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  1. And yet I still have only 21 submissions. Do the damn survey, you lurking cowards.
  2. What website is this? I'd like to rank games in such a way as well.
  3. I might continue on tomorrow anyways since there may be folks who aren't awake at the moment. I'm still debating on how I'm going to show it off, be it with a very long post or a photoshopped chart that breaks it all down.
  4. How else does one gather information on a topic as important as this? Take it here!
  5. What do you folks think, should I wrap up this waifu survey and show the results now or should I continue it to try and get more people in it? Oh! in that case, I'll wait for you.
  6. Ah shame. Hopefully you'll be able to see it in the morning. There's still some peeps who haven't submitted their answers so I'm waiting on them.
  7. I already sent a few answers of my own, so yeah, wont that be an exciting reveal. Yeah of cour-Wait NO DON'T!
  8. That wasn't what tipped me off, it was that only you could name Izana as your husbando with the reasons that he confuses you. I could've also given an answer like that so maybe that was just me and I didn't remember it. I couldn't help it for this one. Besides I probably wont count it since I'm only allowing on per person.
  9. Very sly, Ruben. Yes yes, of course. I plan on making a chart after I get enough answers.
  10. Here's the survey again just incase anyone missed it. I'm trying to get as many people to answer it as possible. We need this information for...well I don't know what we need it for but I imagine it will be very fun to discuss. Fictional crushes are preferable but if it's a character you simply like and don't have any other answer then it works fine in my eyes. You know I've yet to ever see this movie, and every time you post this video I'm reminded that I should watch it so thank you for that.
  11. If you don't have a fictional crush then go for the next best thing. Like a character you'd want to be friends with...or something. Or just a character you really like.
  12. Oh, hahaha! The scientific community demands sacrifice, mate. So yes! Come one! Come all! I promise I wont use this information against you. ...Not yet at least. Mhm, thank you for that. I'll refrain showing answers until I get enough submissions but I gotta say, very classy answers, Ruben.
  13. You know in hindsight I probably should've made a question that asked where the character was from but I'm sure I'll manage.
  14. Google forms are a beautiful thing! The possibilities are endless, I honestly wish more silly quizzes and surveys would pop up on forums like this.
  15. I created a survey Everybody join hands, we have important matters to discuss.
  16. Welcome to the forums indeed! As Ruben stated above me, the game has caught my eye and I'm excited to see it grow. Much love to the project and I hope you'll enjoy your time here!
  17. Hahaha! Someone make a chart will ya of the waifus of individual members of Teehee and what that says about them.
  18. You make me very happy, mate. We're always horny, we just know how to control it. No! Don't you dare take my non-existent Waifu away from me!
  19. Ah wait, that didn't sound sensual enough *Ahem* Ara ara, I've dropped in on a very interesting conversation~ *Cough* no I'm not sorry. Oh goodie, my favorite! I can't help but internally scream of red flags. Call me Quetzal, dear, and yes that sounds absolutely delightful. Well we might as well share them all now, I'm not expecting some kind of Waifu inquisition.
  20. I've dropped in on a very interesting conversation it seems.
  21. Ah yes, the theme of sea dogs and shanties, me favorite.
  22. No, just over halfway through all the Fates conversations. We all have our journey to Hotoke Also the home of probably one of the most hard hitting quotes in Awakening. Four houses, grand. Sailor's pride! ---- Oh and just incase anyone is wondering, yes, it is still snowing outside.
  23. Oh hey I'm a member now. Teehee. She has conversations with Tiki which are pretty fun. ...Three? I like the anchors on the curtains.
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