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  1. My issue has been the infinite reinforcements that appear after you enter the throne room. I can kill the bolting and meteor mages, but have trouble clearing out the swarm of dark knights without losing some units
  2. Yeah I never did the temp stat boosts. My battalions and authority levels are all p good, with everyone but felix having at least B. my issue with battalions rn is gambits (2 1 uses, chars with low charm). My main issue on the map has been, after baiting and clearing the entire map with yuri, and killing the meteor and bolting mages, the infinite reinforcements from the wings kill my units before I can kill edelgard
  3. Hey all, I’ve been using this site for a while for general stats/class info and stuff, and I’d like to think that I have a generally good understanding of the game. however after around 10 attempts, 4 of which I reached the final map on (2 azure moon, 2 Crimson Flower) I still cannot beat NG maddening. I’ve been using dlc Boosters, units, classes, battalions, additional paralogues, those online spirit things, hell I did my last run on casual, but I just can’t seem to get more than 2 or 3 units to a point where they’re useful. So, before I inevitably restart again, I wanted to try and retrace my steps on my latest run, to see where I went wrong. Before I get to team comp, I’d like to admit to three big mistakes i know i’m making. 1: spending too much time on the supports and paired endings aspect. I need to save that for normal and hard runs (or ng+). 2: overusing warp skipping (especially in BL). I feel like this probably led to my units being woefully underleveled for the final confrontation. 3: I’m stone cold broke cuz I spent all my money on things to trade for renown for the wayseer (see problem 1). Luckily I had enough to fix up most of my weapons for the fight, but yeah. Budget is non existent but anyways, heres what I’m working with Byleth: lvl 38 Wyvern lord hp 55 Str: 35 Mag: 18 Dex: 25 spd: 28 lck: 25 def: 20 res: 17 cha: 42 Abilities equipped Alert Stance lancebreaker axe prowess 4 hp +5 death blow inventory is sublime sword, hexlock shield, killer, steel, and training axe (all +) Arts are smash, helm splitter, and wrath strike (no better one to use :/) battalion: cichil wyvern co (5) Pretty Certain I went wrong here. Got relatively early wyvern lord despite not having req. lvls. I recruited every unit, so likely my lack of focus killed this one. But yeah, poor stats and a poor understanding of how much time I should be spending in certain classes was bad. Dmitri: lvl 39 great lord (masters halfway thru map) Hp 63 mv 9 (dlc shoes) str 38 mag 14 dex 27 spd 31 lck 19 def 26 res 11 cha 36 Abilities: battallion wrath lance prowess 5 mv +1 swordbreaker lance crit +10 inventory is silver shield, spear of assal, lance of ruin, brave lance, areadbhar, scythe of sariel. arts are tempest lance, knightkneeler, glowing ember. battalion is blue lion knights 5 Dmitri can crit p easily, and tanks alright, but can’t orko, so I need to soften units up beforehand, which can be a pain. Overall a little dissapointing for a lord, but far from my worst unit Lysithea: lvl 40 dark flier (certed for gremory) hp: 36 str 11 mag 42 dex 37 spd 37 lck 14 def 13 res 22 cha 23 abilities reason 5 dark mag range +1 mag+2 fiendish blow alert stance inventory is thrysius art is draw back battalion is Nuvelle Fliers Corps 5 lysithea has been a beast, but at the same time hasn’t been orkoing enemies like in previous runthroughs. I believe I spent too much time in dark flier (no mag growths), but canto and thrysius are a hell of a drug Constance: lvl 38 war cleric hp 44 str 31 mag 37 dex 21 spd 14 lck 14 def 16 res 17 cha 20 abilities: brawl 5 reason 5 fiendish blow brawl avo +20 miracle (I know I know) arts are mystic blow (woohoo) healing focus, fading blow and pneuma gale inventory is aura knuckles +, training gauntlets +, silver gauntlets, vajra mushti, magic staff and crusher. battalion is Leicester Dicers Corps 5 i make no apologies for this one. Mystic blow is so strong early/mid game and she can still orko p much anyone late game with aura knuckles. She’s also great with rescue, which has