not always what is. Context is key. Unlike men, women for most of history have been treated by those in power as baby making machines that stay at home and take care of the kids and give sex whenever asked. When it comes to oversexualized female characters there's a sense of uneasiness and uncomfortableness that some female viewers get. I know from the women in my life that it almost feels like being taken advantage of to them Most men on the other hand don't get this feeling as we don't have that history. If a male character is sexualized that's not too bad since it's most likely a character made by men, you can be sure that it will end being a real character. There's no feeling of being violated or exploited for another's gaze. And sure, a male character may be made sexy to attract a female audience but most men love the idea of women finding them sexy and so it rarely comes up as a conversation. Oh and of course there are sexualized male characters in female targeted pieces of media but since our culture has a history of looking at female targeted things as "Inferior" they almost never get that famous in the public eye. The biggest non-children targeted one I can think of being Twilight which is only popular because of how mocked it is. I agree with you, we don't want to give women the idea that they always have to be prim and proper without showing skin. It's not so much about sexualization as it is about characterization. I think artists should be free to design their characters however they please, the point is that a character built from the ground up to exist for the sole purpose of sex appeal, likely isn't going to be very compelling.
  11. There's no shame in believing of the rights of humans I already talked about my thoughts on this matter in another forum so go over there to prevent continuing it here. Also for the record I was raised with far more women around me than men so I like to think I know what I'm talking about. As Ruben said, I do think a sexy design for a character can be a bit of a hinder if it's a very out-of-character outfit. An example I can think of is Tharja from Awakening, who's transparent skintight suit feels completely out of character for who she is and is seemingly there for no other reason then fanservice. And while I hate to place bad faith in the common audience, with how many art of Tharja has her flaunting her "bits" or stalking Robin, I sometimes wonder if people like her for the wrong reasons. Which might be what you said, people's inability to look beyond sex appeal. Again, it's nothing horrible, but it is something I notice. Also I apologize in advance if I end up rekindling this conversation here. You can ignore this if you wish, it's just a topic I have a lot of passion for.
  12. Ah yes, me favorite religion, Siberian Wastes. I love the little patches of Buddhism scattered across the central and east Europe. There's even some Taoist, how the hell did that happen?
  13. Ah, okay. Interesting. I was curious if it was like some musicals where the songs are nice but end up putting the story to a halt if they aren't melded together well. "Hagia Sophia is an international inter-cultural treasure… Unless and until it can be shared by both religions in harmony – which would be a grand idea – it should remain a secular building honoring both religions who have made it beautiful." Also I got to meet Suleiman, he was like the only historical figure I recognized but I was pretty excited when I did.
  14. Ah hell, I enjoyed the game even if it was essentially Brotherhood but with a much less interesting plot. But I got to walk around Istanbul! Which is probably the number 1 city I'd travel to if I could, so that likely aided my enjoyment of it. It's funny, the thing that made him sound off in the original game is the direct source to why his new voice sounds off in this game. Fair, fair. Ah, that's true. But I'm curious, in visual novels the main focus is likely the story so wouldn't you, the player, get annoyed by random gameplays sections that interrupt the story? Or do they tend to balance it pretty well?
  15. Aye, but in the gaming world, there are few terrible stories, few good stories and an abundant of boring stories, so clearly something's up. Would you count visual novels as games? They're more like...well visual novels, you don't play them so much as you read through them. Though the only VN I've read is DDLC so what do I know?
  16. There we go, I finished Assassin's Creed Revelations. Altaïr didn't have a forced American accent. 0/10 Now onto Fire Emblem Fates Revelations. Not that I disagree with you but I'm thinking about how hard it must be to write a good story in a video game. It's not just about writing a good story, it's also about making sure that story fits neatly in the game itself to keep players invested, and also making sure gameplay sections aren't separated by hours of text and dialogue.
  17. Pick none, your allegiance should be towards yourself before any country. Green however seems the best choice.
  18. I think my whole thing with Awakening is that it doesn't take itself too seriously, which I believe it's to it's benefit, it's an incredibly simple straightforward retelling of the same story that Fire Emblem has been telling for years. A young lord with his companions tracks and kills a world destroying dragon, it's nothing new, and that makes sense seeing how the devs at the time believed that this would be the last Fire Emblem game in the franchise, so it only made sense to end where they started, on the same continent, with the same classic story told in a new way with new characters. And yeah it's nothing major, it's a lighthearted silly story about the power of friendship, and that's okay, it doesn't need to have super heavy themes, the little serious moments it has are enough for me. And the whole power of friendship storyline also makes sense to me as a large focus of the writing was on the characters. Each and every character has their own backstory and reason to like them which I feel is super crucial for a FE game. I want more than just a gameplay reason to mourn the loss of one of my units. I actually think it's kind of ironic. One of the central themes of Awakening is that "There is no predetermined fate, anything can change" and then the game that directly came after that is all about Fate. It does have plot holes but none of it breaks the story for me, they get overshadowed by what the story does do right, such as Lucina's judgement, the death and return of Basilio, and Emmeryn's death. Those are moments that I only come to appreciate more and more on every playthrough. Sorry for the rant but I might as well get this off my chest now. tl:dr. I have really bad opinions. And it's almost entirely because of a DLC that may or may not be canon. Pfft.
  19. Then I shall die with no regrets. ...And a lot of loss of credibility.
  20. In fairness, Lissa's supports with Henry go deeper in how she feels about Emmeryn's death, and how she's grown to hate all the fighting because of it. And you may not consider DLC canon but just incase, Lissa's conversations with Emm talk about that as well, saying she at times wished she was dead herself just so she could see her again. I'm in the camp of people who think Awakening had a good story, is it a battle I'll win? No, not at all, but I'd sooner die on this hill than admit otherwise.
  21. Three cheers to @Lightchao42 and a very a prosperous year.
  22. Wow. You don't tend to notice how underpowered the Switch is until you check out the third party support.
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