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  1. Probably the fact that most of the words she speaks involve Jeralt one way or another.
  2. Not really in any particular order but. - Edelgard - Hilda - Lysithea - Dorothea - Constance von Nuvelle - Balthus - FERDINAND VON AEGIR - Claude - Petra - Caspar
  3. A bit of a hard one, since no one really comes to mind immediately. (Which is a good sign, usually.) I guess ultimately I have to say Rhea and uh Felix? I think Felix is a dope unit but he's kinda uninteresting.
  4. Oh trust me. I plan to use her as well at some point (Cause for some reason someone thought gender locking some classes was a good idea.) but there's a difference in trying stuff out or defaulting to something.
  5. Male Byleth. Female Byleth is a horrible design and I don't get why people go for it other than because their hormones go wild or it being your own gender.
  6. Constance for sure. The voice acting is great and she's a pretty nice unit. I also really like Balthus. His GD supports are pretty cool.
  7. That moment when Edelgard vs Byleth could have been DIO vs Jotaro 2.0 Lite. Dang. Also, not surprised at the Claude thing. Currently playing the Golden Deer route and there's so much talk of him keeping secrets and his 'identity' and with his general personality, this is totally expected.
  8. Honestly, I, myself am a big fan of Edelgard but the thing I really like is that people either love her or hate her and there rarely seems to be an inbetween. And I think that just goes to show how well she was written. Discussions about her fly around everywhere, where for other characters, there is barely any. Well written characters will always have people talking, no matter what side they are on and I think that just goes to show stuff about the quality of Three Houses in general. Also, her crush on the professor is really endearing when she's not busy wagering war.
  9. Hm, this is a bit of a hard one cause I have to admit that Blue Lions didn't do that much to me. In terms of unit, Dimitri, Felix or Ingrid by far. I also developed a soft spot for Dedue. As a character, I think I'll have to go for either Mercedes or Sylvain. I would say Dimitri but I hate the very rushed development.
  10. Greetings, everyone! Figured I'd introduce myself after registering. I'm Ignister. Nice to meet you all. I began stepping into the Fire Emblem franchise through Fire Emblem Heroes. Back then, the only characters I recognized and knew by name were Camilla, Azura and Lucina. The game looked fun enough so figured I might as well give it a try. That same Heroes was also the reason I therefore decided to get Three Houses. Since Three Houses would be (And is) my first mainline Fire Emblem game, I went back and forth a lot on whether to get it or not but I thorougly enjoyed it ever from the start. (So much so that I knocked out 3 routes starting from somewhere in Januari up to this day.) I do plan on playing earlier titles eventually like Shadows of Valentia, Awakening and Fates. Here's to hoping we will have many nice and interesting discussions with each other. Also, Black Eagles rule.
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