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  1. Honestly that is kind of a good idea. If there were to be like a world threatening villain (probably TWSITD) that if they weren't checked, they would like literally destroy all of humanity I feel like the lords could put aside their differences and create a temporary Alliance with a sort of agreement that once they had dealt with the threat they would resume their conflict, but throughout the war they are able to reconcile all their shit and there is some sort of harmony created. Don't get me wrong I don't think we should get any golden ending cause that sort of goes against the themes of war that really define the game. But if I'm being honest, getting that Dimitri x Edelgard ending would feel pretty good lol.
  2. Same my first playthrough was Crimson Flower and I only really recruited Felix and then Lysithea in part 2. Now after having completed Azure Moon and Silver Snow which I recruited a lot of people for cause I didn't want to kill anyone. I'm so glad that I did Crimson Flower first when I wasn't too connected to the characters outside my house cause if I hadn't I would have been depressed for the rest of my life having to kill them all.
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