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  1. At this point you just seem juvenile. You aren’t even willing to watch a ten minute video because it shows how incorrect you are. I and others have given you ample reason to review Sol and see how good it is, you are just too stubborn to listen. If you live life thinking everyone is lying to you you’ll get nowhere. I am curious about what unit it is that you are so over dramatically alluding to, however. Given the quality of your analysis thus far I want to know what overrated unit wounded you so.
  2. It seems you haven’t tried nor seen any Sol setups because they just about do exactly what you are saying they don’t do. If you haven’t even tried the skill in question why are you arguing against it? The video AnonymousSpeed posted shows exactly this with a setup that isn’t even that difficult to pull off. I was able to achieve something similar in a run that was already up to chapter 15 with not too much hassle, and that was without detailing the rest of my army. Sol is a great skill.
  3. You sleep on flight my good sir. Flight is great pretty much any map with the exception of open fields. Even for simple maneuvering around forests and deserts flight is a lot better than mounted 7 mov
  4. Offensive proc skills suffer from an issue where you can’t rely on them every attack, so they are overkill when they do proc. By the time they are on the table (level 5 promoted for Rend Heaven), enemies might actually threaten some damage, so you shouldn’t waste an attack hoping for a skill activation. Meanwhile, Sol actually helps a lot with sustain. Great Defense is hard to come by, especially in Conquest. Sol helps magnificently with that, and there are builds/characters that can stack enough Skill to get it consistently without hit rate issues. Similar setups but with Luna/Astra just yield a unit that kills a lot of things but dies quickly, which is not nearly as exclusive a utility.
  5. I think you should use specifics here because I have no earthly idea what weakness is being made worse. The defense and offense she gains with this strategy is not poor or unsubstantial. She goes from a unit that gets one rounded by many (and I mean many) enemies to one with slightly above average bulk, especially considering her great resistance. On maps with hybrid damage like chapter 8, this comes in handy. The only strength you are losing is staves, which is not something she does any better than any old generic you can recruit for free with Niles. Yeah, it clearly felt out of place there I actually changed my mind about this line. I have parenthetical in the joke that says It is so obviously a joke that I can only assume you were pretending to not realize as some sort of bad-faith addition to your argument. I never consider DLC in strategic discussions about Conquest. I think they can be fun, but not for arguing unit viability in a serious setting. Mentioning Savage Blow was a typo. I meant to put lunge, which is an insanely good skill. In either case, you are getting two great skills in Lunge and Trample and a decent skill in Savage Blow. This is not “my word at face value.” I have been consistently backing up my claims with evidence and reasoning. Your response has a whole lot of fluff but no real counterpoint other than “I disagree” with no actual argument to back it up. Considering you’ve never even tried the strategy, don’t you think you should try constructing a real argument?
  6. The Arthur line is a joke. I understand how it might have been confusing or out of place in an otherwise sarcasm-free post. Elise wants the flight and durability to more easily apply Lily’s Poise and support bonuses. I agree that hybrid classes are usually lackluster, but Elise doesn’t have an alternative magic class with flight. You lose staff access for much more mobility, better resilience, more convenient support, and later a unit that can one round a lot of enemies with bolt axe (a weapon that is not in high demand) and later more accurate fire tomes. Plus it makes pairing people with her a lot less frustrating since she now adds to her partner’s mobility. as far as accuracy, a bronze axe has 85 ACC, which isn’t great, but it is enough to hit things semi-consistently with WTA or supports, especially in the Hybrid RN system.
  7. Holy cow. I just started another Lunatic Conquest playthrough and decided to give Wyvern Elise another go. Since the last time I tried it was over a year ago, I was a little hazy on the overall strategy. I remembered liking it, but I didn't remember why. Now I realize that it is super effective and a great way to use Elise other than as a staff-bot (which you already have before she even joins). The plan is simple: Get Elise enough EXP in chapter 7 to almost level up, but don't actually let her ding. Once she is there, don't let her heal. After letting Arthur solo the whole map (like the absolute king that you are), build the staff shop and heart seal her to wyvern. At the start of chapter 8, you can get her those last ~5 EXP so she can level up. Once she does, she'll unlock Strength +2 from Wyvern rider. Between that and her class bases, she'll actually have enough strength to do some decent chip damage in dual strikes, which is huge for her axe rank. Now she is much more durable with the Wyvern defense bases in combination with her already high Res. Her HP could be higher, but it isn't anything tonics couldn't fix, and I personally like giving her a Seraph robe as well. With her added bulk and mobility, she can more easily position herself for dual strikes and Lily's Poise, which is an insanely strong personal skill that will add a lot to your army's durability. Raise her axe rank enough, and she'll be able to use the bolt axe. Her bases may have been shifted, but Elise is still Elise, and by the time you get the bolt axe around chapter 13, her insane magic growth will have raised her magic by a ton. The bolt axe will end up being one of her main weapons, and she can do some serious damage with it. After or before that, you can promote Elise as well. As funny as it would be, Elise isn't going Wyvern Lord. Instead, she can go Malig Knight for tome access for higher accuracy magic weapons, as well as some insanely good skills in the form of Savage Blow and Trample. I hope this little expose helps you unlock Elise's full potential not from atop a stuffy ornamented horse, but from the back of a ferocious reptile. Enjoy your new favorite Unit!
