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  1. Update for archival purposes or if anyone cares to know. Getting a new BR game card did the trick! As I'm typing this, there have been no errors, and I can access all of my DLC! Thanks to everyone who replied and offered help.
  2. Nah, even when a level was able to load, the error message suddenly appeared no matter the tile the cursor was on Yeah, I did tend to reset a lot 😞. If another physical copy of BR works, maybe my DLC purchases could be salvaged, but I'd have to pay and see. Huge bummer
  3. Apparently, I can't get them to repair or replace it due to me owning it more than 90 days (like 3+ years). It would be nice if someone had showed proof that this is the case, but I wish to not waste my money. Maybe I just have to do more digging.
  4. My Birthright cartridge will just give me an error message whenever I try to progress through a map at random moments. I've already eliminated other things that could cause an error (different SD card didn't help, different 3DS didn't, other games work just fine, cleaning cartridge didn't work, praying, slamming it, stomping it, and cursing it have all failed). If I buy a new cartridge, will the games I've purchased through the "Explore Fates" option still be accessible with the new cartridge or am I just fucked out of more money?
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