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  1. I played around with Bow ranges for a new playthrough and had a blast, by the way. I didn't do anything drastic, just increased the range of every non-Short Bow by 1 so things felt a little closer to more contemporary FE games. I haven't noticed any major differences in Eirika's route aside from needing to be more careful in Chapter 14... and being able to get hit over the walls in Chapter 16, which actually made me play a bit differently. Let me just say that this makes Trickster Colm and Arbalest Neimi completely hilarious. I imagine the same would apply to Innes if I used him. I do find it weird that only Anima magic has spells with 3 range, though... Anyway, War Monk Moulder with a few +STR items is a formidable force when supporting Gilliam. You know what would be a funny War Monk skill? Axefaith. EDIT: Jesus christ these fucking warriors in chapter 19 with 40+ ATK and 60+ HP coupled with Barricade and Frenzy is just horrific. If they hit anything with a Silver Bow, it either explodes or gets within range for a Sniper to deliver a follow up kill. This is terrifying.
  2. The Dragoon and Halberdier classes are really identical, which is why I brought up changing the Dragoon's movement earlier. They both have crit boosts, are lance-locked, and the same movement, as well as very similar class caps. The biggest difference is in their skills, and while Petrify is pretty good, I think Short Shield is better, and Impale comes online for Halberdiers a whole 5 levels before Dragoons get Lancebreaker. Due to the lack of magic spears (I'm back at Chapter 19 and I haven't gotten my hands on a single one), I'd say that Halberdier is the better choice for Ameila, and Cormag would have to be crazy to pass up Canto+ in favor of going Dragoon. I honestly don't think there would be many complaints if bløød improved the hybrid growths for characters with access to those classes... but that's just me. Honestly, I think it would be cool if every promoted class had its own class skill, since Canto+ is totally busted in comparison but I wouldn't want to get rid of it.
  3. Yeah, Spirit Dust. A few enemies should drop it as you're progressing. I'm also having some issues with summons - I just summoned a level 1 phantom with a Silver Axe that it couldn't use. EDIT: I took a look in FEBuilder, and the Phantom class's base axe Rank should be C... but the ones I summon have D Rank. I wonder why that is?
  4. It's super playable. I love it so much. The only nitpicky issues I have are with a couple of the new branching classes. Particularly, it's really weird for the Troubadour and Wyvern Knight to possibly lose their mounts when promoting. I get why we'd want to fit the Dragoon class in and it would be weird putting it somewhere else, but there are already a lot of potential War Clerics on the team. I know it doesn't make much lore sense for L'Arachel to promote to a Dark Knight, but it does make sense for the the Troubadour to promote to a mounted class that specializes in one of the three magical styles. Losing a mount is a pretty hard blow to a character, IMO. I've also played around with the Dragoon class to bump its movement up to 7 and give it its own movement style that's in between a Berserker and a flying unit, but I don't really know what I'm doing. The FF inspiration is obvious, so maybe it would be cool if it was still a decently mobile unit so poor Cormag doesn't become less mobile when he promotes? I also find it funny you call this a "mere" reskin/rebalance. You've renewed my love for Sacred Stones and I'm sure you've learned a lot about FEBuilder that you can use on future projects.
  5. I just fought a level 20 Arbalest in chapter 15. Really threw me for a loop!
  6. Really? Just swap out Assassin. It's a bad class anyway.
  7. I want to stress that it's not just the stats, but a combination of things: The enemy is using weapons a tier higher than what you can get, the +4 stats come online, and their level 5 class skills happen as well. Adjusting any of these would probably help - I actually really wanted to avoid fighting Generals because NOBODY could double them anymore and I had to try and get to Riev. Plus the enemies started hitting me with Sol and Astra... quite nasty stuff. Fun! But nasty, especially on a time limit with constant reinforcements.
  8. Come back after chapter 19 and let us know what you think. I wanna know if I'm just bad or if there really is another spike like in chapter 15.
  9. Turns out you can totally give the phantoms class skills and individual skills. That's really awesome.
  10. Yeah, having Moulder swinging axes around would be super awesome. I don't know who could be a Dragoon, but once I saw their crit animation I knew I wanted one on my team.
  11. Now that you mention it, I did start having a rough time from chapter 10 and onwards. I had to savescum really hard to save all the NPCs in Ephraim's chapter 10 because the enemies would get there and start killing them by the second turn and there was almost nothing I could do about it. The rest isn't too rough until 19, where I have a full party of 20/10 units all equipped with the best crap I can buy and I can barely hold the enemies off, much less make the push to Riev like I usually do. I could improve my strategy, but everyone except my fastest units like Tana and Joshua aren't doubling anyone on the map except for Warriors, who have Barrier to make up for that anyway. Throw the Silver and Gold weapons on everyone on top of their good stats and they are a very formidable force, especially since their promoted skills start coming online. I can't wait until I can buy some of this stuff. Man, I don't know how you're cramming all of these new classes and sprites into the game, it's very impressive. If I may make a suggestion, I find it a bit lame when some characters have personal skills that are the same as other people's class skills, like Amelia's Light Weight and Knoll's Voice of Peace. They both fit for the characters and I understand it, it just feels less special than some of the game changing skills like Garcia's or Ewan's. I went overboard when I was playing around and gave them Killing Machine and Lumina, but I get why you might not want to use those. I put Slayer onto the Champion class, too, just so Kyle could have 6 skills like the mounted characters. That and Resolve are stupid fun. WAIT, CAN YOU GIVE PHANTOMS SKILLS TOO?
  12. I'm at the end of the game and most of my characters are past the point where they'd get those abilities, so I actually played around with FEBuilder to sort of fix things. It's a fun tool, I can see why you've been at this for so long. I think you said in an earlier post that nobody's ever told you this patch is too hard before, but every time I get to Chapter 19 on Hard mode I want to tear my fingers off. I could just be bad at Fire Emblem, but the combination of all-round solid stats, badass skills, and new weapons are just punishing - I can deal with it up to this point, but 19 always takes me hours to beat in this hack. In Hard Mode I generally find myself abusing the AI with Gilliam's taunt skill and summoned phantoms. Speaking of phantoms (I love that Necromancers can use axes, btw), is it me or do they not scale as well as they do in vanilla? I pretty much ONLY use them to bait enemies and they always get obliterated by even single foes, whereas in vanilla I remember being able to sort of put up a fight. Have I mentioned how awesome the Wight Lunge conga lines are? The first time they pulled Ross into a mob of them and stabbed him to death, I was as amused as I was amazed.
  13. This is a fantastic patch and I've played through it a lot. I remember before the str/mag split, I got all the way to the last level of the Ruins on hard mode... then immediately quit when I saw what I was up against. Partially because I was already tired of the game by that point, mostly because... good lord that was nuts. Anyway, I downloaded the patch before this one and my Soldier Ameila and Great Lord Ephraim didn't get any skills! I was really hyped to Aether things with the badass new animations. :( I assume both classes have been fixed in the new patch? I'd like to download the newest one, but if you might actually do three promotion options, then I'm totally gonna wait for that one. I really, really like the new classes you've added and it makes me sad that they're enemy-only. I dream of Tana, Vanessa, and Syrene all having different mounts and still pulling off triangle attacks. If you were to do that, any idea how long it might take?
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