been a bonus. Marianne: lvl 39 dancer hp 46 str 12 mag 35 dex 21 spd 26 lck 22 def 9 res 28 cha 38 abilities: defensive tactics battalion renewal faith 4 reason 1 special Dance arts are wrath strike, sword dance, soulblade inventory is levin sword and healing staff battalion: seiros holy monks (stride) my best healer by far, I never use marianne offensively (as I have in other runs with blutgang), I wish I had just had Yuri cert for dancer to get sword avoid tbh, cuz I feel I missed out on a Great bishop. speaking of Yuri... Yuri lvl 43 Assassin HP 46 str 36 mag 24 dex 33 spd 53 lck 33 def 24 res 21 cha 28 abilities sword prowess 5 swordfaire sword crit 10 vantage duelist’s blow arts finesse blade, windsweep (never used) deadeye (to aggro enemies) inventory rapier +, wo dao +, thunderbrand, training bow +, sword of zoltan, fetters of dromri battalion: brigid hunters 5 (get that avo) my best unit and hard carry, nothing hits yuri, but yuri hits hard. High crit and stupid speed means he rarely loses a combat. Idk what classes I should maybe have taken him through tho, cuz I can see duelists blow and vantage being overkill. Canto is stupid good on him, also. annette: lvl 13 noble (woops) hp 34. All else irrelevant literally there to fill out the roster and be a rally bot, unfortunately cuz shes squishy af she cant get in hegemongard’s range, so she’s just useless. She does have blue lion dancers and rally str spd and res. hapi: lvl 37 valkyrie (certed in gremory) hp 39 str 19 mag 31 Dex 25 spd 20 lck 17 def 16 res 30 cha 20 abilities: fiendish blow uncanny blow move +1 reason 5 dark mag range +1 arts: tempest lance and draw back inventory: caduceus staff battalion: timotheus magi corps great utility unit, but heals for shit. Banshee and canto and warp are really good tho, so idk whether to use her in this or gremory. Hilda, Hilda, Hilda: lvl 37 wyvern lord hp 65 str 35 mag 15 dex 21 spd 31 lck 21 def 28 res 14 cha 32 abilities darting blow death blow alert stance + lancebreaker Axe prowess 5 arts: Helm splitter, smash, diamond axe inventory: seiros shield, freikugel, brave axe, training and iron axe +, silver axe battalion: galatea pegasus co. no complaints here. Very solid, got her up to B authority and it was worth it. She came with c+ lance so all I had to do was raise axe a lil then focus flying and auth. Darting blow will let her orko Bernadetta: lvl 39 sniper/bow knight hp 57 (i really wanted vengeance to work and it kinda has) str 31 mag 14 dex 39 spd 27 lck 24 def 26 res 22 cha 21 abilities bow crit 10 bow 5 close counter move +1 hit +20 arts: encloser, vengeance, deadeye, and hunters volley if sniper. inventory: failnaught, accuracy ring, iron bow +, silver bow, iron lance +, luin battalion: goneril valkyries great utility unit, I think she’s better as a sniper with hapi around. That said I could go either class. Generally been good for me whole game. caspar (I was surprised too) lvl 39 war master hp 64 str 38 mag 17 dex 22 spd 26 luck 25 def 22 res 12 cha 18 abilities axe 3 brawl 5 lancebreaker battalion wrath quick riposte arts: bombard, mighty blow, healing focus, war master’s strike. inventory: short axe, crit ring, killer knuckles, silver gauntlets, and training gauntlets all +, and silver axe battalion: bergliez war group recruited him at the last possible day, said “fuck it I’ll try it” for battle at garreg mach, and I’ve been switching between him and hapi/felix for the 10th slot. He’s a crit machine, tho in future I likely want Ferdinand or sylvain over him. to round it all out... felix: lvl 36 war master/wyvern lord hp 57 str 38 mag 17 dex 20 spd 32 lck 23 def 18 res 13 cha 15 abilities: lancebreaker death blow brawl 3 axe 5 hp+5 arts: helm splitter, smash, nimble combo inventory: iron axe, killer axe, and hand axe all +, silver gaunts, axe of ukonvasara, and crit ring. battalion is king if lions corps. felix has consistently been slinging massive amounts of damage around. His class is map dependant, but I’ve had him in war master for a fair bit now. anyways, thats my team. What things am I missing? What am I overvaluing. What am I underrating? Please help before I go insane. many thanks!
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