  8. The stats may be similar (if a bit worse), but Arthur is missing Silas’s broken personal skill. It makes a world of difference in the early game. Without it, Silas, and by extension Arthur, is pretty mediocre.
  9. That's kind of an oversimplification. I actually said a pair up or dual strike, and I never said you needed both skill and luck bonuses. Also, Mozu is actually a fine unit since training her isn't a big challenge and the opportunity cost is much less because of how conquest's exp system rewards training lower level units instead of high level ones, but I could see why someone wouldn't want to field her. I've had plenty of playthroughs with her and even more without. The reason the wyvern class makes better use of Lily's poise is twofold: Firstly, Elise gets flight (which is massively helpful especially since there are very few characters that can reclass into a good flying class like Wyvern), but that also makes it easier to position her for Lily's Poise, letting her ignore the forests and occasional waste tiles that murder her horse-movement. Secondly, the massive boost to defense and sizeable HP buff makes her able to take a hit or two and still live, which is helpful if you want to position her more aggressively to pull multiple enemies at once in attack stance to build up weapon xp for an ally of hers, say Niles' bow rank. Even when you aren't going aggressive and still just tanking with only one unit using Lily's Poise, there are plenty of enemies with throwing weapons that would nuke her as a troubadour. These two aspects make wyvern Elise the absolute best at applying Lily's Poise safely and easily, and you can even level her to 10 in troubadour to get Demoiselle, letting her stack -5 dmg on adjacent male allies. The hit rate problem is so easy to circumvent. As a Malig, she gets access to fire, which is already pretty damn accurate. If you have problems further than that, you can use a partner seal to get Heartseeker and suddenly she is as accurate as the best of them. Once again, though, combat isn't Elise's primary utility. Her flight, auras, and pair up bonuses are enough to secure her a deployment slot, and the ability to zot things off the face of the map is just icing. Finally, early-game, vulneraries are absolutely enough healing, especially when you don't reclass Jakob/Felicia. Average unit hp in this game is very low, especially early-game, so 10 health is more than enough to eat another hit or two, especially since a lot of the conquest early game is tanking with Effie/Silas/Corrin and finishing off the enemy with another unit either from range or from up close but with enough damage to avoid a counter-attack. You really can just keep vulneraries on Effie, Silas, Corrin, and maybe Arthur or Jakob as your main enemy-baiting characters, and let vulneraries do the bulk of the healing, with Jakob busting out his garbage heal staff when the situation gets dire. Here is an old thread about the same topic. I find this topic interesting so I may start a thread about it. The best part is they are arguing hypotheticals with no prior experience where I have used Wyvern Elise in a variety of ways and multiple times. You'd think the natural response would be anything other than arguing about something that you haven't tried yet.
  10. Well in practice Elise gets by just fine until bolt axe with a skill/luck pair up or dual strike. But she isn’t meant to be a combat god anyways. Her utility as a wyvern is in flying Lily’s Poise, which is extremely strong early game especially since she can actually take a hit. Once again, maybe you should just give it a try?
  11. You should give it a go. It makes her bar-none the best pair up for Odin and best mother for Ophelia (ignoring Corrin obv). She gains access to str +2 after one level (which can be her first level since you only need to heal ~7 times to get enough xp to level up with one round of combat once you are a wyvern. As a wyvern, her combat and durability are fine, and her Lily's poise utility makes enemy-phasing with any of your even mediocre units viable, and she can afford to eat a hand axe or javelin as a wyvern thanks to the increased bulk where she would get creamed as a troubadour. Once she promotes, she can fly around and clip things with the bolt axe (which is a massive power spike for her) or just a fire tome, making her have some great utility. You don't really even a staffer in conquest early game at all (and plenty of people reclass Jakob AND Elise to prove this. I highly recommend giving it a go. You will probably be surprised at how effective it is.
  12. As a fan of Wyvern Elise, I have found myself undeploying staff users a lot in conquest early game in favor of vulneraries. What are your preferred staff bots going into the mid/late game?
  13. Beast/Dragon weakness is super overrated. There are very few enemies with beastkillers or wyrmslayers save for chapter 26 with the wyrmslayer heroes.
  14. Late to this thread, but definitely some ways to make the game less tedious. I think the gameplay of FE4 is really fun for a first playthrough and for a ranked run, but other than that, it can be hard to want to play casually. Make the arena super fast, make enemy phases skippable, make movement animations faster, and make less cutscenes have foot units move at a snail's pace. I honestly think that more so than Gaiden, Genealogy is such a rock solid base to make a remake on that all they would need to satisfy me is a remastered soundtrack, voice acted cutscenes for the key events, and more characterization for the cast (I actually like how SoV did this without overloading the game with supports).
  15. All the tomes from the ophelia paralogue are fantastic choices, being Lighting, Horse Spirit, and Calamity Gate. However, I also am partial to forged thunder (since Fimbulvetr and the other steel weapons make doubling harder). Since you have so many magic users I would recommend forging a few thunders and going from there.
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