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  1. So this is how it ends no? 2017-2020 and the author never post again.
  2. Yeah it works Thanks! but now i need to change the default palettes you see.. when you dont choose a character palette it puts the default and i need to change that default palette. 20/03/2020 Man Thanks It worked now I can start working on this Man im really serius thank you 🙂 https://gyazo.com/15c82318602f8fc272d806c0ea92e4cb Here is the photo of the hero default palette i need to change the blue to red any idea?
  3. Hi, I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask a question about the character palettes. Well the thing is that I am changing the roles instead of playing with the blue color change it to red and I also want to change the palettes that come by default but I have no idea how to do it any of you know.? If I mistake a word is because im not english guy Thanks in advance
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