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  1. yeah maybe.. or maybe in summer ? idk i think summer sales are a thing ? well i'm not in a hurry to get it honestly and i still have lulua to finish and other games too so i can wait.
  2. i didn't know that the sales are still going on i guess maybe i'll buy it then thanks for the info !
  3. i'm a big fan of atelier since the original rorona (yes i played that 2 times actually) and i've finished all the games after rorona exept lulua and ryza. i have lulua but i haven't finished it yet and i didn't get ryza i just didn't feel like spending 60$ on it. i think my "atelier motivation" died out a little these days so i'm playing fire emblem instead. anyway it's nice seeing other fans of atelier in a non atelier cummionity so i wanted to reply i guess.
  4. um Hi i guess you can call me saja i'm sort of a new fan ? idk i started with fire emblem fates: birthright a year ago and since then i played conquest , awakning and three houses ( didn't finish it yet i still have 2 routes left ) i joined the forums because i was bored and i kind of liked lurking here so i said why not lol anyway nice to meet you all !
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