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  1. Thanks for the info! You are right they mentioned his father too, I even deployed him on the map for it but I forgot about it (the damn lance knights distracted me lol). I recruited him already but it is unfortunate I did not get to see the scene since I like everyone's story in this game
  2. Hello, So on chapter 9 in Berwick Saga I saw this house in the bottom right of the map and tried investigating it with Adel, Axel, and some random units. The chapter opening and the side quests in the city give no indication on who can investigate the house so I am wondering if anyone knows who can investigate the house and what it gives. FYI I did not pursue Esteban's recruitment so maybe its for him?
  3. Thanks for the help, I am having a blast with this game!
  4. This game is really damn good but my is it hard to decide on who to deploy due to all the requirements for mercenaries (I want them all!). My only strategy has been to feed kills to Ruby to recruit Clifford (Ruby is pretty trash). I am only on chapter 3 but I have benched Leon, Adel, Christine, Faye, Kramer, Derrick, Sylvis and I only use Axel on maps the game tells you to use him in. How do you decide who to use and is it possible to recruit everyone? I find the level requirements to be really hard to achieve and my Reese is still level 1 lol also shout out to Dean and Volo for being OP but damn are they breaking my bank.
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